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Best IELTS preparation in Kolkata 2021-22

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Are you in India and worried about choosing the best IELTS Preparation in Kolkata? You have clicked on the right place. The article contains all the information you require to walk you throuh the selection process.

What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is an international standardized test measuring the language proficiency of non-native English language speakers preparing to study in a country of native English speakers. It is a 9 band scale marking a non-user with a band score of one and an expert with a band score of 9. IELTS, established in 1989, is considered one of the major English-language tests in the world. 

Why Choose Preparation Courses for IELTS?

The IELTS is one of the most mandatory exams for education in most countries like New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. An IELTS score is important both for academic as well as permanent residence purposes. 

IELTS preparatory curses play an important role in the selection procedure of the IELTS exam. With the right guidance and right resources to follow, coaching for IELTS help tune in as per the exam pattern and fully prepares you for the language exam with better and extensive preparation.

Even though success stories of students without prep courses floats around, joining one ensures your chances of getting a good score. There are around 173 IELTS Coaching Classes to help you select among the best IELTS preparation in Kolkata to improve your IELTS Preparation.

  • The right guidance is very necessary for IELTS preparation because of its competitive nature.
  • IELTS coaching makes you consistent and regular.
  • Regular IELTS classes with peers of a similar mindset keep the motivation and the preparation journey bearable. 

Choose among some of the best IELTS preparations in Kolkata according to your requirements based on the faculty experience, course fees, distance and your own strengths and weaknesses for IELTS. 

Best IELTS Preparation in Kolkata

This article is an attempt to provide a list of top coaching centres for IELTS and TOEFL in Kolkata based on various facts collected from different reliable sources.

  1. Edu Aims Educational Services:
EduAims Logo

EduAims provides the best services to students aspiring to grab a seat at the top Universities across nations. With Eduaims, you are secure with your dreams. With a sheer belief in the potential of every student, Edu Aims gives flight to your dream. Learning is the only currency in this information technology world and Edu Aims visions to ace learning by providing the best information for preparation. 

Why choose EduAims?

With experienced mentors who carefully chalk out detailed and customized study plans, EduAims is considered one of the best IELTS preparation in Kolkata. It is an education consultancy agency that nurtures your dream. With expertise over other exams like GRE, SAT, GMAT, CAT.  

Address: 3rd Floor, 52 E, Ballygunge Circular Rd, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019 

  1. ACE Overseas Education Consultants: 

ACE Overseas Education Consultants is an institute led by Ms Purvi Tantia, a B.Com graduate from Lady Shriram college under Delhi University and recipient of many scholarships for studying abroad. ACE Overseas Education Consultant believes in providing appropriate help to the students in realizing the best suitable option for them. With the help of the finest instructors, unique learning methodology, best comprehensive IELTS and TOEFL training material and personal assistance the students are able to achieve target scores required for admission purposes.

Services Provided:

  • Career Counseling
  • IELTS/TOEFL Coaching
  • Advice on VISA requirements and application

Address: Ground Floor, Constantia, 11, UN, Brahmachari Road, Rawdon Street, Kolkata

Phone: 9873174755

  1. Jamboree Education 

Jamboree Education was established in 1993 and is still perhaps the oldest organization providing high-quality classroom coaching for courses like IELTS, TOEFL including others such as GRE, GMAT, and SAT. The quality of education at each of the training centres across India is of utmost quality because of the experienced and outstanding faculty. Jamboree education pvt. ltd. aims to fill up the information gap about studying abroad. 

Services Provided:

  • Test preparation  
  • Admission Counseling
  • VISA Counseling

Address: N G Nursing Home, 6, Southern Ave, Lake Range, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026

Phone: 03340052233

  1. Diksha Learning Services

Diksha Learning Services pvt. ltd is the brainchild of some well-known alumni of Cambridge University, IIT Bombay, Jadavpur University etc. The initiative has the sole purpose of providing skill-based and quality education. Diksha’s dynamic approach to the changing educational phenomenon makes it one of the best IELTS preparation in Kolkata. The training is provided to the students in very small batches which makes room for personal attention to the improvement of each and every student. The in-built customization techniques and scientific course design assist the students to score high in exams like IELTS and TOEFL.

Address: 7/1 Lake Terrace, Deshapriya Park E, near Sai Baba Temple, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029

Phone: 03340658338

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  1. Orion Edutech Pvt. Ltd.

Orion Edutech Pvt. Ltd, since its inception in the year 2005, has been able to secure the career of more than 60000 students in India. Diverse trainers are recruited for specific domains like language trainers, accent trainers and Technical trainers. Built with good infrastructure and audio-visual aids, Orion primarily focuses on the student’s dreams and thus provides high-quality faculty and materials.

Services Provided:

  • Career Counseling
  • VISA assistance Hassel free registration for IELTS exam in British Council
  • Travel arrangement
  • Scholarship guidance

Address: 48/4A, 2nd Floor, South Sinthee Road behind Ganapati Statue, M.G. Road, Kolkata

Phone: 03340051635

  1. Veta Coaching Centre

Veta coaching centre is yet another very old institute in Kolkata providing excellent training in IELTS and TOEFL. Established in the year 1981, the coaching centre is spread over 140 cities. Since its inception, it has trained over 33 lakhs of people. Veta provides computerized training and various tests are taken under exam conditions. The duration of the course is customizable according to the competence of the student.

Address: P-164/1, VIP Road, CIT Scheme VIIM, Ultadanga More, Ultadanga, Kolkata

Phone: 03332412036

  1. Fateh Education 

Fateh Education is one of the best IELTS preparation in Kolkata that also prepares students for other exams like TOEFL. Fateh Education has one centre in Kolkata in Taltala and a total of 4 coaching centres across India. Fateh Education, Taltala, Kolkata specializes in IELTS Coaching. Fateh Education aims to develop the clarity of thought of the students to make informed decisions. Fateh Education bagged the “Best Consultant” award from Education in Ireland, 4 years in a row.

  1. Gateway Abroad

Gateway Abroad run by a team of British education consultants that also has courses for other exams like GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL ranks among the best IELTS preparation in Kolkata. Gateway Abroad has only one centre in Kolkata in Elgin and a total of 9 coaching centres across India. 

Address: Ground Floor, Wing A, Constantia Building, 11, U.N. Brahmachari Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017

Phone: 033 4057 2777

  1. British Council

British Council with its only centre in Kolkata makes it to the best IELTS preparation in Kolkata. The institute IELTS also teaches for other exams like TOEFL . British Council has only one centre in Kolkata and a total of 8 coaching centres across India. British Council, Elgin, Kolkata specializes in IELTS Coaching.

