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All About MBA in New Zealand

Logo Cover 1to15 03 Baibhav Ojha All About MBA in New Zealand

 Almost as striking and picturesque as its sceneries, New Zealand is steadily growing to be one of the emerging study abroad destinations for international students, especially for young Indians. Be it its top-rated universities who regularly figure in the top 100 of the world, its education structure, and almost as importantly the affordable cost of … Read more

8 Reasons Why You Should Pursue an MBA after B.Tech

MBA after B.Tech

With the boom in the demand for management specialisations throughout the globe, gaining an MBA degree has become the next big thing. In this respect, a B.Tech qualification readies you in ways more than one to tackle challenging real-world situations that require a high level of problem-solving and critical analysis skills. It is vastly customizable … Read more

Which Country is Best For MBA for Indian Students?

Untitled 13 06 Baibhav Ojha Which Country is Best For MBA for Indian Students?

 Are you planning to pursue MBA abroad? Are you struggling with questions like ‘Which Country Is Best For MBA For Indian Students?’, ‘Which Country Is Best For MBA Without Work Experience?’ and ‘Best Country To Study MBA In Low Cost?’. Fret not, in this article we will take a look at some of the top countries offering MBA abroad. … Read more

MBA in Supply Chain Management

Untitled 13 05 Baibhav Ojha MBA in Supply Chain Management

If behind the scenes of any production business intrigues you, if you get excited to know how a product gets delivered to you, then an MBA in Supply Chain Management is just the thing for you. An MBA in supply chain management is a professional business-oriented master’s degree course that conjoins a general business administration curriculum with specialization modules in supply chain management. Supply chain management is a multidisciplinary aspect of business and deals with work like involvement in the production process, creation and implementation of new projects etc.

MBA in Supply Chain management is a 1-to-2-year long course, depending on the country you chose to study in. The MBA in Supply Chain Management Scope is growing rapidly and is much sought after by students and caters to a widely growing field that is essential in running businesses. Managers in the Logistics and Supply Chain sector deal with the timely delivery of products and services to the consumers, as and when asked for. The advancement in technology and increased focus on supply chain & globalization has resulted in the need for supply chain management (SCM) experts and have raised the MBA in Supply Chain Management scope exponentially.

Through the course of this article, we will give you a detailed description of an MBA in Supply Chain Management and the process to pursue the course outside India.

 MBA in International Trade Management

What is Supply Chain Management?

After completing your MBA in Supply Chain Management, you have a vast field of work to choose from, some of them are:

1)    Planning for the creation of a new/existing project

2)    Sourcing and providing logistical support to gain raw materials

3)    Production methods

4)    Distribution of created products

5)    Cost and risk control at all above stages

Supply chain management is involved in the behind-the-scenes of nearly every industry that functions in an economy. They are involved in the procurement of raw materials, facilitating the production process, and most importantly all the logistical work.

MBA in Supply Chain Management Syllabus

Given below is a semester-wise breakdown of the MBA in Supply Chain Management Syllabus. In a regular MBA program, this will be complemented with projects, internships, assistantships, etc.

Management activities for MBA students

Semester 1Semester 2Semester 3Semester 4
Management conceptsBusiness research methodologyStrategies logistics managementInternational Logistics Management
Business environmentMarketing ManagementLogistics management and information systemsProject Formulation and Appraisal
Financial and management accountingFinancial managementIntegrated logistics managementWarehouse Management
Principles of logisticsProduction managementDistributed managementModern Logistics Operations
Managerial economicsShipping and maritime lawRailroad and air cargo logisticsRetail Logistics & SCM
Quantitative methodsExport and import managementMaritime logistics and documentationMarketing of Logistics
Executive empowerment programme – 1IT for businessEvent management IIISmall Business Management
 Executive empowerment programme – 2Summer training reportExecutive Empowerment Programme-IV

The MBA in Supply Chain Management Syllabus is in no way exhaustive, it is just a representation of the subjects that the students may come across in their MBA course. MBA in Supply Chain Management Syllabus varies from college to college and from country to country. Before taking admission anywhere, be sure to check the syllabus and whether they provide you with the minor and major subjects of your choice.

Process of Getting Admission in MBA in Supply Chain Management Abroad

1)    Take the GMAT exam and even GRE in certain cases

2)    Sit for English Language exams like IELTS and TOEFL

3)    Make a list of colleges you wish to apply to and prepare a list of their cut-offs

4)    Fill up the forms of your chosen colleges and carefully attach the documents asked for

5)    Check if there is a separate requirement for entrance exams, if yes, prepare for the same

6)    Wait for a response from the college, in the meanwhile prepare for the interview round

7)    Apply for financial aid and scholarships.

