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Integrated MBA | BBA Course

The MBA course has seen a variety of experimentation to suit the needs of different business situations and industries. As a positive outcome of that, the MBA integrated course has attained widespread popularity amongst young professionals and employers alike. While it is still a novelty, it is steadily emerging as the next big innovation in the catalogue of management institutions around the world. If you are considering entering the corporate world early, there is no better way than pursuing a BBA MBA integrated course.

Integrated MBA: Combinations

While the most common combination in this respect is the BBA MBA integrated course, it is not the only course offering you may find. Institutions, to attract students from different backgrounds, now offer a BA/MBA Integrated course with a BA in Business Management subjects or even in Humanities subjects. Further, sometimes a BSc/MBA Integrated course is also offered with BSc specialisations in Mathematics, Physics, etc.

Integrated MBA Course Duration

Typically universities offer the BBA MBA integrated course in 4 years or 5 years depending on the course structure and objectives. There is no fixed course duration as it may vary with location and education system. You are more likely to find a BBA MBA integrated course in 4 years or 5 years in the USA or Canada.

How Does An Integrated MBA Course Help You?

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree of 4 years from abroad and a further Regular Masters or MBA of 2 years would take you 6 years in total. On the other hand, if you go for an Integrated course, it generally runs for 5 years and in some instances, a BBA MBA integrated course in 4 years is also offered. This helps you save up one-two years which you can invest in gaining industry experience.

  • End to End Individual Development: Within the duration of the program, the professors and the course structure will stress grooming business professionals who have concrete problem solving and critical analysis mind-set. In addition to these, they also emphasise on personality development skills such as communication, leadership, time management, motivation, etc.
  • Longer Immersive Industry Exposure: A crucial advantage as a BBA MBA integrated course student you will have is the increased number of opportunities to gain industry experiences. This may take the form of internships, project works, apprenticeships and workshops.
  • Personal Focus: Owing to the long term nature of the course, faculty members aim to build a strong mentorship relation with the candidates. This is of massive importance in terms of career decisions, personality development and future goals. As these faculty are themselves, acclaimed individuals, their experience in these respects comes in handy.
  • Widespread Career Prospects: In addition to innumerable corporate opportunities, an Integrated MBA provides, it also opens the door to the social service sector and entrepreneurial ventures. As you will have considerable exposure through workshops and internships, you will already have gained an understanding of the industry and how it works.

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Top Integrated MBA Options

Integrated courses are slowly making their way on the front pages of colleges brochures and therefore, there are only a handful of colleges that are for it currently. Take a look at the following options for Integrated courses abroad.

BBA MBA Integrated Course Subjects

The whole course consists of 10 semesters normally, however, universities may construct their own course structure and subject combinations. Within the first 4-5 semesters, the MBA Integrated Course subjects remain the same for all after which, specialisations and streams such as Finance, HRM, Business Analytics will be offered along with numerous electives. This aid candidates to develop a solid business foundation and then build on it through subject expertise.

Principles of ManagementBusiness CommunicationBusiness Ethics
Corporate AccountingBusiness MathematicsBusiness Economics
Financial AccountingInsurance and BankingBehavioural Finance
Probability and StatisticsFinancial ManagementHuman Resources Management
EconometricsInternational TradePresentation Skills
Game TheoryFinancial Risk ManagementInvestment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Industrial RelationsBusiness LawCorporate Law
Cost AccountingBusiness EnvironmentGoods & Services Tax
Income TaxMathematical ModellingMicro & Macro Economics
Business MarketingStrategyInformation Systems

Pathway to Admission

Candidates exploring options to apply for an Integrated course must follow the given procedure. The admissions cycle in the USA and Canada runs a bit differently than in European countries. Further, for scholarship consideration, you will have to apply during the Early deadline.

  • University guidelines are quite varied for an Integrated course. Sometimes, colleges only accept current undergraduate students for the Integrated course option. In such cases, you will have to first apply for undergraduate admission.
  • Fulfill the minimum eligibility requirements[minimum marks in Grade 12th, subjects, etc. as required].
  • English Proficiency IELTS/TOEFL/PTE and SAT/GMAT/GRE Test Scores [as required]
  • Submission of Application Package [Passport, Statement of Purpose, Two/Three letters of Recommendation, Transcripts, Financial Support Statement/Funding Essay (if applying for funding), etc.]
  • Application Fee Payment.
  • Personal Interview/Group Discussion[if required]
  • Usually, your results will be declared within the 2-3 months of applying.
  • Deposit the requisite Tuition Fees
  • Submit Student Visa Application [may vary as per Embassy regulations]

Should you go for a BBA MBA Integrated Course?

Deciding for a Masters’s or MBA is a tough one in itself, let alone a 4 year a 5-year integrated course. It is important to consider that you will be studying for 4-5 years only business-related subjects and it requires a high level of motivation, dedication, and commitment. If you are certain of your interest areas and ambitions, then you will be a perfect fit. However, if you have a variety of interests or are still undecided, our suggestion will be to pursue a closely related Bachelor’s degree and then go for an MBA.

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