Address: L&T Chambers, 16, Camac St, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017

Phone: 0120 456 9000

  1. Roads Academy

Roads Academy is one of the best IELTS preparation in Kolkata that also offers courses for other exams like GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL. Roads Academy has only one centre in Kolkata in the Park Street area and total of 3 coaching centres across India. Roads Academy, Park Street area, Kolkata specializes in GMAT Coaching and has an average user rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Address: Park St, Mullick Bazar, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016

Phone: 033 4007 1799

  1. Argyle Institute of Learning

Argyle Institute of Learning is an IELTS Coaching centre in Kolkata that additionally also prepares for other exams like GMAT, GRE. Argyle Institute of Learning has only one centre in Kolkata in Bosepukur Purba Para and a total of 4 coaching centres across India. 

  1.  IMS 

IMS is an IELTS Coaching in Kolkata that additionally also prepares students for other exams like GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, SAT. IMS has 3 centres in Kolkata in Salt Lake, Hungerford, Gariahat and a total of 98 coaching centres across India. 

The CalculusVproVMorena Services
The British InstitutesXbridgeGeorge Edcare
Aptech English Learning AcademyOxford English AcademyGlobal Reach
IDP EducationEasy Elite EnglishWorldWide Immigration Consultancy Services Ltd.( W.W.I.C.S.)
Edxcare InternationalWorldwin EducationEduzone
Canam UnisearchLearning Path ClassesCareer Guide
X Factor The Finishing SchoolInternational AcademyGlobal Vision Edutech
Ratiram Academy of Higher EducationEurope Study CentreEduwest International Consultancy
Prosper Oversea EducationStudyfeverKrescent Academy
Direct EnglishConvolutionStanley Infotech
I PlusR.N. ConsultancyMartins Pathways
Stanley InfotechLearnPickGlobe Education
AcademiaGlobal Heights ConsultantsPioneer House
Viv’s International Education Centre (V.I.E.C.)Ravi Raja ClassesBlue Sky Educational
Spoken English Coaching CentreUDAAN Overseas ConsultantsWBCS Coaching
D Aliento AcademyAnamika AcademyLaha School of Competition
Learner’s Point TutorialSpark Grooming FoundationI I M R
S & S InstituteSpeech PowerSeeksha Tutorial Centre
Ethnique Epy IndiaLinnet Tutorial
Ranikuthi InstituteWisdom Tooth Services Seeksha Tutorial Centre 
Sree Laxmi EducareAnuva InstituteAzulike English Academy
Nistha Das IELTS ClassesSeven Seas, Lake TownS.B. International
Fluency In EnglishEssen Career VisionBakshi English Tutorials
Education Unlimited Inc. Smart TalentVidya Tutor Concern
Divine FoundationMartin PathwaysGurukul Language Society
E.J. AbacusAnuva InstitutePrime Unwind
Creation Coaching CentreGuidline Education CentreEssen Career Vision
MindcombChitra EducareCreative Minds
Sree Laxmi EducareMartin PathwaysM.C. Mother Career Tutorial
One To One Tutor India Private LimitedA1 English Training CenterGurukul Language Society
Aryan Coaching CentreMandar EducationBrain Turners
Get SmartD R Willy Spoken English Coaching CenterInternational Career Consultants
Career Fames  

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GRE Quant Syllabus | GRE 2021-22

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The GRE is one of the most common tests to fulfil your dreams of studying abroad. According to the criteria of the University, you applied for, they might ask for two types of GRE scores: GRE General Test scores and GRE Subject Scores. This article focuses on the syllabus of both the types of GRE … Read more

All About GRE is for Which Course

GRE is for which course

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test usually useful for a Master’s program in the universities in the U.S. Of all the rush about GRE and its benefits, you might be wondering GRE is for which course. Well, here is your solution.  

Each year, universities abroad admit applicants from around the world. The selection process being difficult, applicants are admitted and even provided grants based on GRE scores and GRE scholarships.

Although some universities ask for a GRE general Test Score, some others might require subject-specific tests. We will discover along the article GRE is for which course and how applicable it is for universities you apply for. 

How do you find out GRE is for which Course?

The GRE General Test measures applicants on 3 parameters, which is most commonly used for Business Master’s degrees including PhD. The parameters on the basis of which you get assessed are: 

  • Verbal Reasoning: Verbal Reasoning focuses on the ability to read and comprehend information. This is assessed through understanding words and sentences and paragraph formation. You are supposed to join the dots of the passage given and form a meaningful story. These questions focus on the meaning from the author’s perspective. 

The topics covered in GRE Verbal Reasoning are:

Modifiers and ParallelismIdioms and Idiomatic expressions
Verb tensePronoun Agreement
Subject-Verb AgreementNouns, Adjectives, Pronouns
GRE Verbal reasoning syllabus
  • Quantitative reasoning: Quantitative Reasoning Section of the GRE General Test measures the ability to understand mathematical concepts and complete mathematical problems in four general areas, arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis. The syllabus for GRE Quants is given below:
ArithmeticGeometryData AnalysisAlgebra
Property and types of integerLines and anglesDescriptive statistics such as Median, Mean, Range, Mode, Percentiles, etc.Exponents
Power and rootsCirclesInterpretation of data based on graphs, circle graphs, scatter plots, etcAlgebraic Expressions – Factoring and Simplifying
Statistics TriangleProbabilityEquations and inequalities
EstimationQuadrilateralsPermutation and CombinationLinear and Quadratic inequalities
Number propertiesPolygonVenn DiagramsLinear Equations
PercentageThree-dimensional figuresSets TheoryQuadratic equations
Exponents and RootsArea, Perimeter, VolumeWord Problems
Ratio and proportionsAngle MeasurementsSpeed, distance, and Time
Simple and Compound InterestProfit and Loss
Arithmetic OperationsCoordinate geometry
GRE quantitative reasoning syllabus
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills: The critical thinking and analytical writing section of the test assesses the ability to understand and explain complex information. Assessment is made based on the capacity for analysing and critiquing an argument. 

Analyse and Argument: This requires evaluation of a given argument according to specific instructions. 

Analyse and Issue: This requires presenting an option on the issue of general interest along with your opinion with specific instructions on how to respond to that issue.

The tasks in the GRE General Test Analytical Writing section is related to a broad range of topics such as fine arts, physical science, humanities, and more. No background knowledge is required for this section. The tasks are generally structured in a way that it does not demand specificity but a general understanding of the idea.

