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Study Abroad


EduAims is an educational consultancy catering to the needs of students seeking quality global education. We provide, through our extensive knowledge and expertise, services that will bring out the best in you in every respect.


Through our regularly conducted excursions, aptitude development programs, examination workshops, university tours and profile building exercises we ensure that getting admission into your dream college has never been easier. We offer specialist admissions counselling services to students seeking quality education in India or Abroad.


We take pride in representing the students and ensure that only those institutions are applied to that are best suited to your interests and profile. 


There are a number of universities and colleges to choose from all across the world. Before choosing your Country and University it is important to understand the reasons behind going abroad and what you want from your degree. At Eduaims our specialist counselors do a sanity check and provide you with unbiased advice, thereby helping in informed decision making. Our counselors are experienced with the admission protocols in all study abroad destinations. We build your profile and leave no stoned unturned in ensuring that you get admission into your dream college.

  • Career Counseling

  • Psychometric, Aptitude, IQ tests

  • College Essay writing workshops

  • High School mentoring

  • Internship assistance

  • Excursions

  • University tours

  • Writing Schools

  • Exam workshops

Why Eduaims?

Eduaims is an educational consultancy catering to the needs of students seeking quality global education

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