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MBA in International Marketing

What is International Marketing MBA?

The first thing that should be clear in the mind of the students before pursuing an MBA in International Marketing is ‘What is International marketing MBA?’ A student who is interested in learning and understanding the concepts which companies use to market their products and services and to attract customers should go on for an MBA in International Marketing. In this course, students learn about supply chain management and develop foreign marketing skills. They are provided with leadership skills in the global marketplace.

The answer to the question ‘What is International marketing MBA?’ is that it is a postgraduate management program of a duration ranging from 18 months to 24 months which deals with the knowledge and understanding of marketing techniques and principles on a global scale. It helps the students in developing an overall understanding of the ways by which an organization can benefit by providing the required valuable services to its customers and other stakeholders. This field deals with the topics of production, trade, pricing strategies, consumerism, international promotion strategies, international market competition, and many more such topics related to marketing management.

MBA in International Marketing also specifically focuses on adapting these marketing skills to the cultural differences in various markets. The students learn to apply the various concepts and tools of marketing in the real business world in the processes of branding, pricing, segmentation and targeting, distribution, advertisement, and promotion. An emphasis is given to the development of the strategic thinking and problem-solving attitudes within the students in this course. Overall, the course aims to equip the students with the essential knowledge and experience required by them to establish a successful career for themselves in the Global Marketplace.

Course Structure Of MBA In International Marketing

The course structure of the MBA in International Marketing is designed in a manner to help students gain a deep understanding of international marketing concepts and various frameworks and techniques to enter the international market. They learn to evaluate the risks and opportunities facilitating the decision-making process of marketing activities. A wide variety of programs are available in International Marketing in different institutions. The basics of International marketing stress the changes in the global marketplace and the role of cultural diversity in it.

It also emphasizes micro and macro environmental factors which help in identifying and evaluating market entry strategies. The general course of an MBA in International Marketing includes subjects like International Marketing Management, Export Market Entry Strategies, Research Methods, Digital Marketing, Global Affairs, and Management, etc.

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Top Colleges For MBA In International Marketing

There are various universities and institutions worldwide that offer MBA in International Marketing. Various universities offer both full-time as well as online courses in the field. Some of the top colleges around the world that offer a full-time course in MBA in International Marketing are listed below:

  • Coventry University, Coventry, UK
  • Bangor University, Bangor, UK
  • Management Development Institute of Singapore, Singapore
  • IU International University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany
  • EU Business School, Barcelona, Spain
  • Horizons University, Paris, France

MBA in International Marketing subjects

The MBA in International Marketing subjects are such that they help the students become fully prepared for their role in the marketing field after the completion of their course. The students are provided with both the required theoretical as well as practical knowledge. MBA in International Marketing subjects differs in different universities around the world.

There are a variety of core subjects as well as a few elective subjects which form a part of the course curriculum of MBA in International Marketing. The MBA in International Marketing subjects of the initial semester imparts the students with the basic knowledge of business, sales, marketing and management studies while the later semesters focus on providing specialized skills for the marketing industry. In general, the MBA in International Marketing subjects include:

  • Leadership
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • International Marketing
  • Performance Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Managerial Economics
  • Strategic Management
  • Operations and Information Management
  • Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
  • Global Brand Management
  • Global Market Perspectives
  • International Consumer Behaviour and Psychology
  • Applied Marketing Research
  • Marketing Trends and Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Sales and Pricing


MBA in International Marketing Salary

The graduates of an MBA in International Marketing have multiple career opportunities in different sectors including FMCG companies, Marketing Firms, Advertising Companies, IT companies, etc. Every kind of business requires marketing strategies to build and maintain a strong relationship with their target customer group for which they require proficient marketing professionals that can help them in maintaining and expanding their business operations.

  • The MBA in International Marketing salary depends upon the career option that a graduate chooses to get into. There are multiple job prospects for a graduate of MBA in International Marketing. The major job positions that are available to the graduates in this sector are those of a Marketing Manager, Market Research Analyst, International Brand Manager, Corporate Sales Executive, etc.
  • The MBA in International Marketing salary also depends on the institution and the country from which the students have completed their course and, on the country, and the firm in which they are going to work.
  • The average MBA in International Marketing salary for the major job positions after the completion of the course is listed below:
Marketing Manager$ 107,122
Market Research Analyst$60,372
International Brand Manager$119,880
Chief Sales Executive$254,700

MBA in International Marketing UK

Duration12 months
Eligibility CriteriaAn undergraduate degree in a relevant subject from a recognized institution with an aggregate of 70%- 75%.


Work Experience is desirable in certain universities.

IELTS score of a minimum of 6.0- 6.5.

Top UniversitiesCoventry University, Bangor University
Fee StructureINR 23 lakhs to INR 28 lakhs
Career ProspectsMarketing Manager, Market Research Analyst, Brand Manager, etc.

MBA in International Marketing UK helps in enhancing the learning experience of the students by providing them quality education along with vibrant campus life. The universities offer different options for doing an MBA in International Marketing UK such as full-time programs, part-time programs, evening programs, distance programs, and online learning programs. The students can make their choice based on their requirements.

