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Career Choice: MBA Fashion Management

MBA Fashion Management is a relatively new specialization compared to others like MBA Marketing, Finance, etc. It is a postgraduate program that boosts the students’ creativity as well as their management skills. For Fashion students, it is quite beneficial to pursue this course in this era of fast-changing trends in Fashion. To cope with management problems and boost productivity it is necessary that one should have appropriate management skills and MBA Fashion Management is just the right option.

MBA Fashion Management is also for those with a business background and who want to advance their career in the fashion industry. The MBA Fashion Management scope is thus much broader in the Fashion industry. The global apparel market was worth 1.5 trillion US dollars in 2020. The projected growth is 2.25 trillion US dollars in 2025. With this worth, the MBA in fashion management scope can be gauged.

MBA Fashion Management, once completed, would help the aspirant to get into this very fast-growing market with expertise. It will provide necessary management skills which are general as well as specific to the fashion industry and an MBA degree.

If you are struggling with questions like Can fashion designers do MBA?’ and ‘Is fashion management a good career?’, read the article and you will know.

MBA in Fashion Management Abroad

  • Doing MBA or Masters in Fashion Management abroad can also be a feasible option. Most Universities or colleges abroad require IELTS, MELAB, and TOEFL, an English proficiency exam for non-native speakers. Though some countries have their standardized exams for international students, for example, Turkey’s YOS exam. Indian students typically prefer either the USA or Canada to pursue their Masters’ and MBA  degrees owing to their attractive job market and post-course benefits. UK and Australia are also options worth considering.
  • The eligibility criteria, course duration, and fees for an MBA in fashion management abroad differ from country to country and institute to institute. It is suggested to go through the policies for international student admissions and the scholarships the country provides to them.
  • With fast-changing trends in fashion and a good per capita income, the US seems to be a good place to study as well as practice what has been learned. MBA in Fashion Management in USA is a good option for those who want to pursue it abroad. NYU stern school of Business is one of the institutes which offers an MBA in Fashion Management in USA.
  • MBA Fashion Management in Canada is another good option for those who want to pursue this career abroad. The reason is the policies that support international students and the religious acceptance prevalent in the country. Colleges do require TOEFL-qualified students only. For an MBA in fashion management Canada, its universities also provide scholarships for underprivileged international students. Do check the websites of the specific universities you want to get admitted into. Some of the universities offering MBA Fashion Management in Canada include George Brown College and Humber College among others.


MBA in Fashion Management


2 years

Skills Required

Creative designing, communication skills, stress management, confidence, team management 

Top Recruiting companies

Godrej Interio, Levi’s, Carbon, Adidas, Tiffany and more.

MBA in Fashion Management Syllabus

Since fashion management isn’t as popular as the traditional MBA courses, only a few universities offer this course. Others do offer Masters courses in Fashion business management. Here are some options for MBA Fashion Management abroad.

Coventry University, London– Coventry University offers MBA in International Fashion Management which is a one-year degree program. This one year is divided into two terms. In the first term, they teach:

  • International Strategic Fashion Marketing and Management
  • Innovations in the Fashion Branding, Trends and Product Development

While in term 2 they teach:

  • Research Methods/Tools in Fashion, Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Entrepreneurship: Creating a Business Opportunity
  • Talent % Financial Management for Future Fashion Managers
  • Strategic International Brand Immersion
  • Final Term Option Modules

In the final term option module, you have to choose one module out of three, which are:

  • Dissertation for Contemporary Fashion Business Management
  • Internship for Contemporary Fashion Business Management
  • Strategic Fashion Business Management Consultancy Project

NYU Stern School of Business– NYU offers Fashion and Luxury MBA which is also a one-year degree program. It is counted amongst the schools offering the best MBA Fashion Management scope. Here, the coursework is divided into four major components, namely:

  1. The Business core- The following papers are taught in this component:
    1. Leadership,
    2. Strategy,
    3. Economics,
    4. Finance,
    5. Marketing,
    6. Statistics,
    7. Communication,
    8. Accounting, and
    9. Professional & Corporate Social Responsibility.
  2. The Fashion & Luxury core- The following papers are taught in this component:
    1. Retail Strategy & Analytics,
    2. Retail Operations & Supply Chain Management,
    3. Luxury Marketing,
    4. Consumer Behavior, and
    5. Next Generation Fashion.
  3. Stern Solutions (Experiential Learning)– Real-world projects are needed to be solved to gain credits in this paper.
  4. Elective courses– Students can pursue papers of their functional area, or courses according to their interest.

Paris School of Business– Paris School of Business offers MBA in luxury and Fashion Management. Modules for the course include The Cosmetics Industry, Fashion visual Merchandising, and Fashion Business & Principles of Design, among others.

