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MBA in Australia without GMAT

MBA in Australia without GMAT works best for you if you are shielded with years of work experience. A minimum of 2-3 recommendations or reference letters from the previous place you have worked, would further amplify your chances. Such will be your asset in a quick analysis of your credibility, character, potential and work ethics. Australian National University, Canberra, Melbourne Business School, Monash University are the universities you should search for for the best experience of MBA in Australia without GMAT. A well-crafted statement of purpose, a convincing Resume or a cover letter to add toppings to your credentials is all you need to pursue MBA in Australia without GMAT scores.

Top Online MBA in Australia without GMAT

Online or distance learning can be beneficial for a lot of reasons. In terms of time and expenses, online learning might be the best fit for professionals already working in their fields, stay-at-home mothers, businessmen, or even students from remote or economically unstable backgrounds. For a number of reasons, there is a scope for the best online MBA in Australia without the GMAT from the comfort of your home. Some of the top Australian Universities providing the course are:

  • The online MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) is the only Australian programme to make it into the global top 10. It’s a very well-established online MBA programme with innovative course content accommodating advanced technologies to give the best educational experience to the students. The two pathways for an online MBA in Australia without GMAT are: either a strong undergraduate degree with a minimum of two years professional or managerial work experience or at least six years of professional work experience. The other requirements remain the same for applying for an MBA without GMAT. The tuition fee of an online MBA in Australia without a GMAT would cost aroundUS$44,588.
  • Macquarie Business School ranked second in Australia sees MBA from a global aspect to challenge the conventional MBA. The curriculum is innovatively structured around six key skills: strategising, leading, analysing, influencing, adapting, and problem-solving for the application in real-life business situations. The tuition fees cost around US$25,387.
  • Deakin Business School ranked third in Australia offers an online MBA in Australia without GMAT in their Cloud ‘campus’. It is an interactive learning platform providing face-to-face interaction. To complete the MBA from the university, the students must attain a total of 12 credit points, consisting of eight credit points of core units and four credit points of elective units. The faculty is well adapted for a distance teaching-learning environment. The course costs around US$39,963.
  • La Trobe Business School aims to ensure the best and enjoyable online learning experience. This online MBA in Australia without GMAT focuses on building peer relationships for learning and professional issues with interactive weekly video conferencing. This MBA is renowned for being a ‘green’ MBA, meaning it has a focus on sustainability. The course fees cost around US$45,003.
  • Curtin University, Curtin Business School admits candidates for an online MBA in Australia without GMAT for a 35-month course. The programme is structured for eight core units and four elective units. Students are to complete a professional portfolio including a minimum of 40 hours of professional development (complemented by workshops and lectures). Fees are US$37,157

Perks of MBA in Australia

  • An MBA in Australia might fetch you the second-highest salaries in the world. This return of investment on their studies makes Australian Universities one of the favourite destinations for MBA abroad. The good news is, you can get admitted to one of the top-ranked colleges and universities in the world without a GMAT score. The reason for the decision being the idea that GMAT cannot accurately assess an applicant’s aptitude for an MBA. With a pool of knowledge and experience combined, the faculty works unitedly to provide you with the best learning experience. The strong ties with companies and industries open a lot of networking channels for the students to develop their analytical skills in business.
  • An MBA in Australia without GMAT takes a holistic approach in selecting students while leaving the scope open to integrate students from diverse backgrounds. The cumulative inputs are then refined and polished through rigorous training for perfection. The innovative ideas are then converted to real-life business al experienced and thoroughly inspected. Throughout the process, the student develops an overall idea of business to form an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • MBA graduates from Australian universities are performing well in the business field. The top-class experiential learning provided by the universities gives hope and confidence to the students to develop a global and innovative mindset for efficient real-life business.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is there a scope for Online MBA in Australia without GMAT?

  • Most of the Universities offering MBA in Australia without GMAT have a scope for customized online MBA programs.

Is MBA in Australia without GMAT worth it?

  • MBA in Australian universities produce students fetching the second-highest salaries in the world which is why the buzz for MBA in Australia peeks every year.

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