MBA in International Marketing UK programs focuses on the integration of both the theoretical as well as practical aspects of International marketing within the course structure. The universities invite various guest speakers throughout the academic year to address and motivate the students. Certain universities also make doing an internship a mandatory part of the course.

The internship experience helps the students to use their theoretical knowledge in the practical market world. This helps in the personal as well as professional development of the students concerning the Global marketplace. Some universities also prepare the students for their interviews thereby increasing their chances of employability after their graduation in the field. Thus, MBA in International Marketing UK provides the students with exposure to the International market.

MBA in International Marketing in Germany

  • The duration of an MBA in International Marketing in Germany ranges from 12 months to 24 months divided into two or three semesters. A lot of international students are attracted to Germany to pursue their masters from the country. The tuition fees are one of the most important concerns of International students. The public higher education provided in Germany is free for all students. But courses like MBA in International Marketing in Germany is generally provided by private institutions, however, these private institutions also charge fees which is quite low as compared to the fees charged for the same course in other countries like UK, USA, Canada, etc. Moreover, students in Germany can work part-time and also apply for various scholarships that are offered by the Universities.
  • Another reason to pursue an MBA in International Marketing in Germany is that Germany has some of the world’s best faculty who are internationally recognized. Their strong academic background and the experience they have not only helps in providing quality education to the students but also easily recognize a student’s strengths and weaknesses and advise them with their suitable career options. Moreover, the academicians here use modern learning technologies which help the students in grasping the knowledge provided to them in a better manner. The course curriculum is also designed in a way that helps the students to learn all the important concepts and topics of the marketing and business field and also apply the knowledge so gained into the practical spheres with the help of practical sessions.
  • An MBA in International Marketing in Germany creates innumerable job prospects for the graduates. Germany is the fourth-largest economy in Europe and a continuously growing country. Hence, there are multiple jobs provided by various multinational companies in the country which hire young and fresh graduates. These companies offer an average salary of 70,000 to the graduates of MBA in International Marketing in Germany.
  • The top universities providing MBA in International Marketing in Germany and their average fees are discussed below:
UniversityTuition Fee
EU Business School, Munich, Germany€20,850
IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany€14,000
International Graduate Center – Hochschule Bremen, Bremen, Germany€16,000

The eligibility requirements of getting admission at these universities are:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized institute with a minimum of 3.0 GPA according to the German grading system.
  • Work experience of at least one year in the business field.
  • A GMAT score of 550+ or an equivalent GRE score.
  • English proficiency test scores like that of IELTS or TOEFL with a minimum score of 6.0 in IELTS or 80 in TOEFL.

MBA in International Marketing Coventry

MBA in International Marketing Coventry University is one of the leading institutions providing the course. The course in the University is such that it enhances the students’ understanding of strategic marketing and its usage in the expansion of the market for the industries they work in.

The students learn to track and respond to significant and far-reaching economic, social, technological changes affecting the global marketplace. The course equips the students with profound knowledge in strategy, marketing, leadership, finance, and global business. It is designed in form of academic modules along with individual projects based on an internship thereby providing students with both theoretical as well as practical knowledge.

  • The duration of an MBA in International Marketing Coventry University is 12 months. The tuition fee of the course is £20,100.
  • The eligibility requirements for admission in MBA in International Marketing Coventry University are:
  • A bachelor’s degree with an aggregate of 50%- 60%.
  • Applications from candidates with relevant experience will be considered on an individual basis.
  • Work experience is desirable but not essential.
  • An overall score of 6.5 in IELTS is required.

Important Concern: Is MBA better in marketing or international business?

  • MBA in Marketing and MBA in International Business are two eminent courses in the field of management. Students who want to pursue MBA often have the question ‘Is MBA better in marketing or international business?’ in mind. Although the eligibility criteria and admission process for both the courses are almost the same, they are quite different in terms of their syllabus and career prospects.
  • To answer Is MBA better in marketing or international business?’, we first need to understand what each of these courses actually is. MBA in International Business deals with the study of strategies and techniques helpful for International Business. The basic objective of this course is to inform the students about the interdependence and mutual relations of economies of different countries in today’s business environment. It primarily focuses on the global business environment and uses an international perspective to study management theories, trade, supply chains, finance, and much more.
  • MBA in Marketing, on the other hand, deals with the study of marketing strategies and techniques including social media marketing, customer behavior, strategic marketing, product development, etc. It prepares the students for a specialized business career as a marketing manager, a sales manager, or a product manager.
  • The answer to the question ‘Is MBA better in marketing or international business?’ cannot be answered as the choice and benefit of the courses depend on the skills and interests of the students pursuing it. A student having analytical skills and an interest in the global economy should go for an MBA in International Business whereas one having negotiation and persuasion skills and creative and innovative thinking abilities should pursue an MBA in Marketing.

At the end of the day, you must make a decision that suits your long-term objectives.

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