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MBA interview questions and answers for freshers

With the increasing demand for management personnel throughout the globe, acquiring an MBA degree from top universities has become a big achievement. This degree gets you ready for tackling challenging practical situations that need a superior level of ultra-critical analysis and problem-solving skills. It opens up various opportunities in sectors including Healthcare, Finance, Aviation, Media, Energy, and many more. This article will provide you with the most important MBA interview questions and answers for freshers in hr and much more.

The following aspects are generally given importance by the universities that make you differentiate from others.

  • Clearly stated career goals after finishing MBA degree
  • Acquaintances with the business school’s history, cultures, and facilities
  • Your authenticity, sincerity, self-confidence, dedicating, ethics, focus
  • First-class communication and leading skills
  • A great attitude towards teamwork and patience

Is Management Course the Right Choice for you?

Now you can pursue a management course, whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced industry professional. However, for the graduates, it would be right to go for a 2 year MBA course. Our experienced personnel can choose 1 year MBA course for working in a firm. Finally, you will make your right choice and decide accordingly about your career goals.

Different universities ask some prestructured definite questions in their respective interviews, and the most important questions are applicable for the top tier business schools in the country. Let’s have a look at the most frequently asked interview questions for that post-interview satisfaction.

To help you crack your toughest MBA interview, we’ve accumulated a list of common MBA interview questions, which the interviewers generally asked. Also, we’ll guide you about answering these questions with prudence and confidence.

MBA interview questions & answers

How well do you know yourself? 

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most commonly asked questions in MBA interviews. It aims to examine the communication skills and how to enable you are. If you don’t know how to structure your answer accurately, you will be unable to create a memorable first impression.

Always be precise and straightforward when answering. Don’t delve them into a long boring account of your life. Just stick to the base. Emphasizeassion, what leads you, what field are you excel in, and a few details about your family. Pack up everything in your answer from the ground of Management.

Why did you select Masters in Business Administration (MBA) as a career option? Or,

What about your planning for an MBA degree?

The answer to the first part of the question will mainly depend on your status, which means it is necessary to know whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional person. Never conclude that you opted for this because you had no better options, or you just want to try out this course from curiosity. Make sure you mention a sincere interest in this ground.

Now for the second portion of the question, you can tell about both short-term and long-run goals. Mention the career options you can suspect for yourself to choose from and the best job roles that would be perfect for you. Finally, add up everything well to match your curriculum vitae and personality.

What are your plus points and weakness?

You can best approach this question by carrying a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats) of your plus points and weak points. You are the best person for judgment of your strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, you can take the help of your friends and mentors to recognize the same.

When answering, ensure that your strong points are perfectly linked with the traits necessary for the job. Please make sure don’t lie about your strengths. Mention only such points which you can justify with your character. In case of your weaknesses, state your genuine disability. Don’t represent them in a manner that will depict your negative sight. Instead, you can portray your weaknesses in such a way that you are ready to take challenges to overcome them.

Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5 years?

This is the most common question asked in MBA interview questions and answers for freshers in hr. Interviewers ask this to throw a glance at your personality and efficiency. They intend to know whether you are a strong contestant for the job or not. So, construct your answer wisely. Refrain from saying what everybody says.

Focus your answer on how you see yourself progressing over the next 5 years in your job life. Give a concept of the skills you want to attain, how you project to enlarge your knowledge, your planning to overcome weaknesses, and your aim for the coming 10 years. Be genuine to yourself and HR throughout the interview.

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Are you interested in teamwork?

Teamwork is the prime element of every company. However, every individual has their specific job role and responsibilities, but all job roles are interconnected and want strong team effort at varying rates.

Suppose you have applied as a fresher with zero experience. In that case, you can share your experiences of workshops or group activities where you had an opportunity to work in a team with other candidates or professionals. Tell them about your capability to adapt yourself to changes and respect for others’ viewpoints. Keep in mind that teamwork may not always result in everyone connecting on the same point.

You can also mention examples where you showed your leadership efficiency while performing in a team.

Who is someone you look up to always? 

Your answer to this question displays to your interviewer your perception of success. There are plentiful success stories in the MBA world. You just have to select a few successful people in this particular field and their accomplishments. You should back up your reply to whoever you state as your idol, and you have to give a supportive answer for why he/she is your inspiration. Make a chart of the qualities that you appreciate the most about your idol and how you sketch to imitate them in your workplace.

Why do you want to work with us?

Whenever facing an interview for a company, you must gather all the company’s basic knowledge and functions. If you move into the interview room without having zero knowledge of the company, you must be in trouble.

Do you want to ask me any questions?

Always reply yes!

Don’t ever tell them that you don’t want to ask any questions. Asking your queries is a vital part of your job interview, and this can fully change the scenario.

Asking questions to the interviewer in a job interview depicts that you have come prepared well and have a deep interest in the company’s job profile. If your questions are clear to the interviewer that means you have worked hard on your homework.

A small guide to you that entire how you can learn about a company: it can be done through their official website. A company website has all the details on its home page about what the organization is all about, its history, and the products/services it offers, its partners, clients, top management, customer feedback, and so on.

Here are some examples of tricky MBA interview questions

We have already summed up some tricky questions and answers above. Let’s have a look at more.

  • If a movie is made about you, what would you name it?
  • Give me proof that you are not going to be out breaking at your workplace.
  • What is your thought on Santa Claus?
  • Give a brief of your job profile to a little boy.
  • If a tiger entered this room right now, what will you do?
  • What lie do your friends believe about you, and what’s the reason?
  • Say something interesting thing about this business school, which I am completely unknown.
  • Why do you think that a company will pay you $100,000 annually after your MBA?
  • Tell about an experience of your failure
  • How will you deal with a bad manager
  • What the other Business Schools you are applying for and many more.

Always do strict research about whether the company is suitable for you or vice-versa. Don’t use sycophancy. Present some facts that will make an impression on your interviewer. Good knowledge of the company will describe your true interest in becoming a part of this group and its vision.


Job interviews are mostly scary for the applicants and surely reject you on the ground if you aren’t ready enough. But, they are not always acting like a nightmare. Yes! Your first interview may look like this, but once you become accustomed to the interview process, you will become trouble-free to answer common and tricky MBA interview questions. The main trick to ace an interview is to have a calm face, welcoming attitude, and gesture all through the interview process. Be well prepared, stay watchful, and be updated about the management industry. Take your time to form your most valuable answers. Last but not least, be positive, confident, and you’re ready to crack your interview!

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