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GRE is for which course: Subjects Available

The GRE Subject Test is conducted for 6 different subjects. 

  • Biology: This test measures knowledge and skill in cellular and molecular biology, organismal biology and ecology and evolution.
Cellular and Molecular Biology (33-34%)Organismal Biology (33-34%)Ecology and evolution (33-34%)
GRE Biology syllabus
  • Chemistry: This assesses skills in analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and physical chemistry.
Analytical chemistry (15%)Inorganic chemistry (25%)
Organic chemistry (30%)Physical Chemistry (30%)
GRE Chemistry syllabus
  • Literature: This requires a grip over Continental, Classical and Comparative Literature, British Literature and American Literature through 1925. 
Literary analysis (40-55%)Identification(15-20%)
Cultural and historical context (20-25%)History and theory of literary criticism (10-15%)
GRE English Literature syllabus
  • Mathematics: This test requires you to prepare for calculus, algebra and additional topics, such as discrete mathematics, geometry and statistics.
Calculus (50%)Algebra (25%)Additional Topics (25%)
GRE Maths Syllabus

If you are among most students who get panic attacks whenever you encounter a mathematical problem, we got you covered. Here is what can help you, a Math Prep Course on Udemy for in-depth preparation for the GRE.

  • Physics: This test requires your basics of classical mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics and atomic physics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, optics and wave phenomena, special relativity, laboratory methods and specialised topics like nuclear and particle physics.
Classical mechanics (20%)Electromagnetism (18%)Optics and wave phenomena (9%)
Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics (10%)Quantum mechanics (12%)Atomic Physics (10%)
Special Relativity (6%)Laboratory methods (6%)Specialized topics (9%)
GRE Physics syllabus
  • Psychology: This test expects a preparation of the following content areas: biological, cognitive, social, developmental and clinical psychology, as well as measurement and methodology.
Biological (17-21%)Cognitive (17-24%)Social (12-14%)
Developmental (12-14%)Clinical (15-19%Measurement/methodology/other (15-19%)
GRE Psychology syllabus

For better preparation for the GRE and to boost your confidence check out the series of the top GRE Courses online on Udemy.

Do you need a GRE Prep Course?

If you are a first-timer and you don’t have the means, source and time to repeat the test, and you are not sure GRE is for which course, a prep course might work in your favour. The rigorous practice throughout the course and customized assessment in the GRE Prep courses might ensure a little higher score than you would have done otherwise.

The prep course customizes study plans based on your needs and strong and weak areas to make a comprehensive plan of study. With quality instructions you get simulates tests designed by experts.

However, a prep course might not be feasible for most applicants due to the expensive subscription plans which may rise over $1,000 and also the time-consuming affair. The alternative to a prep course is a self-study plan which is available on many platforms for free. GMAT Club Test is one such example.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can you take the GRE test?

The GRE test can be applied from anywhere in the country. The test is accessible from any part of the world.

How much would a GRE test cost?

The GRE General Test would cost you around $205 and the GRE Subject Test might cost you around $150 per test.

GRE is for which course?

GRE is useful for admission to business schools. However, some universities ask for GRE in subject-specific fields. Some GRE Subject Tests are Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Literature, Physics and Psychology.

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Plan Your Academia with GRE for PhD

GRE for PhD

Are you a Postgraduate student planning for your next step and wondering if you need GRE for PhD study? This is the right place you have clicked. 

With all the buzz around GRE and its growing importance, read on to break some myths about the Graduate Record Examination, GRE for PhD. GRE is generally a standardized test used for graduate admissions tests and is sometimes considered as a requirement for PhD programmes in North America and Australia.

GRE for PhD in Business and Management is different from GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) in the sense that GMAT is only for Business and Management studies whereas GRE is also held for other subject-specific disciplines. 

How does a GRE for PhD score work?

To attain a GRE score, candidates are supposed to appear for either a computer-delivered version or paper delivered version of the test. 

The computer-delivered version of the test is mostly preferred by most students for convenience. You can preview, edit and tag features in this version and it also allows changing your answers to questions or return later. 

The GRE General Test is divided into three sections: 

  • Verbal Reasoning: This section measures your ability to comprehend and critically analyse different kinds of information including the author’s narrative. 
  • Quantitative Reasoning: This section requires a demonstration of your problem-solving skills and your ability to interpret and analyse data in a variety of forms with the help of mathematical concepts including algebra and geometry.
  • Critical and Analytical Writing: During two 30-minute essays, you are required to analyse an argument and an issue. This section assesses your critical thinking skills. 

Subject-specific GRE for PhD

Apart from a general GRE, there is a subject-specific GRE that assesses your in-depth knowledge and aptitude to the required field. These GRE Subject Tests indicate that you already know the subject at the undergraduate or Masters level. The available subjects are:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English Literature
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Psychology

The admission requirements differ from university to university and the type of PhD you choose to pursue. It is advisable to specifically check the requirements for the university and department’s requirement section before applying or opting for a GRE. 

Is the GRE necessary for a PhD?

Whether or not a GRE is for a PhD where and what course you want to study. Some universities do away with the GRE while others make it benchmark criteria. It is important to keep a track of the requirements of the University and the course you apply for. 

What Do You Require for a PhD in Business and Management Course if not GMAT? 

For most universities, GRE is an alternative to GMAT. Universities admit applicants based on their GRE ranking. The other requirements along with GRE for a PhD in Business and Management Course are: 

  • Academic Transcript
  • Letter of Recommendations
  • Work experience if any
  • Clear and lucid communication Skills 

Top US Universities Accepting GRE for PhD

Here is a list of US universities that accept GRE scores for admission.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, Massachusetts)University of California – Berkeley (Berkeley, California)
Stanford UniversityCarnegie Mellon University (Pittsburg, Pennsylvania)
Princeton University (Princeton, New Jersey)The University of Texas at Austin (Austin, Texas)
Harvard University (Boston, Massachusetts)Texas A&M University – College Station (College Station, Texas)
The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (Ann Arbor, Michigan)The University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign (Urbana, Illinois)
The University of Massachusetts, DartmouthBoston University
The University of Massachusetts, LowellUniversity of Massachusetts, Boston
Michigan State UniversityWestern Michigan University
University of New HampshireDartmouth College
Ohio State UniversityUniversity of Wisconsin

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UK Universities Accepting GRE for PhD

Universities and colleges accepting GRE scores in the UK for admission are mentioned below. 

