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The objective for MBA Resume

Called the career objective for MBA resume, objective statement for MBA resume or simply objective for MBA resume, it is an opening statement that introduces your CV or Resume. Outlining your objective in terms of education or work as well as a brief chart of your most important experience or skills, gives the reader a sense of what he/she can expect from you, whether your professional goals align with that of the organisation and whether your recent or most important experience will help you during the intended work placement.

Further, for the aspirant, it becomes a way of writing in a few words what is his/her professional standing, that is, entry-level, mid-level or top-level, along with giving an idea of what he/she aims to do in future.

In this article, we will not only list down some of the best career objectives for an MBA resume but also present some tips and strategies you must keep in mind while writing an objective statement for MBA resume.

Career Objective for MBA resume: Types

  • Objective For MBA Application Resume/ Objective For Resume MBA Admission

In an Objective For Resume MBA Admission, your Resume/CV is part of an application proposal for admission into an MBA program of a B-School. Such resumes are academically inclined however presenting your professional experiences in an attractive and creative manner increasing the chances of getting accepted.

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If you are interested in Marketing or Advertising, the admissions team may be interested in seeing how you present your Resume.

But, make sure you read the instructions on the admissions page. In some cases, universities outline how should a resume be formatted and so, be sure to submit it in that form only.

  • Resume Objective For MBA Graduate e.g. Objective For MBA Finance Resume

Such resumes are for fresh graduates straight out of college who are sending their resumes out for placements in college placement committees, companies, organisations, alumni networks etc.

In a Resume Objective for MBA Graduate, you should mention in crisp and coherent terms, that you are an entry-level professional, that your interests lie in such field, work experience in a particular field or in general, total work experience, most recent position, a most important skill, amongst others.

For instance, in a resume objective for MBA finance fresher, you can focus on a successful project you may have undertaken or an award you may have won.

Objective for MBA Resume: Top Picks

  • To secure a position which challenges me as a professional and gives me an opportunity to test myself in challenging business scenarios augmenting my experience as well as analytical and interpersonal skills at your company’s progressive, collaborative and holistic growth-based culture.
  • Seeking to bring over 10 years of wealth management consulting into the investment banking sector; Focus on risk management and client relationship management
  • A hands-on Accounting MBA graduate with interests in Corporate Accounting and Costing and Tally and Microsoft Office skills looking for a suitable position in the Commercial Banking sector.
  • Offering an extensive blend of 3+ years of work experience in digital marketing sector with advanced analytical and communication skills including tools like Google Adwords, MailChimp and Google Analytics. Seeking a suitable client-facing opportunity at a growing company.
  • A 2020 advertising management graduate from ABC School of Business interested in full-time work opportunities in the public relations sector. Possessing experience of varied short-term internships and projects and skills of corporate communication, graphic design and copywriting.
  • Interested in bringing over 2 years of work experience as a Human Resources Manager into the stimulating environment of Consultancy; work interests include Talent Acquisition, HR Tools and Client Relationship Management. [A top example of objective for MBA HR resume]
  • Seeking a challenging role in the Sales sector at an organisation that offers a conducive learning environment for a Sales professional with an MBA Marketing qualification and hands-on skills in B2B Sales in the Beverages sector.
  • A Supply Chain Manager with 5 years’ worth of experience in the Pharmaceuticals industry and a recently acquired MBA Supply Chain Management qualification seeking a suitable role in the Consulting sector; skills of interests include SAP, Oracle, IBM Watson.
  • An MBA candidate spearheading the Project Management Initiative at PQRS University and led collaboration with New York University. Interested in roles across the project management spectrum.
  • Awarded the Best Management Scholar Award in 2020. An 2021 MBA candidate at University of XYZ with concentration in Event Management and experiences in sports event management, event project planning, fundraising
  • Raised almost INR 5,00,000 for a cross-university Case Study Competition. An recent MBA graduate in Operations from YRRY University with project experiences across Project Financing and Fundraising, organisational management and Data Analytics
  • Spearheaded a study in the ‘State of Penetration of Large Scale Department Stores in the Rural areas of Rajasthan’. A Rural Management MBA candidate with extensive field experience in short term projects in Rural Businesses and, advanced mathematical software and communication skills
  • Searching for a suitable opportunity in the HR Sector. Possessing an HR MBA qualification with a cumulative 1 year experience and strong talent retention and communication skills [One of the most favoured objective for MBA HR resume].
  • A competent individual with 2+ years in the Finance sector along with a First Division MBA Finance degree. Interests include Insurance and Auditing and top skills are problem solving, critical analysis, communication and teamwork. [One of the most favoured objective for MBA Finance resume].
  • An MBA in Finance 2020 graduate seeking entry-level opportunities in the insurance sector. Holds National Stock Exchange Certifications along with advanced analytical, communication and problem-solving skills. [One of the top examples of career objective for finance resume]
  • Highly motivated and enthusiastic individual with skills in content writing, digital marketing and social media marketing seeking a rewarding role in the media and communications sector at a growing organisation.
  • A communications MBA candidate of the 2020 batch is looking to bring his knowledge and insight at an event management company; strong areas include communication skills in English, Hindi, Bengali and French, teamwork and working under tight deadlines
  • An experienced startup consultant with 4+ years in the startup management ecosystem and an MBA Entrepreneurship qualification seeks a role as a consultant in think tanks and research organisation; focus areas include fundraising and scaling and client communications
  • A Business Analytics MBA graduate with an eye for detail and a number of short-term projects including a 2 month internship at the renowned HGT Advertising Agency. Top skills include proficiency in SAS Business Analytics, Sisense, MicroStrategy along with advanced problem-solving and time management skills.
  • An MBA in International Business candidate from UYH University, Germany seeks a fulfilling opportunity in the global consulting sector with a focus in global business and systems management. Skills include analytical, communication and problem solving skills.

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Tips: Career Objective for MBA Resume

  • Narrow down your most important and relevant experiences for your objective statement for MBA resume. The more precise it is, the more it is easy for the reader.
  • Alter your objective statement for MBA resume for different readers. If you’re an HR professional, change your objective for MBA HR resume for different organisations.
  • Avoid jargon unless it is very important to your purpose as part of your resume objective for MBA graduate. You must not seem as someone trying to deliberately include tough words and acronyms to impress.
  • For a job, you may also be required to submit a Cover Letter which augments your job application. Try to highlight your most relevant experiences on the Cover Letter. Demonstrate how you navigated through a complex situation and how you have grown as a leader. Also make sure your career objective for finance resume reflects that.

Tips: Objective for Resume MBA Admission

  • The graduate admissions team are not that interested in strict and specific interests, and rather prefer candidates who have cross-industry skills that are applicable throughout industries. They want to see that you are flexible, open to adapt and creative. So try to highlight such skills in your objective for resume MBA admission.
  • According to US News, for an engineering graduate applying for an MBA program, mentioning proficiency in JavaScript as part of objective for MBA application resume is not that helpful. They are much more interested in knowing how you have used this skill to build innovative solutions and products.
  • Candidates who have several years of experience under their belt need to select wisely which experience is relevant. Make the objective for MBA application resume as well as your overall resume as to-the-point as possible. If you have organised a planting drive in your undergrad, think twice whether it is better that your other extracurricular activities.
  • Use clear, crisp and straightforward language, don’t use commonly used templates and find a way to make your highlights shine. This also applies for resume objective for MBA finance fresher.

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Be it objective for MBA finance resume or objective for MBA application resume, it is important that you put down your crucial and most relevant experiences in the most presentable way to highlight your interest areas and skills. We hope this article has given some ideas as to how to do that.

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