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Career Choice: MBA Fashion Management

MBA Fashion Management is a relatively new specialization compared to others like MBA Marketing, Finance, etc. It is a postgraduate program that boosts the students’ creativity as well as their management skills. For Fashion students, it is quite beneficial to pursue this course in this era of fast-changing trends in Fashion. To cope with management

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Why MBA After BCA

If you are confused about why you opted for MBA after BCA, here are some of the answers. MBA vs MCA: Which is Better? An MBA in computer applications-related field looks at the field from a management point of view. For instance, how does the computer applications department in an organisation work alongside other departments?

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GRE Vs GMAT For MBA: Which One to Take?

GRE Vs GMAT For MBA: Which One to Take? When applying to MBA programs, prospective students are faced with deciding GRE vs GMAT as their standardized test scores.  This decision is critical, as it can significantly impact an applicant’s chances of admission to their desired program. In this article, you will realize the differences between

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Best SAT Coaching in Kolkata

Looking for the best SAT coaching in Kolkata? Why go anywhere else when you have access to the undisputed list of SAT preparation centres with EduAims? With EduAims, you can prepare under the mentorship of expert faculty providing the best experience during your preparation.  You get access to all the institutes providing simplified teaching methodology

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GMAT Exam Pattern

From the topmost B-Schools in the USA, UK and Europe to the upcoming institutions in India, Japan and Australia, GMAT has become nothing less than a major requisite for admission into such elite MBA programs. An above par score on GMAT can be a game-changer. Therefore, it is essential that you get well-versed with the

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Why Choose Top 10 MBA in Singapore without GMAT?

What is GMAT? The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardised evaluating system adopted by various Graduate Business Schools around the globe mainly used for the evaluation of applicants aspiring to pursue graduation overseas. However, for students unable to commit time and energy in preparing for the GMAT, business schools offer MBA in Singapore

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Career Objective for MBA

After enrolling yourself for a degree, the major task at hand is to present your skill sets in a nice way to possible employers. A well-designed CV along with a job objective is what you require most of the time. More than often, you might find yourself in a situation of confusion, what am I

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