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MBA in Agriculture

Why should you pursue an MBA in Agriculture abroad? What are the benefits of it?

MBA or Masters in Business Administration is a special degree which is designed for developing special skills. These skills will help you in your future career. MBA value is not limited to the business world. MBA is very helpful for those who want to pursue their management career in private industry, public sector, government, and other areas. MBA programs include a core subject, for example, marketing, agriculture, accounting, Human resource, operations, etc. These days the management specialization demand has increased across the world.

Agribusiness management has been trending in many foreign countries. If you want to study MBA abroad in this stream, then there are numerous options available. The opportunities present for candidates pursuing an MBA in agriculture in a country in Europe or America are astounding. There are jobs in the Supply chain management, Quality control, and Agri insurance fields. Candidates fill up manager positions with MBA agriculture in those countries.

Generally, these tests are focused on the English language as Indian students mostly have useful mathematics and elementary skills. To cross the barrier, you need to prepare well for English, and once you score well in these exams, you are up for admission.

To secure your future career, you can do an MBA. This will be the next big step in your career. MBA in Agriculture is the popular branch in comparison with other core subjects. One of the reasons why this is on-demand is:

  • Most countries are agriculture-based, so the requirement of qualified people who have in-depth knowledge in agriculture also increased.
  • Numerous organizations are there in the market which hire experts from agribusiness management. Who can manage the production, maintain supply as per demand and also plan the agribusiness?

What is Agribusiness management?

Agribusiness is the combination of two words: agriculture and business. Agribusiness is the industry that is engaged with farming, which includes breeding, agrichemicals, crop production, distribution, farming, seed supply, farm machinery, retail sale, marketing, etc.

It is a multi-disciplinary program that offers you a vast opportunity in the agricultural industry and land-based industry when it comes to agribusiness management.

MBA in Agriculture and Food Business focuses on the organizations’ managerial functions throughout the Agriculture and Food Business sector. This will allow students to choose the subjects of interest, such as:

  • Commodity Procurement
  • Farm Management
  • Labor and Personnel
  • Labor Management
  • Global food issue and public policy.

This is a vast subject consisting of other activities, like farming, crop conservation, and resource management. Students can opt for an MBA degree in agriculture from management schools.

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Eligibility criteria for Agricultural MBA

To do MBA in Agriculture Business Management, eligibility criteria depend from one college to another. But one common criterion is you need to score at least 50% in your graduation. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to get admission to a good business school. MBA in Agriculture Eligibility is mentioned below:

  • You have to clear the MAT or CATand another entrance exam. These are the basic criteria for MBA. For a regular MBA, CAT or MAT pass-out is a must.
  • Clear GMAT and GRE.
  • Many universities prefer students who have completed a master’s degree or have any job experience.
  • In your graduation, you should have the allied farming or agriculture as your main subject.
  • Students with awaited graduation final results welcome too.

You need to submit all the educational qualification documents like:

  • Letter of recommendation
  • Bank statements
  • Biodata for the VISA process.

The MBA in agriculture and agribusiness is focused on building professionals who can understand the global agriculture scenario and understand the food chain and interconnected channels of the agriculture business. These include agriculture-based production process and modernization, logistic handling, retail chain marketing and customer management, supply chain management, and many more.

All these areas are showing an uphill demand for professionals equipped with MBA in agriculture in these countries. Also, these programs offer an understanding of the sustainable agriculture model amid climate change with environmental impact. Thus, the post-graduate program is also availing skills to its pursuers which are very pivotal in the future of businesses involved in agriculture.

The countries where most of the MBA opportunities in agriculture are many, but the significant ones are Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and The United States of America.

Why should you do MBA in Agriculture? What are the benefits?

  • You will be able to secure good jobs in both the private and public sectors.
  • You can go for the Ph.D. degree after completing the MBA
  • You will understand the different kinds of soil composition and soil types.
  • Also, you can be an entrepreneur and help the farmers and also companies too.

MBA in Agriculture scope

Let’s have a look at the MBA in Agriculture scope:

India is considered the second largest agricultural land country, where farming is the core business. When you pass out as an MBA in agribusiness management, as the MBA in Agriculture scope, you will get multiple offers from different sectors. You will get ample opportunities where you can implement your knowledge and experience. You can apply for the position of:

  • Marketing analyst
  • Manager in agriculture
  • Accounts manager
  • Alternative energy consultant
  • Bioterrorism consultant

A short brief about the MBA in Agriculture Abroad

Doing MBA in Agriculture Abroad is a dream for all. But the process is not that easy. You have to appear in GMAT and GREs. Based on the score, you can apply. When you have a foreign degree of MBA, you will have ample opportunities compared to other students. Every year lacks students apply for the MBA abroad. Especially Indian students show their interest in pursuing MBA abroad. The main reason is competition. Here every college is over competitive and tough too. When you get an MBA degree from abroad, you will have more handy offers for jobs.

Every year numerous students appear in the CAT exam, but the problem is, seats in the reputed academy like IIM are only 4000. In India, very few good and reputed colleges will offer you an MBA degree in agriculture. So students are crazy for a foreign degree. MBA in Agriculture Salary goes up to 16 LPA. Fresher can expect 4-5 LPA.

Since all these countries invest heavily in modernizing their agriculture methodologies and business models, more significant opportunities are present in these countries in the agribusiness fields. That is one of the significant reasons why MBA agriculture aspirants are looking to study abroad target colleges from these countries.

The current curriculum that MBA in agriculture covers in most colleges abroad can be categorized into few broad areas. These areas are Agriscience, Food science, Ecology application, Agronomy, Agroeconomics, Agribusiness model, Sustainable agriculture for future-proofing. There are both full-time and part-time MBA courses available in these countries. The overall curriculum spreads over two years.

Why work experience is important when you apply for MBA abroad

Most of the foreign universities ask for work experience. Because they want to accept your application based on your work quality, achievements, leadership qualities, professional accomplishments, etc., besides the academic record, they will check all these. All the international B schools will accept students who will add value to the B school. A foreign MBA degree is not only about learning theories in the classroom but also about practical knowledge. This is more practical-oriented. You will know how to do case studies, teamwork, group projects. Also, you will get real business world insights.

A full-time study from universities abroad is the most recommended one for an agriculture MBA. A background in science and biology will be an added advantage for those pursuing the agriculture MBA course. The course’s overall cost can be a bit expensive, especially when you convert the price into Indian rupees. But the general decision to pursue it is worth it.

The amount of money you invest in getting an MBA from these colleges can also be sometimes reimbursed through scholarships or educational loans. The paychecks are very impressive once you pass out, and within no time, you will be able to pay back all the loans and start making good money from your job.

Frequently asked questions:

What exams are required to apply for MBA abroad?

These are GMAT and GRE. For people who want to do MS abroad, the GRE is popular. Earlier MBA universities accept the GMAT result, but recently they have started accepting GRE scores as well.

Best country for pursuing MBA in agriculture abroad?

The USA comes at the top of the list for doing MBA in agriculture abroad, then UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, etc. These countries will offer you not only an MBA degree but also have bachelor’s degrees in agriculture. Students who want to do a PhD in agriculture also can do it.

Are you starting a salary of MBA in Agriculture?

A fresher with MBA in agriculture can expect a minimum of 5lac P/A.

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