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MBA in Germany without GMAT

With the increased number of applicants for an MBA, the selection criteria for admission have become dynamic. The GMAT (Graduate Management Administration Test) used in the assessment of a student’s business administration skill sometimes becomes defunct in assessing the applicants which is why different Universities set different measures for screening the applications. In this article, we discuss some of the criteria for an MBA in Germany without the GMAT and other related questions that might bother you throughout the process of selecting from the best universities. 

Germany attracts a number of students due to its appealing world-class facility. Apart from the world-class facilities, industry interface and excellent universities, Germany is better known for its low-cost tuition fee. One speciality of Germany is that some public universities do not even charge tuition fees. This is a big relief for international students opting for MBA in Germany without GMAT. Besides, the country provides a range of specializations and types of MBAs including Entrepreneurial Management, Leadership and Innovation and Entrepreneurship at affordable costs.  

Getting admission to an MBA in Germany without GMAT is way easier than in any other country. Top business schools in Germany evaluate students on the basis of their academic excellence, work experiences including their extracurricular achievements and an overall assessment of the applicant. Germany takes into account the overall performance of the applicant. 

10 Best Universities to pursue MBA in Germany without GMAT:

Technical University of Munich:

  • With international libraries, sports, music and other facilities, TU Munich provides a broad spectrum of opportunities to the students. The part-time Executive MBA program is highlighted for its excellence.

Ludwig Maximilian University Munich:

  • Ludwig Maximilian University is well known for its research-driven courses. The MBA program introduces students to the crux of high-quality research and an opportunity to choose among intriguing topics.  

University of Kiel:

  • The University of Kiel is of the universities that wave off tuition fees. The MBA course aims to develop critical thinking in interpreting business data. The course aims at accomodating soft skills and human side of management. 

University of Tubingen:

  • Students highly ambitious about a career in business leadership should try this university that waves off tuition fees. 

University of Stuttgart:

  • The University of Stuttgart is another tuition fee waving university aiming to nurture occupational employment opportunities for capacity building and leadership quality building.  

Accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg:

  • The warm and welcoming environment of Accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg offers courses in Business administration designed for management studies and research.

Akademie Wurth Business School: 

  • The Akademie Wurth Business School equips students with a unique business experience. Special courses that can be completed within 13 months encourages students to incorporate topics beyond their radar of study. 

Berlin School of Economics and Law:

  • The Berlin School of Economics and Law is a reputed business school aiming to shape students to change and structure the world with their unique and challenging ideas.  

Cologne Business School:

  • Cologne Business School is one of the top-ranked universities with partnerships around the globe. The Business School would be your base to form networks around the globe.

Dresden International University:

  • Another business school selected by students from across the globe is Dresden International University. The public university is well known for its academic excellence. 

Scope of Studying MBA in Germany without GMAT

While selecting a destination for pursuing your education overseas, do not skip the analysis of return on investment (ROI). The scope and job opportunities available at the end of the course should maintain a balance in your cost-benefit ratio. Here is how choosing MBA in Germany without GMAT might be your best decision: 

  • International business mindset: Instead of a cooped up, stagnant idea, an MBA from abroad will expose you to numerous ideas. This gives you a growth perspective to develop and pick up global ideas for your business perspective. The added benefit of exposure to people from multiple cultures and lifestyles might give you a better insight. 
  • Affordable tuition fees: Business schools in Germany provide top-class education with the most affordable tuition fees. The comparative financial relaxation without compromising quality education makes Germany one of the most favourable destinations for MBA in Germany without GMAT. Studying business management courses in Germany has been considered one of the most feasible expenditures. 
  • Diverse MBA courses: With dedicated teaching professionals and dynamic personalities, business schools in Germany make it to the top of global rankings. With the availability of some interesting courses to choose from, Germany provides a diverse MBA course. Availability of diverse courses added with excellent training and innovative teaching styles marks the unique point of MBA in Germany. 
  • Amplify and multiply your career: The one-year degree course offered by Germany gives a career boost for working professionals as well as students. The students benefit from the course with an early introduction to the corporate world. Business schools in Germany are quite accommodating of and promote multiculturalism which makes its course and ideas dynamic.

Alternatives of GMAT

Things to keep a check when GMAT has not been your strength area: 

  • A good and appealing CV loaded with course-relevant achievements
  • Work experience of at least two or more years
  • Statement of purpose
  • Letter of recommendation

If GMAT has not been your strength area, you can breathe in peace if you have a good command of written and spoken English skills along with a business mindset. Also, the learnings from the work you attended last would greatly guard your candidature. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is it possible to pursue MBA in Germany without GMAT?

While admission criteria differ for different universities, some MBA programs in Germany offer MBA without GMAT.

Is MBA in Germany free?

There are a number of universities in Germany for MBA programs that wave off tuition fees. 

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