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Best GRE preparation in Kolkata

Top 10 Best GMAT preparation in Kolkata

GMAT preparation in Kolkata is an important step for students who wish to pursue their MBA from an international business school. Out of the many admission criteria that business schools have adopted, the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is the one that most business schools use. Students who score well on the GMAT can expect

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PhD Courses After MBA

PhD Courses after MBA offer an opportunity to specialise and research in a particular topic and to pursue a career in academia and research as well as in corporates. While there are only a handful of students who take up this route, it is highly rewarding both in terms of remuneration and designation. Further, owing

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Top Management Activities for MBA students

MBA is a professional degree that covers various areas of business management. Some Management activities for MBA students involve in the fields of finance, accounting, economics amongst many others. MBA can be a rigorous and demanding course to pursue. One has to work round the clock and has to keep the mind busy. Complicated subjects,

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Masters in engineering management

How to choose the right Masters in Engineering Management Program

What Is Engineering Management? Engineering management is a field that combines engineering principles with business strategies. As such, it is often responsible for supervising and managing engineers. This can include ensuring that the engineers are working within budget and timeline constraints, as well as ensuring that their work meets the needs of the business. Often,

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MBA Essay

MBA Admissions Essays- How To Write A Great One

It’s no secret that the MBA admissions process is competitive. To improve your chances of being accepted to your dream school, you need to put your best foot forward in your application – and that includes your essays. Your MBA essays are an important opportunity to share your story and show the admissions committee who

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PREPARE FOR GMAT VERBAL SECTION The Verbal Reasoning section of the GMAT test measures your ability to comprehend and read written materials, to think and evaluate arguments, as well as to edit written material in order to effectively communicate ideas in English. The time limit is 65 minutes to finish 36 multiple-choice test questions. There are three kinds

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