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MBA in Sports Management

An MBA in Sports Management is a rather emerging MBA program that will help you explore the sports industry from the perspective of a business. You will be introduced to the mechanics of running a sports organisation, management of players, staff, coaches and management professionals, cost and revenue, deals and contracts, sports business analytics and much more. As a Sports Management professional, you will be in charge of developing and moulding the future of a sports organisation.

MBA in Sports Management: Why Should You Go For It?

  • Evolution of Sports: With the growth of franchise sports and internet, the sports industry has seen enormous growth in terms of financials as well as international appreciation. Sports business have grown, social media presence has multiplied and growth of sports in different countries is being seen as the next big thing.
  • Sports and Health: Organisations involved in the business of sports are now focusing on fitness as never before. This has led to growth in fields of physiotherapy, sports psychology, sports motivation and team-building, training and fitness, personal athlete training, scouting and development etc.
  • The Management Side: Coming to the business side, sports management has seen the induction of aspects of marketing and merchandising, legal implications, negotiation and liaising on player/organisation contracts and deals, management of staff, personnel, coaches, players, hiring and managing athletes and most important of all, ensuring the smooth functioning of the organisation.
  • A Competent Professional: Being a highly sensitive, dynamic and high-pressure environment, as a management professional working in the sports industry, you will be faced with complex situations. Such situations help you in progressing you to executive-level jobs, better salaries, opportunities in other industries and much more.

MBA in Sports Management Abroad

If you are looking to pursue an MBA in Sports Management abroad, you need to look at some of the most important details as given below. It is a specialised professional degree with a focus on the management aspect. There are options of part-time, executive and distance courses as well.

CourseMBA in Sports Management OR MBA in Sports Policy OR MBA in Sports Management and Development OR MSc Sports Management
Duration2 year [1-year courses also available]
Minimum Qualification RequiredBachelor’s Degree
Admission ProcedureUniversity-based Application [Individual-based]

MBA in Sports Management: Universities

Here are a few universities that you might want to consider if you see yourself working in the sports management industry. Cities like Boston, New York, Barcelona and Scotland provide an additional advantage owing to their unique sports culture and ambience.

MBA-Sports ManagementEU Business SchoolBarcelonaSpain
MSc in Sports ManagementColumbia UniversityNew YorkUSA
MBA in Sports ManagementEU Business SchoolGenevaSwitzerland
MSc Sports Policy, Management and International DevelopmentUniversity of EdinburghScotlandUK
MSc in Sports ManagementUniversity of Texas AustinTexasUSA
MBA in Sports ManagementEU Business SchoolMontreuxSwitzerland

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MBA in Sports Management: Eligibility Conditions and Application

To apply at one of the above universities, there are a few crucial guidelines you must follow, some of which have been pointed out below. The admissions cycle in universities typically begin in September/October and end in February/March of the subsequent year.

  • Satisfy the basic eligibility requirements [Equivalent qualifying degree in any field, for instance, a ‘Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, relevant industry experience, etc. as required]
  • Submit exam scores such as GMAT/GRE along with IELTS/TOEFL/PTE [as required]. Generally, for an MBA program, GMAT is strongly recommended though GRE is also acceptable.
  • Complete the Application Proposal Set [Passport, Statement of Purpose, Two/Three letters of Recommendation, Transcripts Experience Letter (if required), Financial Support Statement/Funding Essay (if applying for funding), etc.] Arrange all the materials well before the deadline.
  • Pay Application Fee.
  • Personal Interview/Group Discussion/Writing Task [if required]
  • Your application will be confirmed, waitlisted or rejected usually within 2-3 months of applying.
  • Deposit the required Tuition Fees within the given deadline.
  • Begin Student Visa Application.

MBA in Sports Management India

India is not any different and untouched when it comes to the growth experienced by global companies in this industry. There has been a remarkable development of indigenous sports, streamlining of pathways for youngsters, the establishment of football as an emerging sport, endorsements from celebrities, amongst others. In this regard, the scope of an MBA in Sports Management India is well-founded and prudent.

MBA in Sports Management Salary

The MBA in Sports Management salary range of an established and experienced sports management professional can vary between $59,410 to $129,380 at a top level. Granted, as an entry-level employee, the MBA in Sports Management Salary may be lesser but with time and experience, it tends to rise.

  • Sports Administrator
  • Technical Director
  • Sports Consultants
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • Athlete Agent
  • Human Resource Manager

What is the MBA in Sports Management Scope

The MBA in Sports Management scope has never been better. While the sports industry in North America is expected to grow to $73.5 billion, the same trends are being witnessed in Europe, Asia and Africa. As the skills obtained are highly in demand in other industries, you can easily shift to consulting, event management, business analytics, health and wellness, communication, economics and so on.

Common Questions You Must Consider

Given below are some of the questions you must ask yourself if you want to pursue an MBA in Sports Management India or abroad.

  • Do you want to get into the Sports Business? Does it fancy your interests and aspirations
  • The sports industry is highly dynamic and professionals work under high-pressure and tight deadlines. Are you ready to work in such an environment?
  • The course structure may involve not only classes but also industry placements. Are you ready to tackle such tasks on a personal level?
  • Does the course fit your short, medium and long term goals and objectives?
  • Is the course format fit for your current schedule? If you are employed, does a Part-Time MBA better suit you or a Distance MBA?

At the end of the day, it is your effort and dedication that counts. If you find the answers to the above questions satisfactory, go ahead and enrol yourself. Best of Luck.

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