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Know-How of PhD without GRE, 2021-22

A PhD without GRE from abroad exposes you to a lot of opportunities, world-class facilities, education imparted by experienced faculty and a global alumni network. The cost of living including the tuition fee might rise comparatively which is why many universities provide funding for bright and meritorious students. This funding acclaims criterion of the scores obtained on a standardized test administered by the Educational Testing Service known as Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

However, considering the number of applicants and the minimal amount of grants released by the universities, providing a GRE scholarship for everyone is not possible. Here we explore what are the requirements for attaining a PhD without a GRE score.

Types of GRE Scholarship

Here is a list of GRE scholarships that might help you get admitted to your dream university abroad:

  • Fellowship: The fellowship is given on the basis of your knowledge about your subject. It requires you to have a clear understanding of the subject you wish to pursue your PhD in. 
  • Teaching Assistant: The Teaching Assistant or TA-ship is a scholarship that allows scholars to assist the professor in imparting course education. Your tuition fees are waived and you are also provided with a stipend. A mastery over the course is typically expected for availing of this scholarship.
  • Research Assistant: The Research Assistant or RA-ship is another type of scholarship where you assist in the research projects of your guide and provide inputs in experiments, simulations, programming, writing research papers, etc.

Now that you know the types of scholarship GRE would provide you, let’s sail through the process of getting your PhD without GRE.  

How Do You Pursue PhD without GRE?

The competition or your quest for a scholarship does not end with a GRE score. The requirements of a PhD without GRE are listed below:

  • Academic Career: If you wish to apply for PhD without GRE in universities overseas, a good and impressive academic career is a must. Your candidature must reflect your overall colourful academic performance. A Master’s degree is the minimum requirement for a PhD without GRE.
  • Letter of Recommendation: Along with a decent CGPA, A few words of mouth do not harm. Get yourself a few letters of recommendation from the people who have witnessed your work to give feedback on your dedication to the subject. This works great in your favour of getting admission to PhD without GRE.  
  • Professional Work Experience: Course relevant internships and work experience works in alignment with your dedication and passion for your chosen field. This further highlights your candidature and helps you stand out.
  • Statement of Purpose: A clear statement of purpose about why you want to pursue PhD without a GRE and how you will be a good fit for the institute is one area where you can increase your chances of getting selected. It should be around 2000 words. 
  • Language Proficiency Tests: A PhD without GRE would require you to have cleared at least one language proficiency test. Some of the tests available are TOEFL and IELTS. 

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Universities for PhD in the USA without GRE

Here is a list of Universities offering PhD in the USA without considering a GRE score:

Walden UniversityPurdue UniversityMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Nova Southeastern UniversityCal Southern’s School of Behavioral SciencesArgosy University
Northwestern UniversityUniversity of WisconsinUniversity of Oregon
Oregon State UniversityUniversity of IdahoPhiladelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Washington State UniversitySmith CollegeGeorgetown University
Andrew UniversitySacred Heart UniversityChicago School of Professional Psychology

Courses offering PhD without GRE

Check out some of the exciting courses offered by Universities where you can pursue a PhD without GRE: 

Doctor of Business AdministrationPhD in ChemistryPhD in Media Arts and SciencePhD in Linguistics
PhD in PsychologyPhD in Family TherapyPsyD in Clinical Psychology
PhD in PhilosophyPhD in CounsellingPhD in Physics
PhD in Civil EngineeringPhD in HistoryPhD in Clinical Psychology
PhD in Biological and Agricultural EngineeringPhD in Social WorkDoctor of Nursing

List of GRE waiver Universities in the USA 2021-22

North Carolina State UniversityStanford UniversityUniversity of California San Diego
Princeton UniversityNew York UniversityUniversity of Michigan Ann-Arbor
University of MarylandUniversity of WashingtonYale University
The University of Texas at DallasUniversity of South FloridaIowa State University
University of HuddersfieldFlorida State University University at Buffalo
Rice UniversityUniversity of Minnesota The University of California Irvine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How important is a GRE score for availing of a scholarship from abroad for an Indian student?

As an Indian student, your GRE score plays a crucial role if you wish to get admitted to an M.S. or PhD course abroad. A high score increases your chances of achieving financial aid. A good GRE percentile is an indication of how better you have performed comparatively. However, GRE is not your last hope. There are a few universities that accept your candidature based on other aspects of your achievement including:

  • A good academic record
  • CGPAs matter in such a case
  • Professional work experience
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose

Can Indian students get a GRE scholarship?

There is no particular official GRE or TOEFL scholarship for Indian students. However, high percentiles in your GRE exam added with other criteria set by the university of your choice might help you get a scholarship to study in Universities abroad. Either a GRE, GMAT or TOEFL is one aspect of your application process that might increase your chances of getting a GRE Scholarship. 

Top 5 Universities for PhD without GRE

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