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Top MBA Courses 2022

The integrative nature of the present generation has bonded the education system into a tiny workspace. With a huge blend of different fields and institutions offering top MBA courses, you have a lot of areas to choose from in this interdisciplinary course. From the core ones of Finance, International Business, and Human Resources to Digital Marketing, Fashion Management, and Communication, amongst others.

Further, with the inclusion of concentrations and electives, and dual degree options, there is greater flexibility afforded to students in terms of customization. Some schools go so far as to let the candidates decide what will be the course structure and components. Discover some of the best and emerging fields you can choose to continue your MBA.

1. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Construction Management Abroad

The growth in the construction and civil engineering sector, especially in the Asian continents has no less than driven the evolution of the sector in the world. This has stimulated the demand for qualified professionals who understand the ins and outs of the industry and are capable of navigating through different business scenarios. Skills of problem-solving, critical analysis and thinking, leadership and teamwork have become a must-have. To take advantage of this growth, institutions around the world have started offering highly appreciated, industry-backed courses for students willing to enter into this domain.

2. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Supply Chain Management

The MBA in Supply Chain Management Scope is growing rapidly and is much sought after by students and caters to a widely growing field that is essential in running businesses. Managers in the Logistics and Supply Chain sector deal with the timely delivery of products and services to the consumers, as and when asked for. The advancement in technology and increased focus on supply chain & globalization has resulted in the need for supply chain management (SCM) experts and have raised the MBA in Supply Chain Management scope exponentially.

3. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Hospitality Management

An MBA in Hospitality Management combines both business fundamentals as well as field knowledge of the hospitality industry. It focuses on

  • How to adapt your business structure according to changes in the business environment which are constantly changing
  • How to innovate and experiment with product offerings, marketing tactics and advertising.
  • How to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain a long term relationship.
  • How to liaise with vendors, supply chain, government authorities, staff, etc.
  • How to manage costs and sustain a profitable venture for the long term.
  • How to grow and scale-up

4. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Operations

An MBA in Operations is a specialised management degree that focuses on streamlining the components of operations in an organisation. There are various departments in a business that needs to efficiently manage in tandem. This includes finance, human resources, purchasing, sales and advertising and much more, in short, the whole supply chain. During the program, you will be expected to analyse the problems faced and come up with suitable solutions in this respect.

5. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Hotel Management

An MBA In Hotel Management has become one of the most attractive management degrees in the recent 20 years or so. Combining management expertise with the knowledge of the hotel management, tourism, and hospitality industry, the course trains individuals to handle executive-level decisions. From running a hotel to scaling up a catering business, you can find a range of job opportunities after an MBA in Hotel Management.

6. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Sports Management

An MBA in Sports Management is a rather emerging MBA program that will help you explore the sports industry from the perspective of a business. You will be introduced to the mechanics of running a sports organisation, management of players, staff, coaches and management professionals, cost and revenue, deals and contracts, sports business analytics and much more. As a Sports Management professional, you will be in charge of developing and moulding the future of a sports organisation.

7. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Aviation

MBA in Aviation is a post-graduate management program that helps professionals to gain the skills of being a manager in the aviation industry. The aviation industry comprises all the activities related to the airline industry such as air travel, manufacturing units, research and development, etc. The MBA in aviation management scope is expected to soar in the coming years.

This has led to an increase in the demand for professionals in the aviation industry. MBA in Aviation Management helps the students to acquire various skills and abilities that would help them to be a part of the rapidly changing aviation industry. A large number of the students interested in management is, therefore, attracted towards this course which provides an interesting work profile and remunerative jobs.

8. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Construction Management

Construction Management is the amalgamation of disciplines of civil engineering and management, becoming quite vibrant in the last couple of decades. If you are looking to pursue an MBA in construction management abroad, here is a definitive guide into the various details you need to look at such as eligibility, admission procedure, top colleges and much more.

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9. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Project Management

With the increasing demand for engineering courses, it has become an excellent opportunity for people who choose to do MBA in project management. Especially for people who want to work as a head of an organization, project management is the best possible career option. People who can work with several professionals to make any project work must try their careers this way.

10. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Event Management

MBA in Event management is easily the most happening and creative prospect in modern career options. The aspect of using innovation and management skills to watch a large-scale event unfold before your eyes is a treat. Whether it is your best friend’s wedding or the Met Gala, event managers are in demand and rewarded handsomely.

11. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Agriculture

Agribusiness management has been trending in many foreign countries. If you want to study MBA abroad in this stream, then there are numerous options available. The opportunities present for candidates pursuing an MBA in agriculture in a country in Europe or America are astounding. There are jobs in the Supply chain management, Quality control, and Agri insurance fields. Candidates fill up manager positions with MBA agriculture in those countries.

12. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Global Finance

MBA in Global Finance is a postgraduate management course in international banking and finance of a duration ranging from 12 months to 24 months in different institutions. The course is designed in a way that helps in the development of a comprehensive understanding of technical and management skills to become a fully developed manager in international banking and finance.

13. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Human Resource Management

MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) is a post-graduation degree program of two years. It intends to instil an experimental and theoretical understanding of the management of human resources within the students with the help of various subjects, training sessions, and exposure to the workplace. It is one of the most desirable streams under an MBA. HRM is the backbone of any industry as it is responsible for the skilled and knowledgeable workforce of the company. The core role of an HR professional is to look after the welfare of the employees of the company. 

