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Top Management Activities for MBA students

MBA is a professional degree that covers various areas of business management. Some Management activities for MBA students involve in the fields of finance, accounting, economics amongst many others. MBA can be a rigorous and demanding course to pursue. One has to work round the clock and has to keep the mind busy. Complicated subjects, theories, work experiences can demand the best of one. Continuous classes, projects, case studies, presentations, group studies and the stress of placement becomes overwhelming at times. One needs to indulge in certain MBA student activities which not only helps lighten the mood but also do not make you waste time. 

Through the course of this article, we share certain creative activities for MBA students which they can engage in and make their course a little more fun. These games are not just entertaining but also educational at the same time. Through these games, one can get a practical approach to the theories they have been studying. These MBA student activities help management students sharpen their skills while having fun. The article contains both management games for MBA students indoor as well as online.

Management Activities for MBA students in Classroom/ Management Games for MBA students Indoor

Here is a list of creative activities for MBA students which can be conducted in a classroom/indoor setting. These MBA student activities are fun but at the same time a whole new learning experience for MBA students. These are also a few management club activities for MBA students.

  1. Building Towers


  • Divide the class into groups of two
  • Provide each team with a bunch of old newspapers
  • Ask them to share the only pair of scissors and tape between the two groups
  • Ask them to make a tall tower
  • The group which builds the highest tower is the winning team.

The game will allow the members to use the limited resources efficiently and also at the same time leave some for the next team. It would also involve leadership skills as one of the team members would take charge and talk to the other team. This MBA student activity is also, a team-building activity as the members show their trust in their leader and follow his suggestions. This can be considered under management activities for MBA students in the classroom.

  • The I’s Have It!


  • Have a lecture on communication skills with the students
  • Ask them to choose a partner and divide themselves into pairs
  • Ask them to talk about anything that they want to in the world for the next 2 minutes
  • But here is the catch, they are not allowed to use the pronoun ‘I’.
  • After two minutes are over, ask them to share their experience
  • Count the number of people who were able to complete the conversation without using the said pronoun.

It comes under creative activities for MBA students. The game will reflect on the self-centric behaviour that we all tend to have. It teaches the participants to be better listeners and focus more on the person that they are having a conversation with rather than focusing on themselves. They need to be more inclusive of other people’s needs. These can also be converted into creative activities for MBA students online.

  • Two Truths and a Lie:


  • Ask each student to write three statements on a piece of paper about themselves
  • Among the three, one of them has to be a lie and two statements should be true
  • Ask the students to come forward, one by one, and read out what they’ve written to the class
  • The rest of the class is expected to distinguish the truth from the lie.

It is one of the most creative activities for MBA students. The game allows students to develop ‘Street smartness’ and be a better judge of character. They have to analyse the situation well and then think of an answer. These can also be converted into creative activities for MBA students online.

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Online Activities for Management Students

Here is a list of creative activities for MBA students online and online marketing games for MBA students. Since the pandemic has hit us management activities for MBA students in the classroom are not possible, these can also be considered as management club activities for MBA students. Groups of classmates can participate in these online activities for management students.

  1. Business Strategy Game (BizMAP)

In this game, each player has to take over an existing business with a team of four employees and a million dollars in hand. You’re required to submit 5 decisions through the course of the game by analysing the financial and operational numbers. It is a part of the many finance activities for MBA students that are available.

This game allows users to maintain a virtual supply chain to help understand the basic challenges involved in the world of business and management. Maintaining equilibrium in the supply is the major goal of the game. This is also one of the most interesting finance activities for MBA students.

3)    MBA Crystal Ball Games

Also, one of the popular finance activities for MBA students, these games were initially created to give a glance to people about the world of MBA, its resources, and its tools. The simplicity and straightforward approach of the game attracted many professors and the game is being used by educators in the UK, USA, India, and Singapore.

4)    Capsim

This game deals with more advanced and complex business concepts but at the same time gives an insight into the basic levels as well. It allows students to indulge in Capstone and Foundation. Students can form groups to learn about a healthy and risk-free competition to engage with the various disciplines of MBA.

These are a few of the many games and activities that students can engage in, both online and offline, to make the process of pursuing their MBA a little more fun.

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