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MBA Fresher Resume

Preparing an MBA Fresher Resume may be the most excruciating task at hand, probably ranking up amongst the complex responsibilities one will face before starting a corporate life [Not that much]. Nevertheless, it remains important for your profile and how you present yourself. In this article, we will help you design your MBA Fresher Resume in the best way possible.

MBA Fresher Resume: Major Components

Here are a few major components that you must include in your resume.

  • Basic Details: This includes Name, Email ID and Mobile Number. Apart from this, you may choose to add in your photo, local address and anything else you might feel relevant.
  • Education: This includes Degree, College, Marks Obtained and the Duration Attended. Make sure to verify once before adding in the details. Round off the percentage if required.
  • Experience: This includes any relevant work experience you may have gained in form of full-time employment or internships. Make sure to describe a bit about your job responsibilities, the skills you gained and how you contributed. Personal accolades make a mark.
  • Skills: This includes core specialised skills you may have such as marketing, product development, advertising, etc. as well as an interpersonal skill like problem-solving, teamwork, time management, research analysis, etc.
  • Volunteering & Hobbies: If you have been interested in volunteering and gained some experiences in that, make sure to add in your resume. Further, do mention if you have any hobbies as well. This becomes all the more important if you are hoping to enter the social services.

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MBA Fresher Resume: Sample

Here is a sample you can base your resume on. Be it MBA Finance Fresher Resume or MBA HR Fresher Resume, you can use this as a template for.


Apoorva Prakash                Phone: +91 9876543XXX        New Delhi 

Education       MBA Operations                               CGPA: 8.93/10.0                                                                          [From-To]

International Management University, New Delhi                                                        



Skills   Marketing/Product Development, Process Streamlining, Executive Leadership, Training and     Development, Supply Chain, Project Management                              



Certifications  Operations Management, Global Operations University


Work Experience     


                              Analyst, ABC Limited                                                                                                                                           [From-To]

·       Engaged with management to understand and interpret the shortcomings in current purchasing and cost management system of the company.

·       Analyse the relevant business departments in competitors.

·       Develop multiple research reports and presentations on the financials of the purchasing department, the required staff, wastage of resources, requisite training, up-gradation of software

·       Regularly interact with top-level management and work out solutions.


                                    Business Process AnalystGTY & Co                                                                                                     [From-To]

·       Worked with senior management on streamlining the business processes of the organisation

·       Specifically focused on internal communication between departments and staff.

·       Prepared reports, assessed performance levels and outputs of employees in the sales department and devised steps on how to improve efficiency.

·       Worked on increasing speed of written communication among the departments, helped install a flat hierarchy system.


                                    Team Member, JUY Ltd                                                                                                             [From-To]

·       Tasked with summarizing reports and taking minutes of meetings to be analysed later in meetings.

·       Interpreted and prepared presentations on relevant business practices and legal changes at competitors, international norms and elite companies.

·       Interacted with senior management on how to improve operation mismanagement.


Research Intern, Centre for Operations, Mumbai                                                         [From-To]

·       Conducted surveys on ‘What Impact Does Different Hierarchy Levels Have on the Performance of Employees?’

·       Summarised the findings and compiled the report.


Summer Intern, Bajaj Capital, New Delhi                                                                                       [From-To]

·       Worked under the Operations Manager and learnt the various tools, techniques of operations management.


Volunteering & Hobbies

·       Reading, Watching Movies, Social Service, Singing, Dancing


Soft Skills            Data Visualisation tools [Tableau & PowerBI]                                                         Research & Analysis                                           Editing                                                        Writing                                                                        Marketing                                                                  Proofreading                                          Problem Solving                                                    Teamwork                                                                Time Management                              Fundraising                                                              Critical Analysis


MBA Fresher Resume: Important Points To Remember

  • Use a Template: There are hundreds of templates available online that you can refer to and use to prepare your resume. From simpler and effective ones to multi-layered and professional ones, you can choose which one according to your needs.
  • Prefer Simple Formatting: Rather than opting for multiple fonts, different sizes and highlighting content, go for simple and straightforward formatting that makes it easier for the reader to skim through your resume and navigate the relevant details. However, if you are from a digital background, for instance, digital marketing or social media, make it for more interesting through your skills rather than mere formatting it over and over.
  • Too Much Information Becomes Unnecessary: Don’t think adding in everything that you may have done is important and must be added. Stick to what is relevant to the job you are applying and omit whatever you think doesn’t relate to it directly.
  • Achievements Stand Out: If you have won anything in the field that you are applying to, mention it.
  • Cover Letter and Resume Go Hand in Hand: While a resume is nothing more than a document of your profile, the cover letter is where you can show how you are perfectly suited for a job. It is much more personal wherein you can point out how particular experience motivated you to apply.
  • Bonus Tip for MBA Finance Fresher Resume: Being in Finance, if you can show your familiarity with numbers, it will help in making a good impression. Mention if you have taken any extra courses on mathematical modelling, the software you know, statistics, etc. The relevant project works and case studies analyses must also be mentioned.
  • Bonus Tip for MBA HR Fresher Resume: As an HR Professional, if you have had experience working with people, it must show up on your resume. This can include anything between surveys conducted and event management to marketing campaigns and even sales.

Whether you are preparing an MBA HR Fresher Resume or MBA Finance Fresher Resume, as a fresher you must understand that your college experiences are all you have. So make sure to present it in such a way that makes your profile stand out.

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