MBA in Supply Chain Management Basic Requirements

1)    Minimum 50% marks in Graduation (3 years or equivalent)

2)    GMAT and GRE scores (scores above 600 are preferred)

3)    English proficiency tests (IELTS and TOEFL)

4)    CV/Resume

5)    Experience (2-3 years)

Each college/university has its own set of requirements, these are a few basic requirements that most colleges ask for. Research well about the college you wish to apply for and prepare about its requirements well in advance.

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MBA In Supply Chain Management: Colleges And Universities Abroad

Most students aim to go out of the country to pursue an MBA in Supply Chain Management as there are amazing choices to choose from. Various countries are known for this course and the placements post completion of the course. Here’s a list of colleges that you can consider while applying for an MBA in Supply Chain Management abroad-

MBA in Supply Chain Management in Canada:

Canada is seen as an important country in terms of abroad education. This is mainly because of the lifestyle of the country, student support and access to free medical facilities. If you wish to pursue MBA in Supply Chain Management in Canada, here are a few options for you-

UniversityProgramme Offered
York Schulin School of BusinessMaster of Supply Chain Management
HEC MontrealMSc Global Supply Chain Management
University of Windsor



Masters of Management Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Rotman School of ManagementMBA (with supply chain focus)
Alberta School of BusinessMBA (with supply chain focus)
DeGroote School of BusinessMBA (with supply chain focus)
Universite LavalMBA (with supply chain focus)
University of ManitobaMSc Supply Chain Management
Concordia UniversityMSCM

Requirements for admission MBA in Supply Chain Management in Canada-

GMAT- 600-630 marks

IELTS- 6.5-7

TOEFL- 86-100

CV Required

Work experience- Mostly required

MBA in Supply Chain Management in Germany

German universities are known for their education par excellence. It is growing as a popular spot amongst students. Here’s a list of universities where you can pursue an MBA in supply chain management in Germany

UniversityCourse offered
Hochschule Bremen – International Graduate Center


Jacobs University Bremen

MBA International Dual Degree – International Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Jacobs University BremenMSc Supply Chain Management
Kühne Logistics University (KLU)MSc Supply Chain Management
Hector School of Engineering & Management



MSc Products and Operations Management;



MSc Management of Product Development

Please make sure that you properly check the language of teaching before applying for MBA in Supply Chain Management in Germany as in many universities the medium of instruction is German.

MBA in Supply Chain Management in UK

The UK is ranked 2nd in terms of global education standards making it a very sought-after country for higher education amongst students. Here is a list of universities from where you can pursue an MBA in Supply Chain Management in the UK

University of SunderlandMBA Supply Chain Management
University of West ScotlandMBA with Logistics and Supply Chain Management
University of BedfordshireBusiness Administration MBA
Nottingham Business SchoolMBA Global Supply Chain Management  
University of East LondonMBA Supply Chain Management

Requirements for pursuing MBA in Supply Chain Management in the UK

  • Minimum 3 years of work experience
  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • GMAT (between 600-660)
  • IELTS (at least 6-6.5 score)

*The requirements differ from university to university.

     4) Other top universities to pursue MBA in Supply Chain Management from:

New York Institute of TechnologyMBA Operations and Supply Chain ManagementOld Westbury, USA
Amity UniversityMBA LogisticsDubai, UAE
Michigan State UniversityMBA Supply Chain ManagementEast Lansing, USA
Colorado Technical UniversityMBA Logistic ManagementCity of Colorado Springs, USA
Cyprus Institute of MarketingMBA in LogisticsNicosia, Cyprus
MITMasters in Supply Chain ManagementUSA
Purdue UniversityMBA in Global Supply Chain and LogisticsUSA
Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus UniversityMaster of Science Supply Chain ManagementNetherlands
Antwerp Management School, University of AntwerpMaster of Global Supply Chain ManagementBelgium
CENTRUM PUCP Business School, Pontificia Universidad Católica del PerúInternational Corporate Master in OperationsPeru
MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of BusinessMaster in Supply Chain and Purchasing ManagementItaly

The lists are not exhaustive and there are more universities that you can explore in different countries. Research is the Key.

MBA in Supply Chain Management Scope

After pursuing an MBA in Supply Chain Management one can work as a supply chain manager, logistic coordinator, business manager, commercial manager, etc. Since the subject is of international significance many jobs are available in foreign countries. After the completion of the course, it is not difficult for students to land a high earning job.

