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MBA in Luxury Brand Management

The aim of luxury brand management is to keep creating unforgettable experiences. They must engage in the product description, brand experience, and even in service creation, as well as in creativity, media skills and engagements.

Their key goal is to examine the brand’s consumer relationship. They’ll focus on the audience and marketing, as well as do extensive research into how to view brand positioning and convert the leads into sales by their strategies.

The person who works under Luxury Brand management is the Luxury Manager. He or she is responsible for the market research for all the products and even organizes campaigns.

If you have a degree in MBA in luxury brand management, then you are more likely to live one of the most luxurious lives on this earth. You could easily buy the products of the most famous brands like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and more.

Affording luxuries would be the last thing you would get. With a perfect blend of grades and skills, you could specialize in fashion, food, wine, and more in designs.

This field is so specialized that many schools across the world are offering special programs and are even offering internships to the students or a consulting project in a luxury-related firm.

MBA in Luxury Brand Management Scope

If we are speaking about the MBA in Luxury Brand management then please remember that the reports of High-Income Earners (HNI) have stated that there is an increase of 94% in India’s earning rates.

Countries like China are expected to rise above 74% in their estimation. People all over the world are trying to acquire skills in the field of jewellery, fashion, technology, wine, and even travel.

Is Luxury Brand Management a good career?

As we have headed so much in the topic, then let me give you some more information on the career options in Luxury Brand Management.

If you are a Luxury Brand Manager and live on a pay scale then the average salary of an entry-level is around £32,875 per year (which is enough to live a luxury life). Moreover, you would get the right kind of expertise and have an opportunity to build your professional growth.

What does a luxury brand manager do?

You might be intrigued with what a luxury brand manager does? Well, nothing much authentically. They have worked as a standard office person from 9 to 5, get the work done in the deadlines, and have some extra skills to meet the company’s needs.

They need to meet various people outside the office and get the work done overseas, moreover, they have to be more creative than the normal employee of the company.

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There is a list of duties and responsibilities which they need to do.

The duties are-

  • To know the core of the audience and know what they can spend on any individual product.
  • To know the competitors and should work under the deadline.
  • Have to work with other people and teams like the creative development team and even the marketing team to come up with new ideas for the brand and the product.
  • Monitoring the needs and the feedback of the customer.
  • To coordinate with the departments and come with various brand images and to let it stay intact to the wider section of the society.
  • At the end of the product, coming up with a name, services, and even taking a call on the final look and even the product packaging.
  • Now, comes the marketing part. Creating a buzz in the industry and even trying to hype the product by arranging launch events.

MBA in Luxury Brand Management in Canada

Canada is one of the most diverse and safest countries in the world, along with the best educational system provided by the country. Many MBA students opt for Canada due to its best MBA universities in the world and the country.

Canada is such a place where it attracts multiple international students across the globe to study there and pursue their higher education. There are several benefits to do MBA in Canada

  • Across the globe, it is affordable and globally recognized.
  • It will enhance your career opportunities and earning potential.
  • They put more practical implementation than the books.
  • They even provide internship programs.

Here is the cost of the tuition fees in MBA top colleges-

Course duration – 2 years

Fee – $84,028

Course duration – 1 year

Fee – $71,445

Course duration – 2 years

Fee – $99,400

Course duration – 20 months

Fee – $89,000

Course duration – 20 months

Fee – $53,392

Course duration – 1 year

Fee – $33,200

Course duration – 16 months

Fee – $60,440

Course duration – 1 year

Fee – $101,500

You can choose any one of the colleges as they are the best in the best country according to your needs. You can even get scholarships there and can even apply to colleges.

MBA in Luxury Brand Management in the UK

Uk is the most popular country in Europe and across the globe. There are the most acknowledged and prestigious colleges which allow the students to choose the best one.

In the UK luxury marketing is becoming more competitive and more complex which is leading the MBAians an opportunity to grab. They will develop the skills of interacting with digital technology and contemporary culture.

The benefits of learning MBA in Luxury Management in the UK are-

  • It will develop analytic skills and even teach you to be creative and have critical thinking for problems.
  • Teach you to know the competitors of the global companies and even allow you to collaborate with other classmates and think like an entrepreneur.
  • They will teach you how to make a decision and make critical thinking in the context of the luxury market and also teach you to be profitable.

In the tenure, you will be taught to take opportunities and lead them into your profit. During the research session, students will have to apply the theories, concepts and even the frameworks that will be previously taught.

In the MBA in luxury management in the UK, you will have several assessments that will be used in the programme and you will receive group projects like case studies, written courses, applied projects, group presentations, individual examinations and even a researched-based final project.

MBA in Luxury Brand Management in France

France is currently the 20 best countries in economy and even in their higher education learning. France has the best public and private universities in the country that offer MBAs in Luxury Management.

MBA in France

Some of the universities that offer MBA in Luxury Management in France are-

  • ESLSCA Business School
  • Institut Supérieur de Marketing du Luxe – SUP de LUXE
  • ILCI Business School
  • IFA Paris
  • ESP – School of Communication & Marketing
  • CMH
  • IPAG Business School
  • Mod’Art International Paris

These universities and colleges offer the best MBA in Luxury Management in France. Do check them out.

MBA in Luxury Brand Management in Germany

We all know that Germany is the hub of the business world. There are plenty of international business schools offering MBAs in Luxury Management in Germany. You can get the course full time, part-time and even as an online degree which will double up the career options in the next level.

MBA in Germany

The benefits you would receive in studying MBA in Luxury Management in Germany are-

  • There are top business schools which would give you enough exposure and communication and skills.
  • The price is affordable which is between 250 to 500 Euros per semester in public universities.
  • You can easily get internships in Germany.

Some of the best public universities for MBA in Germany are-

  • University of Cologne
  • Technical University of Munich
  • University of Mannheim Business School
  • Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
  • HOF University Germany
  • RWTH Aachen University
  • HWR Berlin

Some of the other business schools for international students are –

  • Technical University of Munich
  • Frankfurt School of Management
  • ESMT Germany
  • Mannheim Business School
  • WHU Germany
  • HHL Leipzig Graduate business school
  • University of Cologne Business School
  • ESCP Germany
  • GISMA Business School Germany
  • Business School Pforzheim
  • European Business School
  • EU Business School Munich

MBA in Luxury Brand Management in the USA

Some of the schools that offer MBA in Luxury Management in the USA are-

  • NYU Stern School of Business, New York University
  • UCLA University of California, Los Angeles – Anderson School of Management
  • Emory University – Goizueta Business School

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