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MBA in Operations

 An MBA in Operations is a specialised management degree that focuses on streamlining the components of operations in an organisation. There are various departments in a business that needs to efficiently manage in tandem. This includes finance, human resources, purchasing, sales and advertising and much more, in short, the whole supply chain. During the program, you will be expected to analyse the problems faced and come up with suitable solutions in this respect.

Advantages of an MBA in Operations

  • Analytical Bent:As a management graduate in Operations, you will be trained in a solid analytical manner. While financial and mathematical aptitude will be stressed upon, case studies scrutiny will help you assess a particular situation, understand its various aspects and then come to a decision.
  • Huge Demand in Consulting: Top-level consulting agencies and firms are always on the lookout for qualified and informed professionals in the field of Operations management. This is because major issues of clients circle unwanted costs, wastage of resources, financial mishaps, slow growth and for such issues, an MBA in Operations professional is the most appropriate person to refer to.
  • Global Industry Professional: In addition to the technical nature, the program also emphasizes on grooming your personality as a global industry professional. Your skills of oral and written communication, negotiation and leadership, delegation and team management, critical analysis and problem-solving will radically improve and be at par with some of the best.
  • Attractive Perks: From travelling all over the world to enjoying corporate hospitality and from interacting with professionals of different cultures and backgrounds to building a significant network, the perks are countless.
  • Broad Program Objectives: The course syllabus and structure help you analyse business problems from a bird’s eye point of view rather than from a particular perspective. This helps in getting an overview of the problem and working out its solutions accordingly. Moreover, it also gives you the much-needed room to focus on a chosen sub-stream if you want, like logistics, supply chain, core operations, etc.

MBA in Operations/ MBA in Operations Management: Eligibility

Before applying for a degree program abroad, there are a few eligibility conditions that candidates need to fulfil. These can vary subject to the university, location, course structure and course objectives.

  • Equivalent qualifying degree in any discipline, for instance, a ‘bachelor’s in commerce’. This can be business-related or humanities-based as well.
  • Minimum marks
  • A prevalent condition of eligibility for MBA in Operations is to possess close to 2-4 years of relevant industry exposure. Refer to university guidelines for actual figures.
  • GRE/GMATtest scores, if required. For an MBA program, GMAT is strongly recommended though GRE also enjoys wide acceptance.
  • Applicants from India are typically asked to submit IELTS/TOEFL/PTEexam scores as evidence of their English speaking proficiency. Obtaining over 7 band score is usually enough to get you through.

MBA in Operations/ MBA in Operations Management Abroad: Application & Admission

Now that you are sure of the eligibility requirements, the next stage is to apply for admission at your chosen university. College admissions are conducted in cycles. The primary cycle typically begins in September/October and ends in February/March of the next year. Scholarships applications open early.

  • Fulfil the minimum eligibility requirementsas mentioned in the above section.
  • Submit GMAT/GRE along withIELTS/TOEFL/PTE Test Scores [as required]
  • Submit the completeApplication Proposal [Passport, Statement of Purpose, Two/Three letters of Recommendation, Transcripts Experience Letter (if required), Financial Support Statement/Funding Essay (if applying for funding), etc.]
  • Pay the required Application Fee. [Varies from university to university]
  • Personal Interview/Group Discussion/Writing Task[if required]
  • Your application will be confirmed, waitlisted or rejected usually within 2-3 months of applying.
  • Deposit the required Tuition Fees within the given deadline.
  • Submit the Student Visa Application.

MBA in Operations Syllabus

During the course, you will come across some of the following subjects. This can change the semester wise and course objectives. Furthermore, there will be spaces of industrial placements and internships as well.

1st Semester2nd Semester3rd Semester4th Semester
Management PrinciplesStrategic ManagementFinancial Risk ManagementQuality, Health and Safety Management
Quantitative MethodsBusiness MarketingProfessional WritingProject Execution & Control
Business CommunicationProbability and StatisticsProject Performance Measuring & EvaluationCase Studies in Operations  Management
Managerial EconomicsHuman Resources ManagementManagement of International BusinessBusiness and Industry Ethics
Information TechnologyQuality and Inventory ManagementAdvertising & Sales ManagementConsumer Behaviour
Electives/Projects/ Foreign Languages/ InternshipsElectives/Project/ Foreign Language/ InternshipsElectives/Projects/ Foreign Language/ InternshipsElectives/Projects/ Foreign Language/ Internships
Electives Offered: International Financial Management, Corporate Taxation, Material Management, Logistics Management, Computer-Aided Design, etc.

MBA in Operations/ MBA in Operations Management: Universities

An MBA in Operations is also offered as an MBA in Operations Management and even as an MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management in various universities across the globe. Here are a few of them that you may consider as per QS ratings.

  • MIT Sloan School of Management
  • IEBusiness School
  • HECMontreal
  • W.P Carey School of Business
  • WarwickBusiness School
  • Eli Broad College of Business
  • Smeal School of Business, Pennsylvania State University
  • Imperial College Business School

MBA in Operations Management Scope

Almost 47% of new hiring in manufacturing industries is done in operations roles going by the GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey 2019 and the MBA in Operations Management scope can be gauged from this fact itself. Further, an Operations Manager is expected to draw anywhere around $123,880 as per the US Bureau of Labour and Statistics. This raises even more if you consider the MBA in Operations Management salary and relevant industry experience. There are more than a few job profiles you can consider

  • Supply Chain manager
  • Logistics manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Operations Analyst
  • Purchasing manager
  • Regional Operations Manager
  • Sourcing Manager
  • Inventory Coordinator


All in all, an MBA in Operations provides you with the necessary edge to stand out from the crowd. It makes you analytically stronger as well as builds up your personality that is better suited to business challenges.

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