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Is Work Experience necessary for GMAT

Is work experience necessary for GMAT? A common question that ponders in the minds of every business aspirant. If you want to give a GMAT exam, then, here are some of the eligibility criteria that you need to know in 2021-

  • Nationality
  • Academic qualification
  • Age
  • Academic scores or grades
  • Prior work experience
  • Type of undergraduate program
  • Medium of instruction
  • Number of attempts


People of all nationalities can appear for the GMAT. All the rules and guidelines prescribed by the GMAC are equally applicable to everyone, regardless of the country they come from.

You need to carry identity proof that belongs to some country. For example, most of the students carry their passports as their ID proof. 

Academic qualification

There are no requirements for the basic qualification, but the majority of the students are either under-graduate students in their final years or they are working professionals.

You can take the GMAT exam irrespective of your background and have no pressure from the centre.

Age criteria for GMAT

You can take the GMAT exams under two conditions-

  • If you’re between the ages of 13 and 18, you need your legal parent or guardian to sign the permission letter that allows you to take the test.
  • If you’re above the age of 18 years, you can simply register for the GMAT without taking any permission from anyone.

The best part of the GMAT exam is that there is no upper limit on age. You can even take your GMAT exam in your 30s.

Academic scores or grades criteria for GMAT

There are no minimum cut-offs for your past marks or grades to take the GMAT. But, if you want to get admission to any one of the most famous B-schools.

Then they have a cut-off score. It is advisable for the students to score according to their school requirements or above 706+.

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Is work experience necessary for GMAT? Criteria

There is no maximum threshold for the work experience. You can be a fresher with no experience or a seasoned industry veteran, neither of those will prevent you from appearing for the test.

However, keep in mind that some B-school admission committees will evaluate your work experience while deciding on your application. They look at multiple factors such as your profile, number of years, achievements, etc of the applicant.

Type of undergraduate program criteria for GMAT

All graduates are recognized from worldwide universities. You can take the GMAT exam irrespective of your field.

Medium of instruction criteria for GMAT

It doesn’t matter if you do not come from an English medium school/college. The thing that matters is the commitment to the test that you’re appearing for.

In fact, many students from non-English academic backgrounds have aced the GMAT through their correct approach and dedicated preparation for the exam.

Number of attempts criteria for GMAT

There are a few conditions that apply to the number of attempts. These are listed below:

  • You can take the GMAT once every 16 calendar days
  • You may NOT take more than 5 attempts in a 12-month period
  • You may NOT take more than 8 attempts in a lifetime
  • If you score a GMAT 800, which is the highest possible score, you must wait for at least 5 years for your next attempt

By now, you would be sure about your eligibility for the GMAT exam.

Is work experience necessary for GMAT

GMAT doesn’t need any prior work experience, you can take the test without having the job.

However, nowadays, candidates are applying for the job with the GMAT exam, to gain a prestigious position in management, one has to attain a Master of Business Administration (MBA) after obtaining a good GMAT score in the exam.

In the last few years, it became necessary for the students to have at least a minimum of 4-5 years of work experience before procuring an MBA program.

The reason to that the Admissions committee believed that the applicants with experience will possess more wisdom, competencies, and skills which may be lacking with freshers. They believe that students with the experience will acquire certain qualities with makes them stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Anyway, in the current dynamic scenario of the world, MBA programs are modifying their courses to provide jobs to the requirement of youth managers and to meet the managerial job challenges.

Is Work experience necessary for MBA abroad?

Work experience overseas is essential to get admission to the top MBA college. MBA after college will only promote your individual growth but also improve your skills sets. So, many top-rated MBA schools prefer students with work experience, as it will help them to face the real world.

The authorities want those types of students who can bring recognition to their university and want to maximize their success value.

Working at a firm or a company benefits those who compete in the corporate world and helps you stand out from the crowd. However, understanding what type of job experience is required for admission is critical. It’s usually a good idea to be aware of the specific criteria for an MBA programme overseas.

How many years of work experience is required?

Most of the European universities require at least one year of work experience, while top B-schools in the US require approximately five years of job experience.

Universities like Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, and others require 3-5 years of work experience. Whereas universities like INSEAD, HEC, or LBS require 1 to 6 years of experience. These are the average work experience required them.

A foreign university requires an MBA following a work, although the number of years required varies.


If you want to accelerate your MBA career, then it is advisable to look for a job. It is because having real work experience provides you to learn more about business and management and can understand your teacher lectures more properly.

Applicants who do not have any work experience but want to pursue a master’s level program in business might consider a Master in Management program instead of an MBA. But, if you want to apply for an MBA start looking for a job as well as work in your studies.

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