14. Top MBA Courses: MBA in International Trade Management

MBA in International Trade Management is an advanced degree in business administration that enables students to learn how to incorporate operations of companies located in different countries and geographies and study them. Other than the standard training in Business Administration, students get an insight of training in other subjects such as purchasing, logistics, international advertising, globalization and sustainability.

15. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Sports Management

MBA in Sports Management is an emerging MBA specialisation that lets you explore the sports industry from the perspective of a business professional. You will be introduced to the dynamics of running a sports organisation successfully, cohesive management of players, staff, coaches and other management professionals, cost, income and revenue, deals, agreements and contracts, sports business analytics and so on.  As a Sports Management professional, you will be at the helm of developing and moulding the present and future of a sports organisation.

16. Top MBA Courses: Executive MBA

Executive MBA is a very well-crafted program, which not only sharpens your skills but completely challenges your traditional wisdom. The Executive MBA provides students with the corresponding stable foundation in key management concepts and disciplines as a two-year MBA, with similar precision, range of electives, and grading criteria. A crucial plus of the Executive MBA is that the coursework builds on the varied and broad work experience of the candidates.

17. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Arts Management

Arts management or art administration is a relatively promising discipline concerned with running a  business of art, private or public, by successfully managing its behind-the-scenes operations, all adhering to the art’s and artist’s vision. In other words, it is a blend of both business decisions and artistic/cultural considerations. For instance, keeping an eye on the cost of an art gallery along with not compromising the gallery’s aesthetic aspect, all with a view on the long-term vision. An arts management degree provides the environment and resources for you to learn the ins and outs of how to do just that.

18. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Communication and Public Relation

MBA in Communication and Public Relation is a postgraduate management program in the field of communication and public relations which provides the students with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in this dynamic and expanding profession. The students in this field learn the principles of management along with the roles of communication and public relations within an organization.

The skills required by the professionals in this sphere are also drastically redefined by the changes in social and digital media. They help in coordinating the complex public relations campaigns of the companies to connect the brand to the consumers and hence, helps them in achieving the overall objectives of the firms. 

19. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Digital Marketing

MBA in digital marketing is a specialized professional course. One of the most popular specializations, MBA in Digital Marketing is a 2 year course with a specialization in Digital Marketing in the 2nd year. The minimum eligibility criteria for this course is 50% in Bachelor’s degree. Most of the institutes abroad require English exams with aptitude tests such as TOEFL, GRE, etc. for their admission with a Personal Interview. The Personal Interview or PI usually revolves around your personality, questions like your achievements, future goals, work experience can be asked.

20. Top MBA Courses: MBA in E-business

Singlehandedly driving the commerce industry in the last decade, E-business has no less than transformed the way we think and go about business. E-business concerns the carrying out of business transactions through the internet. This includes but is not limited to identification of target consumers, exchange of goods and services online, facilitation of delivery, feedback, and much more.

21. Top MBA Courses: MBA in International Marketing

A student who is interested in learning and understanding the concepts which companies use to market their products and services and to attract customers should go on for an MBA in International Marketing. In this course, students learn about supply chain management and develop foreign marketing skills. They are provided with leadership skills in the global marketplace.

MBA In International Marketing is a postgraduate management program of a duration ranging from 18 months to 24 months which deals with the knowledge and understanding of marketing techniques and principles on a global scale. It helps the students in developing an overall understanding of the ways by which an organization can benefit by providing the required valuable services to its customers and other stakeholders. This field deals with the topics of production, trade, pricing strategies, consumerism, international promotion strategies, international market competition, and many more such topics related to marketing management.

22. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Fashion Management

MBA in Fashion Management is a relatively new specialization compared to others like MBA Marketing, Finance, etc. It is a postgraduate program that boosts the students’ creativity as well as their management skills. For Fashion students, it is quite beneficial to pursue this course in this era of fast-changing trends in Fashion. To cope with management problems and boost productivity it is necessary that one should have appropriate management skills and MBA Fashion Management is just the right option.

MBA Fashion Management is also for those with a business background and who want to advance their career in the fashion industry. The MBA Fashion Management scope is thus much broader in the Fashion industry.

23. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Sales

Focusing mainly on marketing, sales management, and business development, MBA in sales and marketing is a 2 year long, professional postgraduate degree that is pursued under management studies. It is one of the oldest disciplines in the field of management studies and caters to a wide variety of students’ needs, making it a popular choice amongst them. In the age of competition, it is advertising and marketing strategies that decide the future of a product or service in the market. This course trains students in just that.

24. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Luxury Brand Management

The aim of luxury brand management is to keep creating unforgettable experiences. They must engage in the product description, brand experience, and even in service creation, as well as in creativity, media skills and engagements. Their key goal is to examine the brand’s consumer relationship. They’ll focus on the audience and marketing, as well as do extensive research into how to view brand positioning and convert the leads into sales by their strategies. The person who works under Luxury Brand management is the Luxury Manager. He or she is responsible for the market research for all the products and even organizes campaigns.

25. Top MBA Courses: MBA in Media Management

MBA in media management is one of the blooming fields in MBA. This course trains MBA aspirants to handle different modes of media for business purposes. It is a two-year-long postgraduate course offered by various colleges and universities divided into six semesters.

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