London College of Fashion- London College of Fashion offers an Executive MBA in Fashion. Admission to this college requires an honours degree in a related area with 3 years of industrial experience and an IELTS score of 7.0 with a minimum of 6.0 in reading, writing, Listening, and Speaking. This course has been designed for fashion business executives, entrepreneurs, and managers. This program has the following modules:

  • Global Strategy
  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Product Portfolio management
  • Strategic Branding & Marketing Management
  • Innovative Business Management
  • Global Supply Chain & Distribution
  • Consultancy Project

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MBA in Fashion Management Scope

A student with only a Fashion degree can design the clothes but those with an MBA Fashion Management degree can use his/her creativity in designing and sell them efficiently. MBA Fashion Management scope thus includes this humongous fashion industry. MBA in Fashion Management scope can also be explored with the help of the below-mentioned job profiles that an MBA Fashion Management professional holds:

  • Fashion Product Manager: A Product Manager in the Fashion industry is responsible for the planning of the product to its execution. He/she is also supposed to gather and prioritize products according to the customer requirements. MBA in Fashion Management in the USA produces professionals who can earn an average salary of 109,540 US Dollars per annum in this particular profile.
  • Fashion Brand Manager: A Fashion Brand Manager is responsible to improve the brand value as well as promote it. His/her work is to analyze the market and come up with effective ways by which the brand value can be improved. MBA Fashion Management in Canada professionals can earn an average salary of 70,256 Canadian Dollars per annum according to Payscale, in this profile.
  • Marketing manager: This profile is similar to that of a Fashion Brand Manager. A Marketing manager has to analyze ways by which sales can be increased as well as the improvement of Brand value. MBA Fashion Management in Canada professional can earn an average of 68,000 Canadian Dollars as a Fashion Marketing Manager. Whereas MBA in Fashion Management in the USA produces professionals who can earn an average salary of 84,874 US Dollars per annum in this profile.
  • Fashion Consultant: Fashion Consultants help their clients change or enhance their professional image or personal image through Fashion. They help their clients fashion decisions. The average salary for Fashion Consultant in the USA is 25,481 US Dollars per annum. This job offers the best MBA Fashion Management scope.
  • Personal Stylist; Personal Stylists help their clients to choose clothes and other fashion accessories according to their body types and individual needs. This includes hair, clothing, and make-up among others. They are involved with models in Photoshoots, celebrity appearances, and even in shootings to provide individual fashion details. The average salary of a personal stylist in the USA is 34,022 US Dollars per annum while in Canada it is 34,047 Canadian Dollars per annum.
  • Customer Relation Manager: A Customer Relation Manager is responsible for creating and sustaining profitable relationships with customers. This involves resolving complaints and grievances of customers efficiently and immediately, keeping them aware of the updated and new products so that sales would be increased. The average salary of a Customer Relations Manager in the USA is 56,150 US Dollars per annum while in Canada it is 43,000 Canadian Dollars per annum which may increase even more if you have an MBA in fashion management Canada.
  • Fashion Coordinator: A Fashion Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the latest prevailing and upcoming trends in Fashion are reflected in the products of their company. For this, they must be aware of the same in the very first place. They work among the retail clients and the salespersons. They can also be involved in creating new Fashion concepts and devising fashion design plans which are efficient. The average salary of a Fashion Coordinator in the USA is 40,838 US Dollars per annum.
  • Marketing Consultant: A Marketing Consultant is responsible for assisting directors and marketing managers with product-wise branding, marketing tools, etc. They also work in producing good advertising materials for clients within their budget. They are also involved in analyzing the marketing needs of their company. The average salary of a marketing consultant in the USA is 60,587 US Dollars per annum while in Canada it is 57,528 Canadian Dollars per annum.
  • Digital Marketer: A Digital Marketer works to ensure the company’s website can easily be found by potential customers. They are involved in optimizing structure as well as the content of the website to ensure that it is easily visible in search engines and using paid online campaigns for advertising. The average salary of a Digital Marketer in the USA is 56,676 US Dollars per annum while in Canada it is 46,068 Dollars which rises multifold if you have an MBA in fashion management Canada.

The areas in which these professionals are recruited after an MBA Fashion Management abroad are:

  • Garment Stores,
  • Leather Industries,
  • Textile Mills,
  • Jewellery Firms,
  • Media Houses, and
  • Garment Manufacturing Companies

Top recruiters hiring MBA Fashion Management abroad include:

  • Levi’s,
  • Godrej Interior,
  • Spencers,
  • Carbon,
  • Adidas,
  • Tiffany,
  • Li & Fung,
  • Zen & Design, and
  • Lintas among others.

MBA in Fashion Management Distance Learning in India

MBA in Fashion Management distance learning in India, though a new course, has developed much over time. Everything we know, most of them are in some way related to fashions. Also, not many students pursue this particular management career in Fashion which empowers them to enhance their creativity in design as well as develop management skills for an effective sale. As mentioned earlier, one does not need to have a business education background to pursue this course. This is a boon for candidates who direly want to pursue this career and don’t have a business background. The only requirement is that the aspirant must have completed their bachelor’s degree.

Some of the colleges which offer MBA in Fashion Management Distance Learning in India includes Jaipur National University, Banaras Hindu University, and National Institute of Fashion Technology among others.


Fashion Management courses including MBA in Fashion Management abroad provides candidate adequate skills of management to prosper in the fast-paced and ever-growing fashion market. With more people becoming fashion conscious, the demand for sophisticated fashion management is necessary. Analyzing trends, evolving brands according to trends, and making sales effective and accurately reaching the appropriate customers is a challenge that can be solved by Fashion Management professionals.

With several profiles to work on, it’s not difficult to get a job though skills are what is required for having continuous career growth. At last, if one loves to work in the field of Fashion Management, he/she will have job satisfaction and peace of mind, the only thing required for a happy and healthy life.

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