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We’re among the very few admission consulting firms in the world where transparency is maintained from the Day 1. Even before you sign up, we encourage you to speak to us for a quick and free 1-1 session where we discuss your goals and help you understand whether we are a good fit for you. The ‘mentor’ you interact with isn’t a separate ‘marketing/ sales’ individual but a team member who would be working with you post sign-up. This allows you to understand and gauge our approach and communication style, thereby enably you to take an unbiased and informed decision in choosing the right MBA Admissions Consultant.

We’ve developed a strong market reputation without spending a single dollar on paid advertising since we started our venture. We do not advertise or put paid listings on forums such as GMATClub and that allows us to keep our MBA Admissions Services affordable to you.

A top MBA can open up the doors to fantastic professional opportunities. Many of our candidates get into the best MBA programs at BSchools like Harvard Business School, Stanford, Wharton, ISB, IIM, INSEAD, LBS, Oxford, Cambridge, among others. However, if you want to do the same you’ll need to start early, and put in hard work alongside meticulous planning. Simple ‘signing up’ with us or any other MBA Admissions Consultant doesn’t guarantee any form of success.


For a top ranking full-time MBA program or an executive MBA, the cut-throat global competition coupled with the complicated MBA application process can be stumbling blocks even for the strongest MBA applicants.

While it’s tougher in general for international candidates, statistics indicate that Indians are even more likely to be rejected by top b-schools. Here’s the silver lining – With the right advice and support, you can improve your odds of success.

EduAims is considered among the best MBA admissions consultants in India, not just by our candidates, but also by reputed industry observers. Working with our experienced MBA consultants will help you avoid the trial-and-error process that many others will follow.

We’ve reviewed thousands of applications to know what it takes to get into a top university, often with scholarship!! If you want to know more about our MBA Admissions Consultancy services then connect with us at or call us at +91 8583841032


Why chose us for MBA admissions?

Country Specialists

Dedicated country specialists

We have dedicated country specialists with in-depth knowledge about leading business schools, their ethos, application requirements and processes in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Singapore and more.

Experienced Writers

Experienced writers

Our experienced mentors and writers brainstorm, review and edit 1,000+ essays and resumes every year. They have been published or featured in media outlets.
Diverse Applicants

Diverse applicants

We have worked with applicants whose profiles range from finance and investing to technology, retail, advertising, marketing, management consulting, family business, not-for-profit, the armed forces and others.

5 Steps to a competitive MBA Application

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Step 01: Pre-application Strategy & Storyboarding
Our consultants evaluate your academic strengths through GMAT scores and undergraduate GPA and identify your personal and professional strengths and weaknesses. They also assess your work experience, extracurricular activities and your leadership profile. They help you set specific and realistic goals, keeping in mind your pre-MBA work trajectory, long-term and short-term aspirations.
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Step 02: Individual Essay Brainstorming, Writing & Editing
With our expert support, you will learn how to translate personal and professional experiences into impactful narratives that reflect your strengths, while also connecting with the unique ethos of each business school. Essays go through several rounds of in-house reviews for further refinement. Our team’s goal is to get you the best advice with diverse viewpoints on what really makes you unique.
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Step 03: Recommendation & Resume Guidance
Our consultants guide you on choosing the right recommender and provide guidelines for impactful letters that help you stand out from the applicant pool. You will receive expert advice on generic and school-specific resumes that highlight your academic accomplishments, impact and leadership experiences. Our specialists also apply their experience to help you with scholarship applications, if needed.
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Step 04: Finalise & Submit
Our consultants employ a team-based approach to review the final essays and application components. Our holistic approach ensures you receive personalised attention and feedback until the very last step of the process.
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Step 05: Mock Interviews
Once you submit your application, our consultants start preparing you for the interviews. After prepping you with our question bank compiled from real applicant interviews over the last 3-5 years, our mock interview sessions give you a feel of what to expect from the university. The sessions include two video-recorded mock interviews, a thorough analysis of your performance and one-on-one recorded feedback to highlight strengths and weaknesses.
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Testimonials of our MBA program

Frequently asked questions

Whether it’s general career guidance, or profile evaluation, or you are writing MBA essays and need some reviewing & editing help or you need MBA interview tips, we can smoothen the ride for you.

Our MBA admission consultants in India & abroad have an in-depth understanding of the MBA application process and can help you increase your chances of getting into the top MBA universities and colleges abroad and in India.

Our virtual operating model helps us offer the same top quality admission consulting services in India, Australia, Singapore, USA, Germany, Hong Kong, UAE, South Africa, UK, China, Spain, Nigeria, Canada, Japan, Cameroon and any other country where you may be located.

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