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All About MBA in New Zealand

 Almost as striking and picturesque as its sceneries, New Zealand is steadily growing to be one of the emerging study abroad destinations for international students, especially for young Indians. Be it its top-rated universities who regularly figure in the top 100 of the world, its education structure, and almost as importantly the affordable cost of education and living. Furthermore, if you’d like to study for an MBA in New Zealand, the attractive blend of the above advantages makes it one of the top destinations to consider. New Zealand universities are also offering interesting degree options keeping in mind the current Covid-19/Lockdown situations.

Universities that Offer MBA in New Zealand

The following universities continuously figure in the top 20 destinations to study MBA in New Zealand.

MBA in New Zealand Eligibility

The MBA in New Zealand eligibility conditions are as follows:

  • Qualifying degree, for instance, a bachelor’s.
  • While it is not a compulsion, a general MBA in New Zealand eligibility recommendation is to have 2-4 years of relevant industry experience. This may vary as per the requirements of a particular program.
  • GRE/GMATscores, if required. While the exact score range changes from university to university, scoring above 300-310 makes your application stand out. There are plenty of options for an MBA without GMAT as well.
  • Applicants from India are required to take either the IELTS or TOEFL or PTEexam to prove their English speaking proficiency. A score of 6.5 or 7 out of 10 is typically minimum on the IELTS.

The above MBA in New Zealand Eligibility conditions may vary from university to university.

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MBA in New Zealand: Admission Route

Candidates exploring options to study MBA in New Zealand are typically required to follow the given procedure:

  • Adhering to the minimum eligibility requirements[qualifying degree, industry experience, etc. as required]
  • SubmittingGMAT/GRE and IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Test Scores [as required]
  • Application Package Submission[Passport, Statement of Purpose, Two/Three letters of Recommendation, Transcripts, Financial Support Statement/Funding Essay (if applying for funding), etc.]
  • Deposit the requisite Application Fee.
  • Appear for Personal Interview/Group Discussion[if required]
  • The decision on your application will be updated on your admission portal in not less than 2-3 months.
  • Pay Tuition Fees
  • Apply for Student Visa[may vary as per Embassy regulations]

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The admissions cycle is generally conducted in cycles out of which the Fall Admission Cycle is the most prominent one. The applications open around October/November and the deadline hovers about next year February/March for courses starting in August of that year.

Why Go For An MBA in New Zealand

Coming to why you should study MBA in New Zealand, here are a few pointers that will help you make your decision easier.

Focus on Technical and Managerial Skills

Management institutions in New Zealand stress on giving their MBA degree programs a practical outlook. This shows in the eminent and diverse professors who have had experience in academics as well as in the industry. Further, the course structure is designed in such a way to give you an insight into how real-world business decisions are taken. Some of the highlights include the case study method, experiential learning modules, internships, apprenticeships, etc.

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Plethora of Options

You can study MBA in New Zealand in a variety of fields or you can go for a regular MBA. Degree options also include dual degrees, Executive MBA, Part-Time MBA, Distance MBA programs and much more. Here are a few popular and emerging specialisations you must have a look at.

MBA Business AnalyticsMBA Human Resource ManagementMBA Petroleum Management
MBA Fashion ManagementMBA Media ManagementMBA Aviation
MBA Event ManagementMBA Insurance and BankingMBA International Business
MBA OperationsMBA StrategyMBA Consulting
MBA MarketingMBA Information TechnologyMBA Communication
MBA EntrepreneurshipMBA Engineering ManagementMBA Rural Management
MBA Supply Chain ManagementMBA FinanceMBA Healthcare Management
MBA Product ManagementMBA Interior DesigningMBA Accounting

Diverse Class Environment

Attracting students from all over the globe, the class diversity at MBA degree programs in New Zealand is remarkable. This allows for peer learning, a multi-cultural experience and increased collaboration. Further, as New Zealand is primarily an English-speaking country, you will face no probability blending in.

Unmatched Career Prospects

One of the most important reasons for the rise in New Zealand as a top study abroad destination is mainly due to its positive outlook in terms of

o   Diverse and highly rewarding nature of jobs in New Zealand for Indian MBA

o   Fast becoming one of the central industrial hubs of the world

o   Relaxed post-study visa regulations

o   Favourable Settlement Guidelines

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MBA in New Zealand: Funding and Scholarships

With all its benefits, to study MBA in New Zealand is a costly affair. However, considering the variety of options involved concerning courses, cost of living and funding and scholarships, etc., pursuing an MBA in New Zealand becomes an attractive destination. Here are a few scholarship options that offer partial or full funding:

  • QS Scholarship for Academic Excellence
  • Richard A. Freund International Scholarship
  • Forte Fellows Program
  • Commonwealth Scholarships
  • GOPIO West Auckland Scholarship

Further, the cost of pursuing an MBA in New Zealand is quite moderate. While the tuition fees vary depending on the course, location and university, on an average the tuition fees typically fall in the bracket of $26,000-$37,000 per year. This excludes any deposit you may have to show along with student residence allowance.

Jobs in New Zealand for Indian MBA

Going by the 2015 QS Report, the base average salary of an MBA graduate in New Zealand is somewhere around US$145,000 which is quite strikingly high than most study abroad destinations in the world [based on a survey of employer respondents]. This is even higher than in Switzerland and neighbouring Australia. Judging by this report, the appealing compensation of jobs in New Zealand for Indian MBA makes it more than worth the money. Moreover, if you are looking to work during your program, the New Zealand government allows international students to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Closing Words

As a closing statement, it is important to realise that pursuing an MBA is more than just a degree. It is your gateway to the world of business. If you want that entrepreneurial edge to your profile, go for it.

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