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MBA in Australia

Logo Cover 16to30 03 Baibhav Ojha MBA in Australia

Living in Australia can be a unique experience of one’s life that will fill them with learning, growth and new sensations outside of their comfort zone. It is an amazing place for students to study and is one of the famous places to study abroad.  After the United States and the UK, Australia is the … Read more

Aspects of MBA in Project Management

Logo Cover 16to30 15 Baibhav Ojha Aspects of MBA in Project Management

With the increasing demand for engineering courses, it has become an excellent opportunity for people who choose to do MBA in project management. Especially for people who want to work as a head of an organization, project management is the best possible career option. People who can work with several professionals to make any project work … Read more

MBA in Germany

Logo Cover 16to30 10 Baibhav Ojha MBA in Germany

An MBA in Germany offers immense opportunities if you wish to pursue a career in the industry or research. With a variety of options in terms of degrees and specialisations and post-study opportunities, it is rightly counted amongst the most enriching studying experiences in the world. Why Pursue an MBA in Germany? Cost-Effective Education: Germany … Read more

MBA in Event Management

Logo Cover 16to30 14 Baibhav Ojha MBA in Event Management

MBA in Event management is easily the most happening and creative prospect in modern career options. The aspect of using innovation and management skills to watch a large-scale event unfold before your eyes is a treat. Whether it is your best friend’s wedding or the Met Gala, event managers are in demand and rewarded handsomely. … Read more

All You Need To Know About MBA in Europe 

Logo Cover 16to30 11 Baibhav Ojha All You Need To Know About MBA in Europe 

Are you dreaming of pursuing your Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from a foreign country? If yes, then Europe should be an obvious choice of studying destination for you! Doing an MBA in Europe is means improving your career aspects and stepping to an entry-level to a liberal and high-quality life. Besides global exposure, the magnificent curriculum … Read more

MBA after MBBS: A Deadly Combination 

Logo Cover 16to30 02 Baibhav Ojha MBA after MBBS: A Deadly Combination 

There is no disagreement that competition in the MBA Entrance exam has enhanced to another level. Aspirants from different streams have opted for doing an MBA. The most shocking is that doctors choose MBA after MBBS degree and have joined the race, making the competition sturdier than ever before. Undoubtedly, MBA is a well-versed option for individuals … Read more

MBA interview questions and answers for freshers

Logo Cover 16to30 08 Baibhav Ojha MBA interview questions and answers for freshers

With the increasing demand for management personnel throughout the globe, acquiring an MBA degree from top universities has become a big achievement. This degree gets you ready for tackling challenging practical situations that need a superior level of ultra-critical analysis and problem-solving skills. It opens up various opportunities in sectors including Healthcare, Finance, Aviation, Media, … Read more

MBA CET Syllabus

Logo Cover 1to15 04 Baibhav Ojha MBA CET Syllabus

The Maharashtra Common Entrance Test [MAH CET] 2021 for MBA courses is expected to be held in March 2021. It is similar to the other MBA examinations such as CAT, XAT, GMAT, etc. in that the exam tests the candidate’s grasp over reasoning ability, quantitative aptitude and verbal ability. Selected candidates are offered seats at prestigious … Read more

How to Apply for an MBA?

Logo Cover 1to15 08 Baibhav Ojha How to Apply for an MBA?

Decided a university you want to apply at for an MBA? Can’t get your head wrapped around the process? The whole admission process in India and abroad is nothing less than North and South Poles and it needs a thorough understanding to secure a place. While in India, the top MBA colleges in Kolkata, Delhi, … Read more

MBA VS PGDM, Which one is Better?

Logo Cover 1to15 02 Baibhav Ojha MBA VS PGDM, Which one is Better?

A Post Graduate in Diploma Management [PGDM] and a Master of Business Administration [MBA] are one of the two most popular courses in India. While the former is a specialised diploma offered at many IIMs for a year, the latter is a more professional two-year program. Both the courses are fit for a different set of individuals who may … Read more

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