Student Visa
How to get a student visa?
If you’re planning to study abroad, then you may need a visa to enter the country in which you are going to be a student. We will look at the most frequently asked questions we hear about student visas.
What is a visa?
Let’s start at the beginning. A visa is a simple document that gives you access to enter a foreign country. A student visa is only given out to people who have a certain place of research at a registered institution for a set period. Various nations have different visa requirements, so your first port of call should be the embassy website of the country you wish to study in.
To study aborad, when should I apply for a student visa?
It’s important you apply for your visa before you travel to your study destination. You will generally have to wait until you have a verified Offer from a university before you can submit your visa application and you might have to apply in person at an embassy. Allow enough time for any complications or supplemental exchange of Information to occur before you would like to travel. Your university should have the ability to provide you with more information.
What type of visa do I need?
The exact name and type of visa you need will vary from country to country but it is likely you will need a non-immigrant student/study visa. This primarily means that you do not aim to take up permanent residence in that country and that your stay is for short-time study. However, to find out the exact type of visa you need to study abroad and consequently, the appropriate application form, visit the embassy or consulate of your planned study destination in your home country (this has to be where you legally live).
How do I apply for a visa needed to study abroad?
Before you apply for your visa, you may need proof of your place on your Graduate programme from the college or university that you are going to attend. The first thing you should do is contact the university or college to Clarify which visa you want to apply for or to inquire them to send you The necessary documentation for your application. Once your university or college has informed you of the appropriate visa you will need to apply for any supplementary documentation that they and You need to submit, you should be ready to apply. In some countries, your visa application can be made in some ways, which can be through a post, courier, in person or online. If you are not sure of this, then you need to visit the embassy of your host country and ask how you can apply to get a visa or search their website. A study abroad visa isn’t valid if false information has been given or significant facts were omitted at the time of application.
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