King’s College, LondonImperial College LondonGoldsmiths University of London
Kingston University, LondonLancaster UniversityCranfield University
Manchester UniversityLondon School of EconomicsNewcastle University
University of BirminghamUniversity of BristolUniversity of Cambridge
University of BradfordUniversity College LondonUniversity of East Anglia
Hull UniversityUniversity of GlasgowUniversity of Exeter
University of KentUniversity of LiverpoolThe University of West of England

Universities In Australia Accepting GRE for PhD

Here is a list of universities in Australia that accept the GRE scores for admission. 

Australian National UniversityCentral Queensland UniversityDeakin University
James Cook UniversityMonash UniversityLatrobe University
University of MelbourneUniversity of Western AustraliaUniversity of Adelaide
University of QueenslandUniversity of SydneyUniversity of New South Wales
Murdoch UniversityUniversity of TasmaniaUniversity of New England Armidale

German Universities Accepting GRE for PhD

Here is a list of universities in Germany that accept GRE scores.

GISMA Business SchoolGoethe University Frankfurt 
European Business School GermanyAachen University
Bonn-Cologne Grad School of Physics and AstronomyDIW  Berlin
Jacobs University BremenLudwig Maximilians University Munchen
Dortmund UniversityUniversity of Freiburg
Munich Business SchoolHeidelberg University

Universities In Canada Accepting GRE for PhD

List of universities in Canada that accept GRE scores for shortlisting students.

Bishops UniversityMcGill University
Brandon UniversityMcMaster University
Acadia UniversityQueens University
Carleton UniversityTrinity Western University
Concordia Lutheran SeminaryTrent University
Alberta UniversityUniversity of Montreal

Universities In Ireland Accepting GRE for PhD

A list of universities in Ireland that accept GRE scores is mentioned in the table below:

Queens University BelfastTrinity College Dublin
University College DublinUniversity of Limerick
Royal College Surgeons IrelandMichael Smurfit Grad Sch Bus

Universities In Switzerland Accepting GRE for PhD

Some of the top Swiss universities that accept GRE scores are:

University of ZurichUniversity of St Gallen MBA
United International Business SchoolUniversity of Geneva
University of BernThe University of Basel (Faculty of Business Economics and PhD)
Business School LausanneTaylor Institute
Swiss Fed Institute of Technology ZurichInternational University Geneva

Universities In New Zealand Accepting GRE for PhD

A list of New Zealand universities accepting GRE scores.

University AucklandUniversity of OtagoMassey University
University of CanterburyVictoria University of Wellington

Universities In China Accepting GRE for PhD

Here is a list of Chinese universities that consider or require GRE scores for graduate admissions.

Dalian Medical UniversityNilin University of TechnologyFudan University of International MBA
East China University of Science and TechnologyNew York University ShanghaiSouth China University of Technology
Southern University of Science and TechnologySun Yat-Sen Business School MBAUniversity of Macau
Tsinghua University MBA ProgrammesUniversity of Nottingham Ningbo ChinaXiamen University
Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool UniversityZhejiang University MBAWuhan University of Economics and Management School

What GRE score do I need for a PhD?

If a doctoral programme includes the GRE in its entry requirements, it won’t usually specify a particular score. Instead, the department will give the average GRE score achieved by previous cohorts so that applicants have an idea of what they should be aiming for.

Most graduate schools view the GRE as just one element of their selection procedure – a lower than average result isn’t necessarily the end of the world, especially if the rest of your application is particularly strong.

Top 8 universities in the US and the average GRE Scores

Let’s look at the top 8 universities in the US and the average GRE Scores expected:

UniversityQuant AverageVerbal Average
Massachusetts Institute of Technology164163
Stanford University168165
Georgia Technological University161155
University of Michigan Ann Arbor162160
University of Maryland College160154
Northwestern University161154
University of Texas Austin160155
University of California Berkeley161155

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I take the GRE?

You can apply for GRE from anywhere in the world. There are more than 1000 GRE test centres in over 160 countries.

How much does the GRE cost?

GRE fee is subject to the test location and the kind of exam you are applying for. The general GRE will usually cost between $205 and $255, while the GRE Subject Test costs around $150.

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Start your GMAT Preparation for 2021-22 with GMAT Club Tests

GMAT Club Test

While applying for any Business school abroad, the first hurdle you are required to cross is the GMAT test and the GMAT Club Test helps you achieve that very goal with flying colours. The benefits of a good GMAT score are extreme. It might help you with a lot of benefits ranging from world-class business education and alumni network to ensuring a reasonable stay for as long as you continue with your business studies. GMAT Club Test is one of the platforms that might help you achieve all of the perks mentioned above. 

GMAT Club is an interactive MBA community that serves business aspirants to crack GMAT easily. It is a platform where aspirants exchange information, share their experiences and help students prepare with past successes. 

Is GMAT Club free?

GMAT Club is a free, but invaluable resource for anyone interested in business administrative studies. In fact, it is the best platform to develop your business aptitude before entering into an actual business. GMAT Club Test is committed to the development of new tools to assist applicants with a great GMAT score to build a strong application.  

Some basic details about GMATClub Test:

Company size1-10 employees
HeadquartersRedmond, WA
TypePrivately Held

Some other GMAT Practice tests you might try :

2 GMATPrep Online Tests by GMAC – Most AccurateManhattan Prep GMAT CATs
Veritas Prep GMAT CATsExperts’ Global 15 Tests
Kaplan GMAT CATe-GMAT SIGma-X Mock Tests
Math Revolution Diagnostic TestTarget Test Prep Diagnostic Test

Here is a step-by-step guide to using the GMAT Club Test for a decently good score in your GMAT test and a good preparation time.

Know everything about the GMAT test from the table below: GMAT score validity, exam pattern, how to start your preparation for GMAT from scratch and everything you need to know about the test. 

GMAT Preparation from ScratchGMAT Exam pattern
GMAT for executive MBAGMAT score validity
Work experience necessary for GMATGMAT vs CAT

GMAT Club Quant Test

GMAT Club Test contains high-level quant questions to assess your weak and strong areas. Work through your weaknesses with continuous practice of some of the GMAT’s hardest questions. GMAT club brings: 

  • quant questions that do not fit standard patterns and require stimulation and out-of-the-box thinking to solve. 
  • quant questions that strictly stay within the GMAT-tested boundaries to give you a picture of the actual GMAT test.
  • questions that will teach you and challenge you like no other.

GMAT Club Test: Brilliant Analytics

The speciality of the GMAT Club Test is that it provides you with intuitive and valuable reports along with the probable question types. The reports greatly help you to work on your weak areas with continuous feedback. It also helps you identify patterns to maximize your return on the invested time. 

