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EduAims is a leading study abroad consultancy in Kolkata offering admissions consulting and test preparation services since 2012. Making it to the premium universities is a dream come true for many and we handhold our students throughout their study abroad journey right from profile development, application preparation, and test prep to achieving admission to the desired university.

As one of the most reputed abroad study consultancy in Kolkata, we have provided counselling services to more than 10,000 students since our inception. EduAims is a well-known abroad education consultant in Kolkata, offering highly professional and end-to-end overseas education consulting services that help students in selecting the right universities and courses and proper documentation for the admissions process.

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What makes EduAims the Best Education Consultants in Kolkata?

As your preferred study abroad consultant in Kolkata for over 10 years, we guide our students in each step of their study abroad journey. Here is why our students chose us as their strategic partner and overseas education consultants in Kolkata:

Diverse applicants

We have worked with applicants whose profiles range from finance and investing to technology, retail, advertising, marketing, management consulting, family business, not-for-profit, the armed forces and others.

Career planning

Study abroad consultants at EduAims help students in making an informed decision in regards to shortlisting the right courses and programs matching their profile.

Country and University selection

Our team of mentors will help you choose the right universities and country based on your career goals, university rankings, scholarship opportunities, and cost of living.

Preparing the application

An ideal application to your dream college will enhance your chances to secure admission and thus, our counsellors work around the clock to ensure you have an ideal application.

Test preparation

Depending on the course and university you aspire to, you may have to take exams like IELTS, GMAT, GRE, SAT, etc. We provide flexible and personalised study abroad test prep classes to our students with a well-planned curriculum.

Essay, LOR and SOP writing

Crafting a phenomenal Essay and Statement of Purpose helps your application stand out. Our mentors conduct various brainstorming sessions and offer meticulous guidance to help you create that perfect Essay , SOP and get the right LOR.

Mock Interviews

Interviews are an important part of your admissions process. Our study abroad consultants help students prepare well for their interviews by conducting a series of mock interviews, designed by industry experts.

Scholarship and Financial Assistance

Studying abroad is expensive and hence financial aids are extremely important. We support our students with the proper procedure and timely application for all possible scholarship opportunities.

Visa Application

Once your offer letter arrives, a visa application is equally important. Being a holistic abroad study consultancy in Kolkata, we help our students with having all the visa documents in order and guide them during the application process.

Our students call us the Best Study Abroad Consultant in Kolkata

FAQs about our abroad study consultancy in Kolkata

Right from career planning to visa counselling, we’ll be with you and guide you throughout the process from shortlisting universities to writing essays and more.

Our study abroad consultants have been mentoring and counselling students for many years and handhold students in their entire application process.

We offer both in-person study abroad consulting in our Kolkata center and online study abroad consultancy nationwide. You can choose as per your availability and schedule.

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