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Impact of Covid-19 on International Students

The after-effects of Covid-19 have been predominantly seen on the International Students to a much larger extent. The impact of Covid-19 on International students community has been seen as the most substantial. It includes both, who were already studying in foreign universities & the new session students who wished to go abroad for higher studies. The education disruption has affected nearly 220 million students all around the world. This article will help to look at the significant impact situations that came up in the lives of the International Students during extreme Covid-19 situation.

Lack of International Travel

In the initial months of the Covid-19 outbreak, all the students had been confined to their hostels or living apartments due to lockdown. Some of the students underwent severe depression due to lockdown and trauma due to suffering caused by infecting Covid-19. New Session International Students were not allowed to travel to their respective universities due to travel restrictions. Class-room sessions by Professors and Lecturers were dearly missed as no face-to-face classes were happening. Slowly but steadily, restricted travel movements helped international students to move to their home countries. Classroom coaching in International Universities is yet to resume fully.

Break-in Research Work for Doctorate International Students

Most of the Doctorate Students did not have access to the resources or lost touch with their mentors to complete their thesis during the lockdown in Covid-19. Many International Students had to return home as they were dependent on their mentors to help them complete their thesis. Mentors who did not have access to the online resources could not help the students complete their thesis.

Impact of Covid-19 in the UK

No International University Operations

All the major International Universities campuses were forcedly closed due to lockdown, and no administration activity occurred. New Admissions, Issuing degrees, Fees collection, and other activities came to a standstill, and practically nil activities were reported. Temporary Staff of the International Universities had to lose their jobs. There was a funds shortage to run universities businesses, and Administration had to resort to stringent manners. Many Universities are on the verge of closure due to a lack of funds.

No University Administration & Teaching Staff

Due to lack of funds, most of the International Universities had to cut down on staff numbers. Many jobs from Administration Department and similar profiles from the Teaching side had been cut off. Many campuses had to be closed down as no salaries were paid to the staff. International Students were left stranded as no communication from the International University’s end during the lockdown in Covid-19.

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Lack of Technological Infrastructure

Many International Universities face the adversity to meet the demands of online education. As most of the students were confined to their homes, reputed International Universities connected with them via online teaching methods. Many companies like Google, Microsoft, and Zoom came up with soft wares to connect with students remotely. However, International Universities needed to pay these companies heavily for these soft wares, and funds were not there as students & their parents did not have the funds to support the cost or pay tuition fees to the Universities.     

No Rollover from Higher Studies to Work

Most of the International Students are given work permits by the respective governments to work with companies situated in these countries. The International Students, through work permits, were able to get jobs and cover their living costs & pay for supporting their families in the home country. Due to the lack of employment opportunities due to Covid-19, many International Universities failed to provide jobs to students studying in the final year. Most of the jobs came up in the medical services sector, which had the inherent risk of getting infected from the Covid-19 Virus.

Official info for international students by the UK government

Lack of Financial Support

Many International Students studying in overseas universities lost their family members due to Covid-19, and some of them were also the primary earning member of the family. As a result, many International Students had to discontinue their studies and return to their home country to support their respective families. Many Businesses went bankrupt, and millions of jobs were lost all across the world. Families of International Students who could not support them had to ask the student to discontinue their studies and return to their home country.

Acceptance to Distance Learning methods

Many International Universities have offered distance learning methods to their students in order to complete the course. Many International Students are reluctant to accept this as they have paid a higher cost to get the classroom coaching. The classroom curriculum comes with its benefits, such as lively face-to-face interaction with the professor and interactive activities to better understand concepts. Through distance learning modes, the students feel getting deprived of them. Distance learning is very monotonous, and students lose interest very quickly in the online classes provided.

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