The GMAT Club Test analytics provide you with options for the generation of a customized test based on the questions you were unable to solve or the ones marked, guessed, failed, or took over 3 minutes to answer, or all of the above.

Additionally, there is analytics for each question separately that has a detailed record of your performance. 

The analytics also helps you get a comparative assessment of how better you performed from other test takers: question difficulty level, % of users who marked it as a guess, % of users who bookmarked the question, and % of those who found this question beneficial.

The Hardest Quant Tests

The GMAT Club Test provides you full flexibility to decide how to use the questions or choose between the sets of questions you would like to solve. 

You can also switch between test mode or practise mode, Quizzes, or Browse mode that allows you to see every single question present in the database.

The GMAT Club Test database contains: 

  • 1,500+ questions
  • 750+ HARD questions
  • 25 quant CATs
  • 8 verbal CATs
  • Detailed explanations

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Other Perks of GMAT Club Test

The GMAT Club Test comes packed with: 

Self Prep TestGMAT Study PlanGMAT Club Tests
Executive Assessment TestsPractice Question BanksGMAT Score Guide
Daily Study PlanGMAT Free TrialsDecision Tracker + Historic Filter

GMAT Club Test Subscription Plans

  • LRuKRFmGgQJnxq91HtNt1eGnJga T2TZwX2LMbHypuYoJeONdjP7vdu58rgi 1VEsGJxLFO tV2 Baibhav Ojha Start your GMAT Preparation for 2021-22 with GMAT Club TestsGMAT Club Forum Quiz: The GMAT Club Forum Quiz provides you 1-month access to the forum quiz. Take ad-free questions with recurring subscriptions. Avail the subscription at $9.99
  • ORy HqDqD4gWJaakvluCKpQrCCe1yQWTfutTlbEC70P6Jos5Qt0ejsjYtIo ORKywC6ydjXUS DQguWN3OiP Baibhav Ojha Start your GMAT Preparation for 2021-22 with GMAT Club TestsGMAT Club Tests: The GMAT Club Test subscription comes with a 3-month access to 26 Quant Tests, 9 Verbal Tests, 1,613 Questions for Tests and Practice Sets. Along with extensive analytics of best & worst performance, this subscription comes at $79.95

0M 1iQjQIHAWTU4dva0GAPcbZ28HCoiSQPKcDuZBPOZ dfwRM9tChzQo0NPtWf7Nb1H58uowXd5LCyJCsxZu0LdUcK gAG1Z Baibhav Ojha Start your GMAT Preparation for 2021-22 with GMAT Club TestsPremium MBA Bundle: Avail 7 Veritas Prep Tests Included with 12-month access, study notes collection, GMAT Club Grammar and MatBooks at just $109.95. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are GMAT Club Tests and Questions authentic?

GMAT Club Tests offer unique questions created by GMAT Club’s own experts and moderators including bb and Bunuel themselves. The questions are unique to the GMAT Club.

How many times can I reset GMAT Club Tests?

The GMAT Club Test can be reset unlimited times. Use the Reset question pool button.

Can I get access to the test immediately after purchase?

You can get access to the benefits immediately after subscription. In case of any discrepancy check the confirmation email for activation instructions. You might have to go through further processes. 

Is GMAT Club Test a recurring subscription?

No, GMAT Club Test Packages are one-time purchase products that come with a limited time frame and an expiry date. At the end of your subscription term, you will have to extend or purchase another package.

Will I get new questions or more Tests when I renew?

The GMAT Club test immediately provides you access to all of the questions and tests immediately. Extending your access will not provide you with additional questions. However, purchasing an add-on package might add 100 more questions. 

Can the GMAT Club Test subscription be paused?

Yes, a manual option for pausing your subscription is available. However, it can be used only once every three months. To pause your subscription, email at and put “Pause Subscription” as the subject.

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Know-How of PhD without GRE, 2021-22

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A PhD without GRE from abroad exposes you to a lot of opportunities, world-class facilities, education imparted by experienced faculty and a global alumni network. The cost of living including the tuition fee might rise comparatively which is why many universities provide funding for bright and meritorious students. This funding acclaims criterion of the scores obtained on a standardized test administered by the Educational Testing Service known as Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

However, considering the number of applicants and the minimal amount of grants released by the universities, providing a GRE scholarship for everyone is not possible. Here we explore what are the requirements for attaining a PhD without a GRE score.

Types of GRE Scholarship

Here is a list of GRE scholarships that might help you get admitted to your dream university abroad:

  • Fellowship: The fellowship is given on the basis of your knowledge about your subject. It requires you to have a clear understanding of the subject you wish to pursue your PhD in. 
  • Teaching Assistant: The Teaching Assistant or TA-ship is a scholarship that allows scholars to assist the professor in imparting course education. Your tuition fees are waived and you are also provided with a stipend. A mastery over the course is typically expected for availing of this scholarship.
  • Research Assistant: The Research Assistant or RA-ship is another type of scholarship where you assist in the research projects of your guide and provide inputs in experiments, simulations, programming, writing research papers, etc.

Now that you know the types of scholarship GRE would provide you, let’s sail through the process of getting your PhD without GRE.  

How Do You Pursue PhD without GRE?

The competition or your quest for a scholarship does not end with a GRE score. The requirements of a PhD without GRE are listed below:

  • Academic Career: If you wish to apply for PhD without GRE in universities overseas, a good and impressive academic career is a must. Your candidature must reflect your overall colourful academic performance. A Master’s degree is the minimum requirement for a PhD without GRE.
  • Letter of Recommendation: Along with a decent CGPA, A few words of mouth do not harm. Get yourself a few letters of recommendation from the people who have witnessed your work to give feedback on your dedication to the subject. This works great in your favour of getting admission to PhD without GRE.  
  • Professional Work Experience: Course relevant internships and work experience works in alignment with your dedication and passion for your chosen field. This further highlights your candidature and helps you stand out.
  • Statement of Purpose: A clear statement of purpose about why you want to pursue PhD without a GRE and how you will be a good fit for the institute is one area where you can increase your chances of getting selected. It should be around 2000 words. 
  • Language Proficiency Tests: A PhD without GRE would require you to have cleared at least one language proficiency test. Some of the tests available are TOEFL and IELTS. 

