Know MBA in which field is Best for you

With a greater blending of fields and institutions focusing on making the courses interdisciplinary, there has emerged a range of specializations on offer for MBA candidates. From the core ones of Finance, International Business, and Human Resources to Digital Marketing, Fashion Management, and Communication, amongst others. Further, with the inclusion of concentrations and electives, and dual degree options, there is greater flexibility afforded to students in terms of customization. Some schools go so far as to let the candidates decide what will be the course structure and components. In this article, we will go through some of the best ones, a few emerging ones as well as how you can choose your stream better.

Best MBA Courses In The World: An Overview

To give you an overview, here are some of the interesting options you must consider. If you are struggling with questions like ‘MBA in which field is best’ and ‘best scope of MBA in which field’, the following list will come of great help.

MBA Business AnalyticsMBA Human Resource ManagementMBA Petroleum Management
MBA Fashion ManagementMBA Media ManagementMBA Aviation
MBA Event ManagementMBA Insurance and BankingMBA International Business
MBA Hotel ManagementMBA Digital MarketingMBA Sports Management
MBA OperationsMBA StrategyMBA Consulting
MBA MarketingMBA Information TechnologyMBA Communication
MBA Construction ManagementMBA E-BusinessMBA Arts and Culture Management
MBA EntrepreneurshipMBA Engineering ManagementMBA Rural Management
MBA SalesMBA Hospitality ManagementMBA Healthcare Management
MBA Supply Chain ManagementMBA FinanceMBA Accounting
MBA Product ManagementMBA Interior Designing 
  • Refer to the last section for FAQs on ‘What are the best MBA courses in demand in India?’ and ‘MBA in which field is best in India?’

Best MBA Courses In The World: Five Top Options

Marketing: In a typical Marketing MBA program, you will be trained in modern marketing tools and mechanics with a simultaneous focus on advertising, customer engagement and relations, business analytics, marketing management, etc. This degree gears you up for a solid career in FMCG fields, service sector, event management, healthcare, consulting and much more. In addition to that, you will be trained in tackling real-life marketing situations, creating marketing and advertising campaigns, pricing of products, customer research, segmentation and targeting, product development, promotion, etc. as well. This is also one of the best MBA courses in demand in India. Some of the elite institutions that offer this course are:

  • MBA Business Marketing at University of Wisconsin Madison, USA
    • MBA Marketing at The University of Adelaide, Australia
    • MBA Marketing at University of Colorado-Boulder, USA
    • MBA/MS in Marketing at Indiana University, Bloomington, USA
    • MBA Marketing at Newcastle University, UK

Some of the top career paths you can choose from are Business Analyst, Project Management, Brand Manager which offer top of the line salary packages along with scope for dynamic growth.

  • International Business:

An MBA in International Business revolves around the subject of multinational business process and trade. You will get a thorough insight into training in topics such as purchasing, logistics, international marketing and advertising, foreign trade, globalization and sustainability. The tools of outsourcing, importing and exporting goods are also taught as a part of this course. Moreover, it helps develop a person’s communication and managerial abilities as well as problem-solving and critical analysis skills. Students learn the complexities of foreign trade and business through the duration of the course. As there are numerous allied fields such as international economics, globalisation, Trends and Innovation in International Business, Emerging Markets, International Trade Organisations, etc.

  • Global MBA at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Global Executive MBA – Master of Business Administration, University of Washington, USA
  • MA in International Relations/MBA – Master of Business Administration, Boston University, USA
  • Master of Business Administration with Specialization in International Business, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Global MBA – Master of Business Administration, George Washington University, USA

Some of the top job profiles include Banker, International Business Consultant, Global/Regional Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, Export Executives, etc.

  • Operations: An MBA in Operations or Operations Management is a specialised management degree that centres on streamlining the various constituents of operations in an organisation. There are several departments or verticals in a business entity that needs to be  efficiently managed in tandem and with precise coordination according to the given plans and objectives. This ranges from finance, human resources, purchasing to sales and advertising and much more, in short, the whole chain. During an MBA Operations program, you will be expected to analyse the problems faced and come up with suitable solutions in this respect.
  • Business: Operations and Technology Management, MBA – Master of Business Administration, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
    • MBA – Master of Business Administration Specializing in Operations Management and Information Systems, York University, Canada
    • MBA – Master of Business Administration in Operations Management, University of New Mexico, USA
    • MBA – Master of Business Administration – Operations Management, Brock University Canada
    • MBA Operations Management, IESE Business School, Spain

Nearly 47% of new hiring in manufacturing industries is undertaken in operations roles as per the GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey 2019. Furthermore, an Operations Manager draws anywhere around $123,880 according to the US Bureau of Labour and Statistics. This rises even more if you consider top schools and relevant industry experience. There are quite a few job profiles you can consider, that is, Supply Chain Manager, Logistics Manager, Operations Manager, Business Analyst, Business Operations Analyst, Purchasing Manager, Regional Operations Manager, Sourcing Manager, Inventory Coordinator, etc.

