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Don’t forget these 3 things to do when preparing for GMAT

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Smart students go way beyond just giving their best on GMAT exam or the applications. They ensure that they increase their chances of selection and go that extra mile by doing some smart things. In this blog we will be talking about the 3 things to do alongside their GMAT preparation. After interacting with Admission … Read more

GRE Vs GMAT For MBA: Which One to Take?


When applying to MBA programs, prospective students are faced with deciding GRE vs GMAT as their standardized test scores. This decision is critical, as it can significantly impact an applicant’s chances of admission to their desired program.

How Should You Prepare for GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section

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Prepare for GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section Preparing for GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section is very important as it increases the GMAT score. The GMAT integrated reasoning portion was first established in 2012 to assess critical abilities for success in both business school and real-world business circumstances. Employers respect business leaders who can go through enormous volumes … Read more

GMAT Score Validity

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Let’s look into the GMAT score validity for 2022 in India, and specifically at ISB. After taking the GMAT exam, you will get your GMAT score report within 20 days of your GMAT exam. Once your scores are reportable, Pearson VUE will send an email, and in that email, you may view your report, download … Read more

GMAT Exam Eligibility

Gmat eligibility

The GMAT is a computer-adaptive test that assesses the candidates’ analytical writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in standard written English. This test is taken to get admission into a graduate management program, such as MBA and Masters in Finance-related courses in top business schools across the world.  Any candidate with a bachelor’s degree from a … Read more

Start your GMAT Preparation for 2021-22 with GMAT Club Tests

GMAT Club Test

While applying for any Business school abroad, the first hurdle you are required to cross is the GMAT test and the GMAT Club Test helps you achieve that very goal with flying colours. The benefits of a good GMAT score are extreme. It might help you with a lot of benefits ranging from world-class business education and alumni network to ensuring a reasonable stay for as long as you continue with your business studies. GMAT Club Test is one of the platforms that might help you achieve all of the perks mentioned above. 

GMAT Club is an interactive MBA community that serves business aspirants to crack GMAT easily. It is a platform where aspirants exchange information, share their experiences and help students prepare with past successes. 

Is GMAT Club free?

GMAT Club is a free, but invaluable resource for anyone interested in business administrative studies. In fact, it is the best platform to develop your business aptitude before entering into an actual business. GMAT Club Test is committed to the development of new tools to assist applicants with a great GMAT score to build a strong application.  

Some basic details about GMATClub Test:

Company size1-10 employees
HeadquartersRedmond, WA
TypePrivately Held

Some other GMAT Practice tests you might try :

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Here is a step-by-step guide to using the GMAT Club Test for a decently good score in your GMAT test and a good preparation time.

Know everything about the GMAT test from the table below: GMAT score validity, exam pattern, how to start your preparation for GMAT from scratch and everything you need to know about the test. 

GMAT Preparation from ScratchGMAT Exam pattern
GMAT for executive MBAGMAT score validity
Work experience necessary for GMATGMAT vs CAT

GMAT Club Quant Test

GMAT Club Test contains high-level quant questions to assess your weak and strong areas. Work through your weaknesses with continuous practice of some of the GMAT’s hardest questions. GMAT club brings: 

  • quant questions that do not fit standard patterns and require stimulation and out-of-the-box thinking to solve. 
  • quant questions that strictly stay within the GMAT-tested boundaries to give you a picture of the actual GMAT test.
  • questions that will teach you and challenge you like no other.

GMAT Club Test: Brilliant Analytics

The speciality of the GMAT Club Test is that it provides you with intuitive and valuable reports along with the probable question types. The reports greatly help you to work on your weak areas with continuous feedback. It also helps you identify patterns to maximize your return on the invested time. 

The GMAT Club Test analytics provide you with options for the generation of a customized test based on the questions you were unable to solve or the ones marked, guessed, failed, or took over 3 minutes to answer, or all of the above.

Additionally, there is analytics for each question separately that has a detailed record of your performance. 

The analytics also helps you get a comparative assessment of how better you performed from other test takers: question difficulty level, % of users who marked it as a guess, % of users who bookmarked the question, and % of those who found this question beneficial.

The Hardest Quant Tests

The GMAT Club Test provides you full flexibility to decide how to use the questions or choose between the sets of questions you would like to solve. 

You can also switch between test mode or practise mode, Quizzes, or Browse mode that allows you to see every single question present in the database.