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Universities for PhD in the USA without GRE

Here is a list of Universities offering PhD in the USA without considering a GRE score:

Walden UniversityPurdue UniversityMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Nova Southeastern UniversityCal Southern’s School of Behavioral SciencesArgosy University
Northwestern UniversityUniversity of WisconsinUniversity of Oregon
Oregon State UniversityUniversity of IdahoPhiladelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Washington State UniversitySmith CollegeGeorgetown University
Andrew UniversitySacred Heart UniversityChicago School of Professional Psychology

Courses offering PhD without GRE

Check out some of the exciting courses offered by Universities where you can pursue a PhD without GRE: 

Doctor of Business AdministrationPhD in ChemistryPhD in Media Arts and SciencePhD in Linguistics
PhD in PsychologyPhD in Family TherapyPsyD in Clinical Psychology
PhD in PhilosophyPhD in CounsellingPhD in Physics
PhD in Civil EngineeringPhD in HistoryPhD in Clinical Psychology
PhD in Biological and Agricultural EngineeringPhD in Social WorkDoctor of Nursing

List of GRE waiver Universities in the USA 2021-22

North Carolina State UniversityStanford UniversityUniversity of California San Diego
Princeton UniversityNew York UniversityUniversity of Michigan Ann-Arbor
University of MarylandUniversity of WashingtonYale University
The University of Texas at DallasUniversity of South FloridaIowa State University
University of HuddersfieldFlorida State University University at Buffalo
Rice UniversityUniversity of Minnesota The University of California Irvine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How important is a GRE score for availing of a scholarship from abroad for an Indian student?

As an Indian student, your GRE score plays a crucial role if you wish to get admitted to an M.S. or PhD course abroad. A high score increases your chances of achieving financial aid. A good GRE percentile is an indication of how better you have performed comparatively. However, GRE is not your last hope. There are a few universities that accept your candidature based on other aspects of your achievement including:

  • A good academic record
  • CGPAs matter in such a case
  • Professional work experience
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose

Can Indian students get a GRE scholarship?

There is no particular official GRE or TOEFL scholarship for Indian students. However, high percentiles in your GRE exam added with other criteria set by the university of your choice might help you get a scholarship to study in Universities abroad. Either a GRE, GMAT or TOEFL is one aspect of your application process that might increase your chances of getting a GRE Scholarship. 

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GRE for Ivy League, Cornell University: Apply to the 8 Elite Colleges in the USA

GRE for Ivy League

The Ivy League, also known as The Ancient Eight, is an American collegiate athletic conference comprising eight private research universities in the Northeastern United States. As we go along the article, we explore the process of applying for the GRE for the Ivy League. 

The term Ivy League stands for the eight schools as a group of elite colleges with connotations of academic excellence, selectivity in admissions, and social elitism. Its members are:

  • Brown University
  • Columbia University
  • Cornell University
  • Dartmouth College
  • Harvard University
  • The University of Pennsylvania
  • Princeton University
  • Yale University.

GRE for Ivy League: Admission Process 

If studying at an Ivy League university in the USA has been a dream you affectionately hold on to, then you know your Master’s degree application is the gateway to your dream. Like every great thing and a big dream, this application process might make you anxious as well. 

Ivy League Universities are the prestigious higher education institutions that bring you one step closer to your dream. Getting admitted into one of the colleges might be a competitive bet. You have a way out with the proper guidance and information. You might be the next great personality to join the line of the great scientists, politicians, lawyers, humanists and businessmen that Ivy League Universities have produced. 

GRE for Ivy League Admission: Apply to the 8 Elite Universities in the USA

In the following section, you know about the process of applying to the 8 Elite Universities. Ivy League schools are private universities. For your Graduate Studies, you are applying for one of the University’s graduate schools, not the university itself. Graduate schools are part of the university. 

Some of the subjects offered by Harvard Graduate Schools are:

  • Harvard Business School
  • Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Harvard Law School
  • Harvard Kennedy School  

The same is applicable for other Ivy League schools like Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, or Yale University.

GRE for Ivy League Universities: Is the Application Process to all Ivy League Universities Similar? 

Because of the absence of a centralised system of graduate studies, the Ivy League University’s application procedure and requirements might vary.  Therefore it is advisable to always check the details of the program and the college you are applying for.

GRE for Ivy League Universities: Application requirements for Ivy League schools

To put it simply, there isn’t a single magic formula to apply to an elite American school.  Students who get accepted come from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds, but it is ultimately up to each Admissions Committee to evaluate if there’s a right mix between your goals, academic record, and experience and what the university has to offer.

Although subject to change for different schools of Ivy League Universities, some common criteria you need to meet are:

  • The equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate academic institutions you have attended (GPA included)
  • Proof of English proficiency either your TOEFL, IELTS or PTE score
  • Standardised test scores like your GMAT, GRE or LSAT score
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal statement
  • Resume/ CV

One important noticeable feature about Ivy League Universities: Although most Universities in the USA accept one letter of recommendation, either from individuals in academia or other professional sectors who can tell about your qualifications for the programs you apply for, Ivy League Universities ask for 3 letters of recommendations. 

Here are the requirements for the average scores for students to get accepted in one of the 8 Elite Universities with GRE for Ivy League Universities: 

  • Average GPA: 3.71 on a 4.0 scale
  • TOEFL: 100 or higher on the Internet-based TOEFL test
  • 7.5 or higher on the IELTS test
  • GRE average scores ranges: 155- 170 for all subjects
  • LSAT: 173 and higher
  • MCAT: 36.6 and higher

Apply for a Master’s degree at Harvard

Apart from the general requirements mentioned above for GRE for Ivy League Universities, the special requirements for Harvard include:  

  • Essays: Graduate School of Humanities, Social Sciences, Journalism and the like requires an essay which answers a specific question. Some grad schools also ask for both a personal history essay and an optional statement to talk about your study and career goals and how they match the programme you are applying to. 
  • Professional experience and portfolio: A professional work experience related your field of at least 2 years is necessary especially for graduate schools in Business, Engineering, Design and Architecture. 
  • Interview and post-interview reflection: Depending on your previous requirements and performance, you might be called for an interview. Harvard also has a post-interview reflection which requires you to submit a written reflection within 24 hours of the interview.

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Apply for a Master’s Degree at Cornell University 

Most, not necessarily all the graduate fields of Cornell University require applicants to submit Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores. Other fields also accept Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) instead of GRE scores. Also, the GRE requirements vary by field. 

Check the application requirements for your desired field for details on which tests are required.

The Graduate School must receive all scores prior to the field’s application deadline. One key point to remember is to use the exact spelling of your name on both your application and test score report and the details you filled in the form.

The fields of hotel administration, real estate, management, industrial and labour relations, and the Sloan program in the field of policy analysis and management accept either the GRE or the GMAT.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do we require for a Master’s degree at Harvard University?