  • Human Resources: This concerns the staffing and workforce requirements of a company. Any organisation needs a committed and satisfied workforce that understands and appreciates the nature of the work as well as possess the necessary know-how and analytical abilities to perform their respective jobs. A human resources manager looks after the hiring needs, salary and remuneration, leave policy, legal implications, training and development of employees, retirement, etc. in short to maintain a cohesive and vibrant environment for the workers. Some courses also have a link to labour relations, industrial relations, unions, leadership, human resource strategy, etc.
  • Master of Industrial and Labor Relations / MBA – Master of Business Administration, Cornell University, USA
    • Business: Management and Human Resources, MBA, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
    • MBA – Master of Business Administration / Master of Human Resource Management, Newcastle University, UK
    • MBA – Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management, Nova Southeastern University, USA
    • MBA Human Resource Management, Michigan State University, USA

After an MBA in Human Resource Management, the jobs you may be offered are HR Generalist, Staffing Director, HR Policy Advisor, Technical Recruiter, Compensation Manager, Employee Relations Manager, etc.

The average base salary for the students graduating from the top 5 business schools for MBA in HR is between $82,500 to $109,000 with their professionals working for companies like Amazon, Accenture, Deloitte, PwC and KPMG. In Indian currency, their salary spans from Rs. 60,00,000 LPA to Rs. 80,00,000 LPA. The average salary for a senior HR professional in Canada is close to Rs. 50,00,000 LPA and that in the UK is about Rs. 60,00,000 to Rs. 70,00,000. The average salary of a human resource manager in the USA nears around $97,477 which is around Rs. 70,00,000 LPA.

  • Finance: The MBA Finance course provides the students with an in-depth understanding of the financial models, currencies and the stock markets by providing them with a comprehensive knowledge of topics such as pricing, risk management, asset management, financial planning, etc. as well. The common subjects taught in MBA in Finance include accounting, financial management, risk analysis, derivatives, financial reporting, investment analysis, financial risk management, international finance, securities analysis, wealth management, etc. the candidates are also taught to apply the theoretical knowledge so gained into the real financial and trading world.
  • MBA – Master of Business Administration / Master of Applied Finance, University of Newcastle, UK
  • MBA with Specialization in Finance, University of Alberta, Canada
  • Master of Financial Analysis/Master of Business Administration, La Trobe University, Australia
  • MBA – Master of Business Administration Specializing in Finance, York University, Canada
  • MBA Finance, University of Aberdeen, UK

Career paths include Financial Manager, Financial Risk Manager, Hedge Fund Manager,  Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager, Financial Analyst, Stock Broker, Investment Banker, etc. And some of the top recruiters of graduates of MBA in Finance are Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group, Bain JP Morgan Chase & Co., Barclays, etc. Further, you can also go for certifications like Chartered Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst and so on.

Best MBA Courses in the World: Frequently Asked Questions

Given below are some prevalent FAQs on:

  • MBA In Which Field Is Best? / Best scope of MBA in which field?
  • MBA In Which Field Is Best In India? / What are the best MBA courses in demand in India?
  • Amongst MBA fields, which field in MBA Is best after Engineering?
  • Which Field In MBA Is Best After Bcom?
  • Which Field In MBA Is Best After Bba?
  • Which Field In MBA Is Best After Bsc?
  • MBA In Which Field Is Best? / Best scope of MBA in which field?

Ans. This depends on your interests and abilities. If you are good in quant, you can choose from Business Analytics, Finance, Product Management else you can go for Accounting, International Business, marketing, Operations, etc. In the end, it all depends on where does your interest lie. All MBA fields offer great returns in terms of salary packages and future growth.

  • MBA In Which Field Is Best In India? / What are the best MBA courses in demand in India?

Ans. In India, the traditional fields such as Finance, Operations, Human Resources, International Business are offered by top institutions like IIM, IIT, etc. and hence offer great potential. Further, if you are interested in emerging fields like event management, fashion management, communication, there is a lot of scope for growth.

  • Amongst MBA fields, which field in MBA Is best after Engineering?

Ans. Technical fields like Engineering Management, International Business, Foreign Trade, Finance, Risk Management, Insurance, Business Analytics, Product Management, etc. have considerable quant portions which are well-suited for candidates having an engineering background. Additionally, one can also go for the mainstream options.

  • Which Field In MBA Is Best After Bcom?

Ans. As the B.Com course is business and commerce field-oriented, courses like MBA in Human Resources, Operations, International Business, Accounting, Marketing, Strategy, Communication, Supply Chain Management are promising choices.

  • Which Field In MBA Is Best After BBA?

Ans. Similar to the BCom course, BBA or Bachelor in Business Administration puts you in the driving seat for fields like Human Resources, Operations, International Business, Accounting, Marketing, Strategy, Communication, Supply Chain Management, amongst others.

  • Which Field In MBA Is Best After BSc?

Ans. As BSc courses have science or in other words technical backgrounds, one can go for fields like Engineering Management, International Business, Foreign Trade, Finance, Risk Management, Insurance, Supply Chain Management, Business Analytics, Product Management, etc.

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