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Career Development


The career development program focuses on the concept and importance of taking informed career decisions. It enlightens students on various aspects of the decision-making process. The program emphasizes on the wide variety of career options available in today’s world and the importance of systematically working towards both long and short term career goals.

The career development program works towards addressing the critical question faced by school students: How to take a judicious career decision? Whether it be choosing the subject combinations or making a career cluster choice, the challenges and opportunities available are deliberated to an extent so as to make students more informed while planning their careers. The challenges and opportunities available are discussed so as to make students more educated while planning their careers.

The program works towards educating students on taking informed decisions regarding careers decisions as well as keeping themselves motivated. Students require some form of stimulus to activate, provide direction for, and encourage persistence in their study and learning efforts and motivation is what stimulates students to acquire, transform and use knowledge. The program will deal with critical aspect such as time optimization and leadership skills which are imperative to a student’s overall performance and happiness.

Our Career Development Program Comprises

  • – Career Counseling

  • – Psychometric, Aptitufe, IQ tests

  • – College Essay writing workshops

  • – High School mentoring

  • – Internship assistance

  • – Excursions

  • – University tours

  • – Writing Schools

  • – Exam workshops

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