Apart from the list of requirements similar to all other Ivy League schools, Harvard University specifically admits students on the basis of:

  • Personal Essays
  • Professional work experience and Portfolio
  • Interview and Post interview reflection

What are the requirements to get admission to Ivy League Universities?

The equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate academic institutions you have attended (GPA included)

  • Proof of English proficiency either your TOEFL, IELTS or PTE score
  • Proof of English proficiency either your TOEFL, IELTS or PTE score
  • Standardised test scores like your GMAT, GRE or LSAT score
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal statement
  • Resume/ CV

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GRE Scholarship 2021-22: The Gateway to Your Dream University

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GRE Test

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test is a standardized test administered by the Educational Testing Service, designed to measure the overall academic readiness of a student for graduate school. Different grad programs or PhD require applicants to take the general test as well as Subject Test that assesses technical knowledge related to a specific discipline like physics, psychology or mathematics.

GRE Scholarship

A GRE scholarship is an award that a university provides to its students based on a few criteria which might include academic record, financial condition or any other achievement. The GRE is not solely an indicator of admissions to top colleges abroad. 

Not all universities offer scholarships to every course but there are a few specific courses that provide grants to international students. A GRE scholarship might reduce your tuition fee and the cost of living abroad to a great extent. 

Scholarship for GRE 

Getting admitted to a University in the US is considered a big thing for most Indian students and parents. This is mostly because moving from a developing country to a developed country provides a lot of global opportunities. 

The global exposure, world-class facilities, education imparted by experienced faculty, is what embellishes the process of choosing to study overseas. However, the cost of living in a progressive country might be high. In such a case, a reduction in the tuition fee is a great relief.

You heard it right, a high score in your GRE might help you get a full scholarship in your dream university overseas. 

GRE Scholarships for Indian Students Criteria

There is no particular official GRE or TOEFL scholarship for Indian students. However, high percentiles in your GRE exam added with other criteria set by the university of your choice might help you get a scholarship to study in Universities abroad.

To check your scholarship availability, check the financial aid office of the university you want to get admission to. These GRE, GMAT, TOEFL are one aspect of your application process that increases your chances of getting an Indian Scholarship. 

Types of GRE Scholarship

Here is a list of GRE scholarships that might help you with your admission process to your dream university abroad:


  • The fellowship does not require additional work. It only requires you to have a good grip on your subject and a holistic understanding of it. Your application should seem promising to the universities you are applying for. The competition for this fellowship is tough as the universities only provide a limited number of fellowships.
    • Teaching Assistant: The Teaching Assistant or TA-ship asks for 20 hour of work per week. The tuition fee is completely waived and there’s scope for a stipend as well. The job role usually consists of assisting the faculty imparting the course education. A complete mastery over the course is typically expected for this role as you would be subject to students’ doubt or questions. As a Teaching Assistant, you are also expected to help the professor in any administrative help related to the course.
    • Research Assistant: The Research Assistant or RA-ship is another type of scholarship that requires work based on the projects you are working in. This is similar to the Teaching Assistant in terms of waivement of tuition fee and inclusion of stipend. As a Research Assistant you are required to help the students understand the course material under the guidance of a professor. You will also be assisting in doing experiments, simulations, programming, writing research papers, etc.

    These are few types of funding available for students wishing to study abroad.   

    Importance of GRE Score Required for Scholarship

    As an Indian student, your GRE score plays a crucial role if you wish to get admitted to an M.S. or PhD course abroad. A high score increases your chances of achieving financial aid. A good GRE percentile is an indication of how better you have performed comparatively.

    Make Proper Use of GRE Scores to Get Scholarship

    The competition for a scholarship does not end with a GRE score. Besides a decently high GRE score, there are other requirements that are to be satisfied for assurance of your scholarship. 

    • You must equip yourself with a good graduate or undergraduate score. A good overall academic performance.
    • Along with a decent CGPA from the previous institute you attended last, a few letters of recommendation work in your favour.  
    • A clear statement of purpose of why you want to avail the scholarship and how you will be a good fit for the institute.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Is the GRE only applicable for universities in the US?

    The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test that assesses a student’s readiness to grad schools. It is used to assess a few basic as well as technical skills of international students. It is not limited to the US only.

    How much of a GRE score is a good score to get admission to Universities?

    A good score in the GRE always keeps you on the safe side. The percentile exposes how better you have performed comparatively.

    Is the GRE scholarship available for Indian students?

    Indian students can avail fellowships with the help of a good GRE score. There are three types of scholarships Indian students can avail of with the help of a good GRE score:

    • Fellowship
    • Teaching Assistant
    • Research Assistant

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    Top 5 Universities to look for PhD in the USA without GRE

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    A PhD in the USA is a great achievement for anyone in any course. Be it Management, Humanities, Sciences or other technical subjects, there is a big rush. One milestone you need to get along the way to your PhD in your dream university is the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). getting admitted to a PhD in the USA without GRE might be a little difficult. However, there is a way out. In this blog, we explore how we get a way to PhD in the USA without GRE. 

    GRE for PhD: What is GRE? Why is it Important?

    The GRE General Test is a standardized test administered by the Educational Testing Service structured to measure an applicant’s readiness for graduate school or research programs. Different grad programs or PhD require applicants to appear for a subject-specific GRE test on the basis of which scholarship is granted. A GRE scholarship might reduce your tuition fee and the cost of living abroad to a great extent.

    The GRE test consists of three sections, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. The GRE score is valid for 5 years and is a way to almost any university in the US. However, there are a few universities that focus more on your work experience and overall academic performance. 

    Scholarships With GRE scores

    With a good GRE score, you can avail the following scholarships in universities overseas. 

    • Teaching Assistant: The Teaching Assistant or TA-ship eliminates your tuition fee and asks for 20 hours of work per week. Your role as a TA consists of assisting the faculty in imparting the course education. Complete mastery over the course is expected for this role as you might also engage in clearing students’ doubts
    • Research Assistant: The Research Assistant or RA-ship is another type of scholarship where you are supposed to assist a professor in projects, experiments, simulations, programming, writing research papers, etc. As a Research Assistant, you are also expected to help the students understand the course material under the guidance of a professor. 

    However, it is important to know that students or Research Scholar getting grants is a tough call and thousands of students apply for the test and seek a scholarship. GRE should not be your sole indicator to study abroad, neither should it stand in your way to your dream. 

    What would you require for PhD admission in the USA without GRE?

