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All about MBA in France

Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse. These cities in France evoke images of not only beauty, scenery and tourist destinations, they also have come to symbolise the industrial and financial hubs they have become. Being one of the top ten largest economics in the world, it attracts some of the best talents from across the globe. France has become one of the focal points of the European Union in terms of business, investment and study abroad outlook. Within the last few decades, it has also emerged as a top destination for MBA in France for Indian students. Let’s look at some of the aspects involved.

Top MBA Colleges in France

Given below is a list of some universities and colleges that offer highly appreciated and diverse courses of MBA in France.

MBA in France Requirements

Here are a few eligibility conditions to pursue an MBA in France for Indian students. These requirements have been listed on a general basis. Actual university guidelines may vary.

  • An equivalent bachelor’s degree [See university specifications]
  • A typical eligibility recommendation is to have 2-4 years of relevant industry experience. This, of course, varies as per the requirements of your chosen program.
  • GRE/GMAT scores, if applicable. While there is no specific scoring range, getting above 300-310 on the GRE makes your application stand out. Further, you can explore MBA options with GRE/GMAT
  • A common eligibility requirement to pursue an MBA in France for Indian students is the IELTS or TOEFL or PTEexam to prove English speaking proficiency. On the IELTS, a score of 6.5 or 7 out of 10 is typically minimum.

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MBA in France: Pathway to Admission

Candidates exploring options to study MBA in France must follow the given procedure.

  • Abide by the minimum eligibility requirements[qualifying degree, minimum marks, industry experience, etc. as required]. This is a major requirement and must be strictly obeyed.
  • Submission ofGMAT/GRE and/or IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Test Scores [as required]
  • Submission ofApplication Package [Passport, Statement of Purpose, Two/Three letters of Recommendation, Transcripts, Financial Support Statement/Funding Essay (if applying for funding), etc.]
  • Application Fee Payment.
  • Personal Interview/Group Discussion[if required]
  • Typically, your decision will be updated and/or mailed to you on your registered email id. It may take anywhere between 2-3 months.
  • Deposit the requisite Tuition Fees
  • Submit Student Visa Application [may vary as per Embassy regulations]

The admissions cycle operated in most universities in France for the year 2021 is from February to April. Those applying for scholarships/funding should apply as early as possible. Next year deadlines may vary.

Why You Should Consider an MBA in France

Here are a few reasons you should keep France on your research list.

  • MBA in France cost: French universities regularly figure in the top 10, 20 and 50 institutions in the world both in MBA and other business and economics degree programs. Keeping that in mind, the tuition fees charged from international students is fairly low when seen alongside the cost of similar courses in the US, UK or Australia.Moreover, the French government also offer numerous scholarship options to avail.
  • Range of Options: As an international student, the number of MBA options, combinations and specialisations on offer at universities in France is unmatched. You can choose from Regular Full-Time MBA, Part-Time MBA, Executive MBA, Fast-Track MBA, 1-year MBAs and 2-Year MBAs and Dual MBA Degrees, amongst others.
MBA Business AnalyticsMBA Human Resource ManagementMBA Petroleum Management
MBA Fashion ManagementMBA Media ManagementMBA Aviation
MBA Event ManagementMBA Insurance and BankingMBA International Business
MBA OperationsMBA StrategyMBA Consulting
MBA MarketingMBA Information TechnologyMBA Communication
MBA EntrepreneurshipMBA Engineering ManagementMBA Rural Management
MBA Supply Chain ManagementMBA FinanceMBA Healthcare Management
MBA Product ManagementMBA Interior DesigningMBA Accounting
  • Opportunity to Learn the French Language: French is spoken by 270 million people in almost 30 countries. It is one of the official languages of the United Nations and will help you understand the culture and traditions of the country. Further, if you are looking to settle in France, learning the French language will only prove an asset over time in jobs.
  • Student Life: Attracting students from not only Europe but throughout the world, the class environment and diversity is quite multi-cultural and exciting. With your EU Visa allowing you to travel and work anywhere in the European Union [except Britain], it boosts your travel desires as well as career prospects.
  • Career Outlook: In terms of career progression, during the program, students are allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 964 hours in a year. This allows you to work in internships, projects and apprenticeships and gain much-needed industry exposure. Moreover, being the headquarters of many European companies such as L’Oréal Paris, Christian Dior, etc., an MBA in France for Indian students makes for an unmissable opportunity.

MBA in France Cost

Owing to the government-sponsored education system in France, the tuition fees charged from students has remained low throughout the years. The MBA in France cost is generally said to be around 15000-45000 EUR depending on the university. That said, there are a plethora of government scholarship schemes you can consider.

  • INSEAD GEMBA Scholarships & INSEAD Class of MBA ’65 Scholarships for Diversity
  • HEC Paris MBA Scholarship
  • Eiffel Scholarship
  • EDHEC Global MBA Scholarships for International Students
  • Solvay Ponts Scholarship
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarships
  • ISM Scholarship

While MBA in France cost is high for international students and rises a bit more if you study at a private university, it is comparatively less when seen with other destinations like the UK, USA and Australia, amongst others. Make sure you see the deadlines of the scholarships respectively as they close quite early.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping our discussion up, we would like to reiterate that an MBA in France is a terrific opportunity to know the ins and outs of business at elite institutions with fairly economical fees and proven career prospects. While ultimately the decision depends on your choice and interests, if you want to gain a business-minded edge, go for it.

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