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GMAT Coaching in Kolkata

GMAT Coaching in Kolkata

Eduaims offers GMAT coaching in Kolkata and throughout India. We take pride in sharing that over 60% of our students have scored 700+ on the GMAT, making us one of the most effective and reliable GMAT prep courses available. We offer a wide range of GMAT coaching services, from online courses to private tutoring, and our experienced and knowledgeable instructors will help you achieve your highest score.

We have been often referred to as the Best GMAT coaching in Kolkata as we provide comprehensive coaching that includes:

  •         Application-based learning
  •         Result-driven approach
  •         Interactive Sessions
  •         One-is-to-one mentorship
  •         Full Length Mock Tests
  •         Over 1000+ practice questions of GMAT with answers
  •         Section wise workshops

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We at Eduaims, provide students with concept-based learning in our GMAT classes in Kolkata, which includes the entire syllabus of the GMAT exam:

  •         Analytical Writing
  •         Integrated Reasoning
  •         Quantitative Reasoning
  •         Verbal Reasoning

The factors that have contributed in EduAims becoming the best GMAT classes in Kolkata includes our experienced faculty, comprehensive curriculum, affordable tuition fee and flexible schedule. In our decade of experience in GMAT coaching, we have focused on helping our students get the results they need to achieve their goals. Our approach is based on a solid understanding of the GMAT exam and the topics it covers. We provide our students with the necessary tools and strategies to approach the exam with confidence. Our student-centred approach ensures that our students are able to focus on their individual strengths and weaknesses.

GMAT Preparation in Kolkata with EduAims - Crack the GMAT within 2 months

Preparation for the GMAT is both extensive and intensive – extensive because one is expected to cover all the question types in as much detail and intensive because GMAT demands a change in the way you look at how to tackle problems. Due to this dual nature, the preparation can become time-consuming, involving dedication and focus. While the average time taken by a student to prepare for the GMAT is 4-6 months, the 2-month preparation plan may be a bit crunched for time, thus demanding more bandwidth from you than usual.

This plan will only work for individuals:

– Who are quite well versed in the basic concepts but are relatively weaker in the advanced concepts.

– Whose knowledge in most concepts is strong but is weak in one section and/or lacks practice in few sections.

– Who is aware that the deadline to submit their applications is close by and is sensitive to the fact that an entire year may be lost if the application is not sent before the deadline.

Ideally, this plan is practical for a student who is still in college or for a professional who has a few years of work experience. The student would normally have to devote about 4-5 hours towards preparation for GMAT every day. Totally it is expected that such a student would spend around 250 hours to brush up on the basic concepts as it is necessary for the student to know them well, and spend another 100 hours on practicing these concepts.

Extensive preparation for GMAT gives immense confidence to face the test but at the same time, the student should bear in mind that time lost during preparation cannot be compensated due to the crunch in time that the student is already facing.

In case you are not familiar with certain concepts tested on the GMAT, you should be ready to spend 2 hours every day to study and work on those concepts first. This should help you familiarize yourself with these concepts and will better prepare you to face the Test.

Taking mock tests is an important aspect to prepare for the GMAT. But, what is more, important than taking the mock test is to analyze your errors and make sure you aren’t repeating your errors. Causes for mistakes should be found out and rectified immediately to ensure they are not repeated in the next test. A student should also start working on the advanced questions for at least 2 hours every day to build your confidence, as well as to become prepared to get a 700+ on the test as the GMAT is an adaptive one to face.

In case you are totally weak with one of the components tested on the GMAT, say Verbal, then it would do you good to learn the concepts in a fortnight and simultaneously practice the advanced concepts in the other section, say Quants. In this manner, you can be in touch with both Quant & Verbal & be able to track your progress.

The plan should include working out all types of questions that test the different concepts in GMAT quant and  GMAT Verbal. This will give you the ability to switch well between question types. Once the student gets to the Verbal section he will have to devote all time only on the Verbal concepts and questions. To test whether he has imbibed the concepts in Quant or not he should take as many mock tests as possible.

There are some students who are equally good or bad in all the question types that are tested on the GMAT. In this case, you should dedicate time to first study the basic concepts & progress to the difficult & advanced questions. Knowing that the time available is limited, you should evaluate your performance with every test taken. This is a good indicator of whether you are ready to take the Test. If you feel that your performance is not up to the mark, then you should take time off to fine-tune your test-taking skills and plan to reschedule the test to a later date. It is also advisable to seek professional advice in case you are not able to take a decision.

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GMAT Focus Edition Preparation with Eduaims

The GMAC or the Graduate Management Admission Council has announced the launch of the GMAT Focus Edition, which will be rolled out in the current year’s fourth quarter. This new version of the GMAT is designed to align with rapidly changing business scenarios and equip you with necessary preparation to succeed in the evolving business landscape.

Old GMAT vs GMAT Focus Edition

Now, preparing for the GMAT Focus Edition will not be the same as preparing for the existing version of the GMAT. Therefore, it is imperative to seek guidance and tutoring from a reputable institute like EduAims which is well-versed in the remodeled GMAT pattern.

The tutoring methodology at EduAims will conform with the new GMAT Focus Edition to help you prepare impeccably for the modified curriculum and test sections.

Thus, EduAims is the best study partner to ace GMAT Focus Edition and turn your career dreams into reality.

GMAT Resources by EduAims

At EduAims, our motto is to help students prepare well for the GMAT. We believe that with the right resources and approach, every student can excel on the GMAT. We’ve assembled a range of helpful resources to aid GMAT preparation. Some of the handy resources we have include tips and tricks for taking the GMAT, as well as a comprehensive guide to the test. In addition, we also offer practice tests and sample questions to help students get a feel for what the GMAT is all about.

Whether you’re just getting started with your GMAT preparation in Kolkata or you’re looking to fine-tune your approach, EduAims is here to help. Check out our resources today and see how we can help you reach your goals.

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