    The Universities offering PhD in the USA without GRE scores might set other criteria for admission. Not only is meeting the criteria required but also you are expected to excel in your field for a better chance to stand out among the many students that apply. Some other criteria that you need to keep in mind while applying for a PhD in the USA without GRE are:

    • A Good Academic Career: Universities offering PhD would scan through your academic reports. A decent score in your colleges and undergrads might pave way for your admission.
    • Professional Work Experience if any: In case you were engaged in any subject-related work prior to the PhD, the experience might work in our favour. 
    • Letter of Recommendation:  A letter of recommendation from the institute you attended last or from your internship mentor increases your chance drastically.

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    These are some of the basics you need to maintain for a PhD admission in the USA without GRE. Although, it is advisable that you thoroughly go through the criteria section of the university you are applying for. Along with these basics, your communication skills in the interview always has an upper hand. 

    US universities without GRE for PhD

    An MS or PhD in US universities is a great deal and calculating the number of students who apply every year, it is a tough nut to crack. Not all US universities provide admission on the basis of GRE scores. Some of the US universities without GRE for PhD are listed for your reference:

    • Chicago School of Professional Psychology: If your interest in Psychology is booming and your dream destination of doing a PhD in the USA and GRE has not been your strength area, Chicago School of Professional Psychology is the right choice for you. It is a three-year full-time course that offers PhD in organisational leadership. 
    • Walden University: From all the hustles you went through for your degree in Business Management and Administration, with GMAT or other tests, how about a Doctorate in Business Administration from one of the world’s top universities with all of your business knowledge and skills? Imagine the return on investment!    
    • Colorado Technical University: A Doctorate in Computer Science without a GRE and that too from the comfort of your home. How cool is that! Along with an in-depth knowledge of specialized subjects related to computer science you are prepared to predict trends and make contributions in your area of expertise.  
    • Smith College: A PhD from Smith College without a GRE provides opportunities to explore your interested field and get in-depth knowledge and hands-on learning. However, it requires a lot of professional work experience to get admitted to the PhD program. 
    • Simmons College: Simmons College provide a Doctorate in Nursing Practice without GRE. It is a 33 credit course with the flexibility to customize and learn at the Scholar’s pace. Simmons College is located in Boston, MA. 

    These are some of the alternatives you can explore for your dream of completing PhD in the USA without GRE. This degree would be your gateway to a lot of global opportunities in your career. Research well and all the best!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Is PhD in the USA without GRE possible?

    GRE being the gateway for most courses in the US, there are a few exceptions. Some of the Universities in the USA that offer PhD without GRE are:

    • Chicago School of Professional Psychology
    • Walden University
    • Colorado Technical University
    • Smith College
    • Simmons College

    What are the other requirements for PhD in the USA without GRE?

    For most universities, GRE is the minimum criteria for a Doctorate degree. In case you are applying for a PhD without GRE you need to ensure the following:

    • A good academic career
    • Work experience
    • Letter of recommendation
    • A good written and spoken English proficiency.

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    What’s With GRE vs CAT: An Overview

    GRE vs CAT

    GRE vs CAT

    The GRE, GMAT or CAT, XAT, CMAT, SNAP, CET or MAT are ability testing standardized tests used for assessing an applicant’s ability to pursue an MBA degree either in India or abroad. These popular MBA entrance examination scores are used as crucial eligibility criteria by many business colleges and universities. Know more about two of the MBA entrance examinations, GRE and CAT and all you need to ponder before choosing GRE vs CAT. 

    What is GRE?

    The Graduate Record Examination(GRE), owned and administered by Educational Testing Service, is one of the standardized tests that is an admission requirement for many graduate schools in the United States and Canada and few in other countries.

    What is CAT 

    The Common Admission Test (CAT) is a standardized test used in the assessment of applicants wishing to get admission to postgraduate management programs. It is conducted by the Indian Institute of Management which means it is only applicable for Indian business schools. However, a few universities abroad also accept CAT scores for admission into their MBA or MIM Business Management program. The Universities abroad that do not differentiate GRE vs CAT are:

    GRE vs CAT: Differences

    GRE vs CAT is one of the hot topics of discussion among students aspiring for an MBA. Here we break some common myths about GRE and CAT. 

    • While both GRE and CAT have a similar course structure and both assess an applicant’s suitability for business, GRE focuses on testing abilities of students for admission in MBA anywhere across the globe and CAT limits itself to business schools in India only. Many universities accept GRE scores instead of GMAT. Therefore, go through the criteria and eligibility section carefully. 
    • There GRE is conducted for 340 marks for 3 hours 45 minutes and CAT is for 300 marks for 3 hours. 
    • The validity of the GRE is 5 years whereas the validity of the CAT is only 1 year. 
    • GRE is conducted all round the year and CAT is conducted once a year. 

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    Difficulty level: GRE vs CAT

    The Grade Record Examinations (GRE) and Common Admission Tests (CAT) are the two most popular tests for admission into business and management institutions. The syllabus for both tests is almost similar. What differentiates the tests are their difficulty level in different sections. 

    The tests are divided into three sections:

    • Verbal ability / Reasoning
    •  Quantitative Aptitude
    • Data interpretation / Analytical writing

    While GRE vs CAT is not obvious in the verbal ability section, it becomes distinct in the quantitative reasoning section. The CAT asks tricky questions in this section as it tests the candidate’s problem-solving skills in some given environment.

    GRE vs CAT: Eligibility

    The eligibility criteria for GRE is quite liberal and does not require any specific qualification. However, the CAT requires a minimum of 50% in the undergrads. 

    GRE vs CAT: Syllabus

    The CAT exam syllabus is conducted based on three main sections, i.e.

    1. Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension

    2. Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

    3. Quantitative Aptitude

    Whereas the three sections of the GRE syllabus include: 

    1. Verbal Reasoning

    2. Quantitative Aptitude

    3. Analytical Writing

    GRE vs CAT: Top business schools in India

    Top business schools in India accepting CAT as one of the criteria include central Indian institutes like India Institute of Management (IIM), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi University and some other public and private business schools. 

    Business schools accepting CAT score

    Here is a list of Business schools accepting CAT scores: 

    InstitutePlaceFees (in lakhs)


    Is GRE tough?

    While the syllabus for GRE and are almost similar, the difficulty level for the verbal reasoning of both GRE and CAT are at par with each other. However, there is a difference in the quantitative reasoning section and CAT asks tricky questions as it assesses an applicant’s problem-solving skills in a given environment. 

    How is GRE different from CAT?

    The GRE is a standardized test used for MBA entrance to get admission to any business school around the globe whereas CAT is a standardized test used for MBA entrance in India only. 

    For how many years is GRE and CAT score valid?

    The GRE score is valid for 5 years and the CAT score is valid for only a year.

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