Below is a list of jobs that students can pursue after completing their MBA in Supply Chain Management along with the relevant MBA in Supply Chain Management Salary, which the students can expect.

ProfileJob DescriptionMBA in Supply Chain Management Salary
LogisticsThey are responsible for coordinating the transportation, storage and delivery of goods and services. They have to make sure that the stock is updated and moved efficientlyUSD 63,180
Business Development ManagerThe responsibility of enhancing the company or organization’s market position and achieving financial growth is in the hands of a Business Development Manager. They decide upon the mid and long-term organizational strategy and goals, recognize business opportunities, build sustainable customer relationships, and negotiate and close business agreements. They also have extensive knowledge of the current market position.USD 76,439
Research officerFrom the early to the last stages, the research is facilitated by the research officers. They check that all the ventures and responsibilities are taken care of and under check.USD 68,986
Sales officerRetail items, merchandise, and retail items to the clients are offered by sales officers. They deal with the company’s inside sales and focus on new prospective clients. They have to interact with new customers and bring on-board new ones.USD 121,000
Material ManagerThey are in charge of the materials stream, and of keeping control and accuracy over all products inventories, including all transactions, planning, procurement, scheduling, warehouse, cost, receiving and dispatching. They have to be responsible and guarantee that clients’ needs are satisfied on time.USD 107,064
Logistic TraineeThey are responsible for processing freight forwarders invoice into audit tools. They review, verify and ensure that accurate data are entered into the systemUSD 51,270
Head of SupplyThey manage and optimise the direct and indirect costs of the supply chain. They also have to maintain positive and long-term relationships with the vendors and suppliersUSD 114,210
Shipments ManagerPackaging, verifying content for shipping, receiving packages, ordering supplies, leading and managing staff comes under their work responsibility. They have to ensure timely and accurate delivery, shipping and distribution.USD 70,000
Operations ManagerThe operations manager takes care of high-level HR duties which involve attracting talent and setting training standards and hiring procedures. They have to work in a direction so as to improve the quality, productivity and efficiency of the company.USD 58,600
Industry AnalystThey are responsible for detecting in market sectors like automotive, technology, pharmaceuticals and financial work.USD 12,712
Global Logistic ManagerThe responsibility of warehouses, material customer service, and transportation are under them. They also look after the movement, distribution and delivery of goods.USD 13,985

These are a few job profiles that you may take up post-completion of your degree. Various national and international companies are on the lookout to fill these posts in their companies. MBA in Supply Chain Management Salary is also very comfortable, both in India and Abroad, as compared to other industries.

MBA in Supply Chain Management Scope: Major Employers

  • Bain and company
  • Deloitte
  • MC Kinsey
  • Walt Disney
  • Unilever

These are amongst the top employers who lookout for candidates with MBAs and offer great MBA in Supply Chain Management salaries. As mentioned earlier, the economy is expanding and the need for supply management and logistical roles is on a rise. This means that the job market will expand for such roles and hence the course is a very promising one.

Best of luck!

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MBA After BA: Does a Non-Business Bachelor’s Degree Help?

Untitled 13 02 Baibhav Ojha MBA After BA: Does a Non-Business Bachelor’s Degree Help?

 MBA programs have been wrongly stereotyped as being a course reserved for business students. This is a common misconception as the MBA degree is more inclined towards practical and experiential learning rather than theoretical knowledge. Further, more so in other countries than in India, MBA departments prefer, in order to preserve diversity, are quite keen … Read more

Top MBA For Working Professionals

Untitled 13 01 Baibhav Ojha Top MBA For Working Professionals

In the 21st century’s job market, professionals are required to reinvent and update themselves according to the changes in the industry. With the systematic integration of technology and significant re-mixing of interdisciplinary fields, it is important professionals are informed and aware and able to understand and interpret the new wave of changes coming in the … Read more

MBA How Many Years

logo.Cover 06 Baibhav Ojha MBA How Many Years

Questions such as ‘how many years of study is an MBA?’ and ‘how many years of work experience are required for an MBA?’ are quite common amongst MBA aspirants. Therefore, you must take note that there are several types of MBA programs offered by B-Schools, each of which have different entry requirements and each of which has a different length. While a Regular MBA program may take anywhere between 1-2 years, a Part-Time MBA may be offered as a 2-3 years course. Most MBAs are 2 years in duration including an MBA in the USA. The course length typically depends on the classroom hours required, course requirements in general and the overall course objective.  In this article, we shall list down the common lengths of MBA programs along with a few other crucial points you must know with regards to overall durations and how many years an MBA in the USA and other countries is.