The GMAT Club Test database contains: 

  • 1,500+ questions
  • 750+ HARD questions
  • 25 quant CATs
  • 8 verbal CATs
  • Detailed explanations

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Other Perks of GMAT Club Test

The GMAT Club Test comes packed with: 

Self Prep TestGMAT Study PlanGMAT Club Tests
Executive Assessment TestsPractice Question BanksGMAT Score Guide
Daily Study PlanGMAT Free TrialsDecision Tracker + Historic Filter

GMAT Club Test Subscription Plans

  • LRuKRFmGgQJnxq91HtNt1eGnJga T2TZwX2LMbHypuYoJeONdjP7vdu58rgi 1VEsGJxLFO tV2 Baibhav Ojha Start your GMAT Preparation for 2021-22 with GMAT Club TestsGMAT Club Forum Quiz: The GMAT Club Forum Quiz provides you 1-month access to the forum quiz. Take ad-free questions with recurring subscriptions. Avail the subscription at $9.99
  • ORy HqDqD4gWJaakvluCKpQrCCe1yQWTfutTlbEC70P6Jos5Qt0ejsjYtIo ORKywC6ydjXUS DQguWN3OiP Baibhav Ojha Start your GMAT Preparation for 2021-22 with GMAT Club TestsGMAT Club Tests: The GMAT Club Test subscription comes with a 3-month access to 26 Quant Tests, 9 Verbal Tests, 1,613 Questions for Tests and Practice Sets. Along with extensive analytics of best & worst performance, this subscription comes at $79.95

0M 1iQjQIHAWTU4dva0GAPcbZ28HCoiSQPKcDuZBPOZ dfwRM9tChzQo0NPtWf7Nb1H58uowXd5LCyJCsxZu0LdUcK gAG1Z Baibhav Ojha Start your GMAT Preparation for 2021-22 with GMAT Club TestsPremium MBA Bundle: Avail 7 Veritas Prep Tests Included with 12-month access, study notes collection, GMAT Club Grammar and MatBooks at just $109.95. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are GMAT Club Tests and Questions authentic?

GMAT Club Tests offer unique questions created by GMAT Club’s own experts and moderators including bb and Bunuel themselves. The questions are unique to the GMAT Club.

How many times can I reset GMAT Club Tests?

The GMAT Club Test can be reset unlimited times. Use the Reset question pool button.

Can I get access to the test immediately after purchase?

You can get access to the benefits immediately after subscription. In case of any discrepancy check the confirmation email for activation instructions. You might have to go through further processes. 

Is GMAT Club Test a recurring subscription?

No, GMAT Club Test Packages are one-time purchase products that come with a limited time frame and an expiry date. At the end of your subscription term, you will have to extend or purchase another package.

Will I get new questions or more Tests when I renew?

The GMAT Club test immediately provides you access to all of the questions and tests immediately. Extending your access will not provide you with additional questions. However, purchasing an add-on package might add 100 more questions. 

Can the GMAT Club Test subscription be paused?

Yes, a manual option for pausing your subscription is available. However, it can be used only once every three months. To pause your subscription, email at and put “Pause Subscription” as the subject.

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GMAT Exam Vs GMAT Focus Edition

gmat focus image Baibhav Ojha GMAT Exam Vs GMAT Focus Edition

Are you considering taking the GMAT exam? If you are, then it’s important to know that the GMAT exam is about to undergo a significant transformation with the introduction of the GMAT Focus Edition in the last quarter of this year. We will explore the five major changes that the new GMAT Focus exam will bring, highlighting the distinctions between the current GMAT exam and its revamped version.

MBA in Australia without GMAT

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MBA in Australia without GMAT works best for you if you are shielded with years of work experience. A minimum of 2-3 recommendations or reference letters from the previous place you have worked, would further amplify your chances. Such will be your asset in a quick analysis of your credibility, character, potential and work ethics. … Read more

Key Advantages of New GMAT Version (GMAT Focus Edition)

gmat exam vs gmat focus edition Baibhav Ojha Key Advantages of New GMAT Version (GMAT Focus Edition)

The GMAT Focus Edition is an upcoming version of the GMAT exam that will be launched in the last quarter of 2023. The new GMAT exam version is designed to be more efficient, flexible, and insightful for students.

The Ultimate Guide to GMAT Exam Prep Material

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Guide to GMAT Exam Prep Material Preparing for the GMAT Exam is not a straightforward process. While practice questions are necessary, it is also critical to consider test-taking tactics in-depth, as well as the philosophy behind certain question types. There are several tools available to help you prepare for the GMAT. One may purchase GMAT … Read more

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