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Career Objective for MBA

After enrolling yourself for a degree, the major task at hand is to present your skill sets in a nice way to possible employers. A well-designed CV along with a job objective is what you require most of the time. More than often, you might find yourself in a situation of confusion, what am I supposed to write in my job objective to make it stand out? Is there any difference between say, for example, career objective for MBA finance fresher and career objective for MBA finance experienced. This article will help you answer just that question.

MBA is a very sought-after course, each year a huge number of students enroll for and graduate with an MBA degree. This increases the competition in the job market as the number of job openings are limited. Each day 100s of students apply for jobs, but what makes the select few stand out? How can you stand out to your recruiter? The answer is to build a powerful resume with a strong career objective for an MBA application.

Through the course of this article, we will share tips and tricks with you to write a unique career objective for an MBA application.

What is a Career Objective?

A career objective is a personal statement that defines the specifics you plan on achieving through your professional work. A well-written career objective is a step closer to your dream job. It reflects skills, work experience and career goals with clarity. Generally, it is not of more than 2-3 lines; the idea is to keep it short and crisp.

Basic tips to keep in mind while writing a career objective for an MBA application.

      • Review the jobs that visit the campus of the school

      • Choose a personal trait that you feel is the most relevant to the above listing

      • Do not forget to include the position that you seek. Do not keep the objective general and vague. 

      • Also, add in your past experiences and skills, if relevant

      • Keep it short and to the point

      • Proofread it and edit

    Career Objective for MBA Admission

    If you’re applying for an MBA course and they ask for your resume, here are a few points to keep in mind while writing the career objective for MBA college admission:

        • The admission committee prioritises applicants with a some work experience and skills required for the course.

        • Be sure to highlight course-specific skills in your career objective for MBA college admission.

        • Try to highlight your initiatives, motivation, competitive drive, and work ethic in your career objective for MBA admission. This will show that you will be able to handle the pressures of this course

      Career Objective for MBA Freshers

      As a fresh graduate from a business school, your career objective should reflect your professional goals, expectations and what you can offer. It should convey to the recruiter your expectations from the job and also why you’re an ideal candidate. Make your career objective reflect your personality.

          • Career Objective for MBA Freshers is mainly to score a job, make sure that the objective is relevant to the job that you’re applying for. The objective of a resume for a fresher is to highlight qualities and experiences that show yiu have the skills to succeed in the path chosen.

          • As an MBA graduate, your career objective should portray your qualifications and match them with your goals

          • Your career objective for MBA graduate should not only reflect your purpose but also that you’re an ideal candidate for the job.

          • Read the requirements of the job well and modify your career objective accordingly, each time you’re applying. Keep things as specific to the position/ institution at hand – VERY IMPORTANT!

          • This is required because a career objective (especially in case of a fresher) shows if a candidate’s goals and values match with that of the company.

          • Make sure that it is attractive and at the same time engaging as well. HAve others read it and provide you with feedback. 

          • To sum up, a career objective for MBA freshers should mention their educational background, internships (if any) andwork experience.

          • It should reflect upon your skills and interests.

          • It should shed light on your plans.

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        Examples of Career Objective for MBA Freshers-

            • Secure a responsible career opportunity to fully use my training and skills in Computer Science, while making a major contribution to the growth of the company’s IT division.

            • A highly organized and hard-working individual looking for a respectable position to gain knowledge and practical experience.

            • To join an interactive organization, like yours, that offers me a productive workplace for communicating and interacting with customers and clients.

            • Seeking an entry-level position to start my career in a high-level professional atmosphere.

            • To secure a challenging position in a decent organization to expand my knowledge and skills.

            • To secure employment with a reputed company, where I can use my skills and business studies background to the best.

            • Seeking an exciting career with an MNC.

            • A 2020 advertising management graduate from ABC School of Business interested in full-time work opportunities in the public relations sector. Possessing experience of varied short-term internships and projects and skills of corporate communication, graphic design and copywriting.

            • A hands-on Accounting MBA graduate with interests in Corporate Accounting and Costing and Tally and Microsoft Office skills looking for a suitable position in the Commercial Banking sector.

            • Awarded the Best Management Scholar Award in 2020. A 2021 MBA candidate at the University of XYZ with a concentration in Event Management and experiences in sports event management, event project planning, fundraising

            • A communications MBA candidate of the 2020 batch is looking to bring his knowledge and insight to an event management company; strong areas include communication skills in English, Hindi, Bengali and French, teamwork and working under tight deadlines

            • A Business Analytics MBA graduate with an eye for detail and several short-term projects including a 2-month internship at the renowned HGT Advertising Agency. Top skills include proficiency in SAS Business Analytics, Sisense, MicroStrategy along with advanced problem-solving and time management skills.