MBA – How Many Years Does It Take To Complete?

Here, we provide the typical course duration of various types of MBA programs on offer. The actual length of an MBA program may vary according to the course requirements and objectives. Further, owing to continuous innovation, B-Schools are offering many other kinds of MBA programs such as the Harvard Business School’s ‘2+2 Deferred MBA program’ and the Yale School of Management’s ‘Yale Silver Scholars Program’.

Course Duration
Full-Time MBA 1-2 years
Executive MBA 1-2 years
Part-Time MBA 2-3 years
Online MBA 1-2 years
Accelerated MBA 12-18 months
4+1 MBA (integrated) 5 years
Evening/Weekend MBA 2+ years
Dual Degree MBA 2+ years

How Many Years for an MBA Study?

The following points list out the course duration of a traditional Regular MBA program. It will help you answer not only how many years for an MBA program is commonly offered but also how many years of work experience is typically recommended for an MBA.

·      How Many Years is an MBA In USA?

The answer to the ‘how many years in USA is an MBA?’ is that the average course length of a Regular MBA program is 2 years in general with a wide variety of 1-year courses as well. While the 2 years course is more suited to graduates with few years of experience and may have relaxed work experience requirements, a 1-year course is designed keeping professionals who have many years of experience in mind. Here are a few institutions you can consider.

    MBA in the USA without GMAT

    ·      How Many Years is an MBA In Canada?

    The answer to the ‘How many years is an MBA in Canada?’  is that the course duration of Canadian MBA programs may be quite different and several of them are one year in duration. Both 2 year and 1-year courses are on offer, though the former is geared to graduates with little or no work experience, the latter is more appropriate for working professionals. The universities offering MBA programs are:

        • York University’s Schulich School of Business – 2 years
              • Ivey Business School, Western University – 1 year

              • Queen’s School of Business, Queen’s University – 1 year

              • University of Toronto: Rotman School – 2 years

              • Desautels School, McGill University – 20 months

              • Sauder Business School, University of British Columbia – 16 months

        MBA in Canada for Indian Applicants

        ·      MBA How Many Years In UK

        The answer to the ‘MBA how many years in UK’ question is that the length of an MBA program in universities in the UK are typically around 1 year. This is in line with the educational ecosystem in the UK. Other programs like Executive MBA, Part-Time MBA, Accelerated MBA, etc., may have different course durations. Some B-Schools of international repute are:

            • London Business School- 15-21 months
                  • University of Oxford- 1 year

                  • Warwick Business School- 1 year

                  • University of Cambridge- 1 year

                  • University of Bath- 1 year

                  • Lancaster University – 1 year

            MBA in the UK without GMAT

            ·      How Many Years is an MBA In Australia?

            The question is a quite important one especially because of the high number of international students going to Australia for their further studies. Typically, 2 year MBA programs can be said to be the norm, while there are several well-appreciated shorter MBA courses as well.

                • The University of Sydney Business School-
                      • Melbourne Business School- 16 months

                      • Monash University- 2 years

                      • Bond University- 1 year

                      • University of Canberra- 2 years

                      • The University of Technology, Sydney- 2 years

                      • University of Western Australia- 16 months

                MBA in Australia, Fees, Specialisation

                ·      How Many Years is an MBA In India?

                In the case of India, the answer to the is relatively straightforward. Most B-Schools in India offer 2 year MBA programs for which candidates are taken through entrance exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, GMAT, etc. Some like the Indian School of Business offer shorter courses as well.

                    • Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
                          • Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

                          • Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

                          • Indian Institute of Management, Indore

                          • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

                          • S.P Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai

                          • International Management Institute, Ghaziabad

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                    How Many Years of Work Experience is Recommended before an MBA?

                    The question to ‘How Many Years Of Work Experience is Recommended before an MBA?’ is quite popular and crucial. In general, having 1-3 years of work experience before commencing an MBA program is recommended as. However, numerous highly regarded MBA courses around the world accept candidates without any work experience.

                    Additionally, work experience helps in better understanding the various aspects of business processes as you already have practical background. In terms of career growth and financial rewards, if you have certain years of work experience before beginning your MBA, it serves you better than pursuing an MBA straight out of college.

                    We hope this article has helped you understand ‘How many years it takes to complete an MBA?’ as well as well as ‘How many years of work experience is recommended for an MBA?’ Be sure to research well and narrow down on an MBA program that suits your career interests, aspirations, and long-term objectives.

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