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MBA CET Syllabus

Logo Cover 1to15 04 Baibhav Ojha MBA CET Syllabus

The Maharashtra Common Entrance Test [MAH CET] 2021 for MBA courses is expected to be held in March 2021. It is similar to the other MBA examinations such as CAT, XAT, GMAT, etc. in that the exam tests the candidate’s grasp over reasoning ability, quantitative aptitude and verbal ability. Selected candidates are offered seats at prestigious … Read more

How to Apply for an MBA?

Logo Cover 1to15 08 Baibhav Ojha How to Apply for an MBA?

Decided a university you want to apply at for an MBA? Can’t get your head wrapped around the process? The whole admission process in India and abroad is nothing less than North and South Poles and it needs a thorough understanding to secure a place. While in India, the top MBA colleges in Kolkata, Delhi, … Read more

MBA VS PGDM, Which one is Better?

Logo Cover 1to15 02 Baibhav Ojha MBA VS PGDM, Which one is Better?

A Post Graduate in Diploma Management [PGDM] and a Master of Business Administration [MBA] are one of the two most popular courses in India. While the former is a specialised diploma offered at many IIMs for a year, the latter is a more professional two-year program. Both the courses are fit for a different set of individuals who may … Read more

MBA in Sports Management

Logo Cover 31to40 07 Baibhav Ojha MBA in Sports Management

An MBA in Sports Management is a rather emerging MBA program that will help you explore the sports industry from the perspective of a business. You will be introduced to the mechanics of running a sports organisation, management of players, staff, coaches and management professionals, cost and revenue, deals and contracts, sports business analytics and … Read more

MBA Fresher Resume

Logo Cover 1to15 13 Baibhav Ojha MBA Fresher Resume

Preparing an MBA Fresher Resume may be the most excruciating task at hand, probably ranking up amongst the complex responsibilities one will face before starting a corporate life [Not that much]. Nevertheless, it remains important for your profile and how you present yourself. In this article, we will help you design your MBA Fresher Resume … Read more

Know Why MBA is Best for you?

Logo Cover 1to15 14 Baibhav Ojha Know Why MBA is Best for you?

Why MBA Is Important In the corporate world, an MBA qualified professional is trusted with navigating the company through demanding situations in an unpredictable business environment. The answer to Why MBA is Important lies there itself. With more and more complex scenarios, companies will look to hire someone with considerable field knowledge as well as … Read more

MBA in Supply Chain Management

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If you step into a retail store and browse through its products, you might not know how it got there but it becomes possible only because of a painstaking process called supply chain management. From procuring raw materials to ensuring that it reaches its designated marketplace, it is all done under the guidance of a … Read more

MBA in Operations

Logo Cover 1to15 09 Baibhav Ojha MBA in Operations

 An MBA in Operations is a specialised management degree that focuses on streamlining the components of operations in an organisation. There are various departments in a business that needs to efficiently manage in tandem. This includes finance, human resources, purchasing, sales and advertising and much more, in short, the whole supply chain. During the program, … Read more

MBA in Hotel Management

Logo Cover 1to15 07 Baibhav Ojha MBA in Hotel Management

An MBA In Hotel Management has become one of the most attractive management degrees in the recent 20 years or so. Combining management expertise with the knowledge of the hotel management, tourism, and hospitality industry, the course trains individuals to handle executive-level decisions. From running a hotel to scaling up a catering business, you can … Read more

MBA in Hospitality Management

Logo Cover 1to15 12 Baibhav Ojha MBA in Hospitality Management

The growth experienced by the hospitality industry is almost unrivaled in the last decades. It is estimated at close to 9 trillion dollars and is going from strength to strength even now. The international tourism business has skyrocketed with the emergence of corporate hospitality, business partnerships, conferences, business travel etc. An MBA in Hospitality Management … Read more

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