          Career Objective for MBA Finance Fresher/Career Objective for MBA Finance Experienced

          On top of having an MBA, students who have specialised in the field of finance have an edge in the corporate world. The career objective for MBA finance freshers and experienced people is similar to that of the career objective for MBA freshers with slight changes here and there.


              • Career objective for MBA finance freshers should reflect their specialisation.

              • It should also highlight skills required in the world of finance.

              • It needs to reflect why they chose to do a specialisation in finance.

              • They can mention their other skills like English proficiency, MS Word, interpersonal skills etc.

            Examples of Career objectives for MBA finance:


                1. To secure a position in the Finance sector in your company that could help me develop new skills and deliver my potential of financial analysis and strategic analysis towards the holistic growth of the organisation.

                1. Looking for an entry-level position in a promising company like yours to put to use my skills for growth in the financial dimension.

                1. A competent individual with 2+ years in the Finance sector along with a First Division MBA Finance degree. Interests include Insurance and Auditing and top skills are problem-solving, critical analysis, communication and teamwork. [A top career objective for MBA finance experienced].

                1. An MBA in Finance 2020 graduate seeking entry-level opportunities in the insurance sector. Holds National Stock Exchange Certifications along with advanced analytical, communication and problem-solving skills.

                1. Seeking to bring over 10 years of wealth management consulting into the investment banking sector; Focus on risk management and client relationship management. [A top career objective for MBA finance experienced].

                1. A hands-on Finance MBA graduate with interests in Corporate Accounting and Costing and Tally and Microsoft Office skills looking for a suitable position in the Commercial Banking sector.

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              Career Objective for MBA HR Fresher

              The career objective for MBA HR freshers is also similar to that of the career objective for MBA freshers. The specialisation adds to the advantage and allows you to show off more skills. Use the process mentioned earlier to create a job objective for yourself, do not forget to highlight your specialisation in Human Resources.

              Here are a few examples to guide you to write a Career objective for MBA HR Fresher:


                  1. Detail-oriented professional with strong interpersonal skills and judgment, looking to obtain the position of human resources generalist with a reputed organisation.


                    • Astute human resources professional seeking a human resources generalist position with an organisation such as yours and will provide exceptional mediation and character assessment abilities.


                      • Fresh out of college, looking to obtain a human resources position at a promising company. A discerning professional with strong time skills.


                        • A dedicated professional in search of a human resources position with a leading company has been blessed with stellar judgment skills.


                          • Insightful individual looking to gain experience in the field of human resources in a developing company where my leadership and organization can be best put to use.


                            • Interested in bringing over 2 years of work experience as a Human Resources Manager into the stimulating environment of Consultancy; work interests include Talent Acquisition, HR Tools and Client Relationship Management.


                              • Searching for a suitable opportunity in the HR Sector. Possessing an HR MBA qualification with a cumulative 1-year experience in short term internships and strong talent retention and communication skills. [A top career objective for MBA hr fresher]

                            Similarly, based on the information provided to you, you can create a career objective for MBA freshers in marketing as well.

                            Here are a few keywords which you can use:

                            Disciplined Directed Guided Nurtured
                            Encouraged Inspired Controlled Engaged
                            Motivated Spearheaded Coordinated Mentored
                            Supervised Persuaded Communicate Moderated
                            Defined Informed Experienced Hardworking
                            Balanced Contribute Collaborated Assisted
                            Performed Organised United Earn
                            Achieve Succeed Honoured Improve
                            Master Top Surpass Dream
                            Elevate Discover Research Establish

                            You can add the above-mentioned keywords and create a good career objective for MBA graduates as well as for your career objective for MBA college admission.

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                            Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Career objective for MBA

                            Q1) Where can I use a career objective?

                            A career objective is used in your resume. It comes near the top of your resume. It identifies your background, skills and interests to the employer. While applying for a college/job, one requires a well-designed resume that includes a solid career objective to define one’s professional plans.

                            Q2) Is it important to include a career objective in an MBA resume?

                            Not necessarily compulsory but a mention of career objective for MBA in your resume is appreciated by the employers. It introduces your goals to the employer and reflects how you are fit to be a part of the company in which you are applying. It gives a concise idea to the employer about who you are and your plans. It is always advised to include a career objective in your resume as, under most circumstances, a resume is considered incomplete without a career objective.

                            Q3) How long should a career objective for an MBA graduate ideally be?

                            A career objective for an MBA graduate should ideally be short and concise, it should give the point reflection of you and your work without any unnecessary information. Hence, a good career objective should not be more than 3-4 lines long, at max.

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